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my moms blood sugar is too high - 400''s

A: Hi Rose, How high her bg can go before going into a coma depends on whether or not she is producing ketones. It sounds as if she''s a T2 diabetic, since she hadn''t been on insulin before this, and T2''s are much less likely to produce ketones, although it can happen. If she starts feeling nauseous, throwing up, becoming incoherent, or drinking gallons of water and peeing constantly, you should probably take her to the ER. Lantus is, by the way, not a fast-acting insulin. It''s a basal insulin and works for about 24 hours per shot. This is exactly what''s needed when one is on prednisone. However, it''s much more difficult to get blood sugar down once it''s gone that high, so she still might not get terrific numbers, and it''ll probably...


my blood sugars are getting lower and lower

A: Hey DMw...Kudos to you on the great blood sugars! Sounds to me like you''ve adopted an understanding of what/how you need to eat and exercise and that it''s now paying off. Sometimes it just takes a bit of time and routine for the body to adjust and level out. What you''re doing seems to be working just the way you want it to. Good on ya < The same thing happened to me. Glad to see you''re doing better! And thanks for the heads-up on the improper signature. New members often take a while to become familiar with the rules of the site. Take care.< Thanks Jeannie. I woke up to an all time low. 87. That''s 3 to 4 times lower than where it was a six months ago. Not a lecture, but.... You can...


low carb diet and blood sugar control

A: Hi Deb, I can''t claim to be a complete disciple of Dr. Bernstein, nevertheless a great many of his principles I think are absolutely right. I think his position on the carbs is that, whether simple or complex, they will convert to glucose and raise your blood sugars regardless with the only difference being the time it takes. With a rapid acting insulin, you certainly don''t want slow release carbs that''s for sure. I''m not capable of the relentless self-discipline needed to live by the 6g - 12g - 12g carbs for breakfast, lunch and dinner unfortunately. Having said that, I have been able to eliminate the starchy carbs and the benefits are certainly worth the sacrifice. Personally, the great thing about his...


When exercisng, is there better time of day to exercise to help control blood sugar levels?

A: The best time to exercise is usually 30 minutes to an hour after a meal. You may want to check your blood sugar before and after exercising to make sure it is not too low or too high. In terms of the time of the day, it depends greatly on your own schedule and that you actually do it. If you''re not a morning person, you don''t want to plan to wake up an hour earlier to go exercise. At the same time, if you work late hours at night, you are not going to be exercising late at night. The time you exercise has to fit into your schedule so that it''s practical and you actually enjoy it....


I have type 2, and I am on oral meds twice daily. Why does my blood sugar drop during the day?

A: Dear daneenb3, The purpose of the two oral diabetes medications you take are to lower your blood sugar. The skillful diabetes team will help you to adjust the dosages of the medications and the quantity of food that you customarily eat at each meal so you have the best match of medicines and food thoughout the day. If the match is off, you can go too low or can be too high. So, if you are not satisfied with the glucose values you are getting when you test, write the glucose numbers down and the time when you tested and discuss this with your physician. Usually it is fairly obvious where the adjustment(s) need to be made. Exercise can also effect your glucose readings, too, so be sure to...


What is considered high diabetic blood sugar level?

A: Diabetes blood sugar levels are considered high when they get above 200 mg/dL. This can be caused by eating too much, not exercising, low insulin levels or medication taken for diabetes.Source:University of Virginia Health System: Diabetes Glucose Monitoring Is it RANDOM, Fasting or Post Prandial you have mentioned here of 200 mg/dL?...


low blood pressure in women under 30

A: HI there, my sister is hypoglycemic (not sure if thats how you spell it) but that is low blood pressure, and she has shown similar signs to you. Before she knew she had it, she collapsed on a night out in a bar. Not sure if it''s the anti depressants, but my sister now carries foods that have sugar in, like a little chocolate bar or a museli bar. She has to eat little and often, which has improved this. Hope this helps. x Many thanks for your reply. I have since seen the doc and they think (surprise surprise) it''s a viral infection and definately not related to the anti-depressents. I will monitor my symptoms and bear in mind what you have said No worries, glad you got it sorted. x...

My cousin''s 1 year old son has blood sugar readings 170-190 (non-fasting). He is fussy, doesn''t want to eat, only drink and overweight. Is he diabetic

A: Random blood glucose levels in the 170 to 190 mg/dl range, is certainly indication of impaired insulin metabolism or insulin resistance, which is the primary cause of Type 2 Diabetes. Research has shown that children of Mother?s who experienced Gestational Diabetes during pregnancy are at increased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, and research of infants with above-average birth weights, has been associated with life long impairment of insulin metabolism and inability to meet the challenge of rapid childhood increase in BMI (Body Mass Index). A link between infants of small body size and low birth weight who latter develop Type 2 Diabetes has also been repeatedly documented. Close monitoring of a child demonstrating impaired insulin...


My 3 yr. old has type1 DM and her blood sugar has been over 300 frequently when I check her at 3am and is still over 300 when she wakes up. Why?

A: The fact that your daughters blood glucose levels increase over the night time hours is indication of her bodies? normal circadian rhythms which create an increased release of growth hormone and other hormones necessary for health and growth during the morning hours. This surge in hormones is commonly referred to as the ?Dawn Peak? and is an indication of healthy growth and development. The increase in metabolic activity during this time, however, requires a corresponding increase in insulin, and such is the challenge of insulin replacement, as the use of insulin injections is our best means of replacing the hormones Mother Nature would supply if your daughter did not have diabetes. And when it comes to diabetes, every BODY is different, responding to different...


does my son need to take insulin at lunch time if after lunch he needs to eat alot of carbs to bring his blood sugar up to 100 before can drive home

A: You do not mention if your son is taking any long acting insulin such as Lantus or Levemir, or if he uses an insulin pump instead. If he is using Lantus, Levemir, or NPH insulin it is likely that the long acting insulin is peaking around lunch. If that is the case, the insulin to carbohydrate ratio may need to be changed to offset the action of the long acting insulin. If he is using an insulin pump, it may be helpful to decrease basal rates prior to the noon meal in order to accommodate your son?s physiological needs. One other possibility is that you are grossly overestimating the number of carbohydrates for his noon meal. Regardless of the specific cause, it is important to discuss what is happening with his Doctor so they can make appropriate insulin adjustments. A consistent need to...

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