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low back pain, Dysmmenorhea, and Understanding the Language

A: It seems that your MRI-report is almost normal; it does, however, offer some explanation for your back pain. According to this MRI-report the back pain can’t be explained by spondylotic changes of the vertebral column. The mild levoconvex lumbar curve, sacralised L5, and mild bulging disc were the only vertebral abnormalities found; these indicators are not enough to cause such great pain. The “subcutaneous fat edema involving posterior soft tissues” is probably the result of some muscle and fat inflammation. THIS COULD BE THE reason for the back pain. Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroids combined...

Does chiropractic work for low back pain?

A: 1. about it you can get information from here http://nurse29.notlong.com/2AAM6xQ 2. Yes indeed, but it may take a while. Visits are usually scheduled 3 times a week for several weeks, depending on severity. It may be more often in the very beginning. 3. Oh yeah, chiropractors are great. I have a lot of back pain. Most of it is from my spondylolisthesis. My chiropractor has done wonders for my back. 4. Yes it does. I have hundreds of patients stories, but the research proves it. Here''s a very basic description of what a chiropractic adjustment does ( http://chirotalk.wordpress.com/what-does-a-chiropractic-adjustment-do/ ) For low acute low


How to choose a proper LS belt for low back pain?

A: 1. One word of caution about wearing low back supports. It is well known that if you wear this support to frequently it will weaken you back. That is because it as it relieves your low back pain, the support will act as your back muscles and the muscles in your back will become weaker. You can take this info to the bank. If you wear a support it should be worn only during the times when you are active and doing something that you could not do without it, and then simply take it off. Failure to do this will really mess you up. 2. Find out a Prosthetics Center in your area and get the LS belt...


chronic low back pain

A: Rhonda, First and foremost I am sorry to hear of your loss. I do believe that a miscarriage is a necessity of life. Realize you have an innate intelligence that resides within and it was your innate intelligence that allowed the miscarriage to take place. This innate intelligence realized that the baby needed to be aborted because there was something wrong. If you think of it that way it may be a blessing in disguise. With that said I definitely feel that you are describing a textbook bio-mechanical problem that is present in your lumbosacral spine and pelvis. Your spine is affecting your nervous system which is modulating between periods of pain and periods of relief. I would like you to ask yourself during the periods of time that...


low back pain after fall

A: Hi Lee, I have worked with thousands of people who have had chronic pain, even pain that (like yours) started because of a traumatic injury.  I believe the mild disc buldging can be resolved by releasing the muscle tension on your pelvis that most likely occurred when you landed on your back and buttocks.  This would have pushed your pelvis, causing the muscles to suddenly tighten (and therefore holding your pelvis out of alignment), and they are still in spasm. The good news is that you"ve been to your doctor and nothing serious is wrong, so we have a really good possibility of correcting this entire situation.   I suggest you go to http://www.julstro.com and read about repetitive strain...

I am suffaring low back pain what type of swimming strokes can adviceble please explain me which strokes best?

A: 1. none, all strokes use your back, but I guess you can kind of scull in the water, (move your hands back and forth to move, while floating). 2. Has your doctor recommended swimming to you? If you are having back pain, you should get the OK from a doctor before any type of new exercise! That said, swimming isn''t going to relieve low back pain, but it is a form of exercise that is much less jarring on your joints than aerobics, running, etc. Freestyle is the easiest and most natural body position. Stay relaxed and swim slowly and gently. 3. Actually, my doctor advised that swimming actually...


How to heal / prevent low back pain?

A: 1. go to a chiropractor and ask them about excercises...most back pain is simply due to muscle fatigue...if its not that, your chiro should be able to tell you and at least give you options 2. Forget drugs! Forget surgery! Commit to natural healing and you'll have results: http://www.acupuncturetoday.com/archives2002/mar/03lowbackpain.html 3. Make sure to correct your posture and stop lifting weights. I'm assuming your lifting them improperly. You shouldn't need surgery yet, but you should try to prevent the pain form getting worse by doing some stretches and exercises to help strengthen the lower


Please help I am having severe low back pain and spasm,cannot sit or walk without severe pain what 2 do?

A: whens the last time someone told you that the fact your on yahoo answers asking this lets us know you need to practice what you preach a little more huh? Go to the chiropractor they can work miracles. After just one visit you will feel so much better. They can also give you exercises and stretches you can do to help make your back stronger so this might not happen again. DO NOT USE HEAT!!!!!!!!!! I dont care who tells you, what their title is or what book they read it out of. Its science at its simplest. Cold makes things shrink. Heat makes things swell. Never, ever use heat on an acute injury. This is hydrotherapy 101. Ice is the only thing that will remove the inflammation and calm the muscle spasms. Apply ice for 15 minutes,leave off for...

Disk replacement: An effective treatment for low back pain?

A: Very few people who have low back pain require surgery of any kind to obtain relief from their discomfort. But if conservative treatments haven''t resolved your pain within six months and your doctor has determined that your disk joint is the source of your chronic pain, you might be a candidate for disk replacement surgery. Spinal fusion — the most common type of back surgery for painful joints — involves fusing two or more vertebrae together. Disk replacement surgery is a newer procedure that replaces the problem disk joint with an artificial one made of metal and plastic. In general, it appears that...



A: Hi, I do sympathize with your health concern. Since you have tried everything, I would suggest you to consulta physiotherapist or chiropractor who would like to suggest you few routine exercises after assessing yourseverity of symptoms. In addition, an orthopedician as well as neurologist evaluation will be helpful in orderto get opinion about surgical correction. Hope this helps....
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