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I have low blood sugar in morning after I eat breakfast just enough to bring my sugar up,I get very sleepy?

A: Sounds like you could be rebounding. Sleepy usually means my son has gone high. You are suppose to test before a meal then 2 hours later to see how it works with your treatment plan. My son had to change his bed time snack to increase his blood sugar for overnight. This is definitely a doctor question not a web question when you can get ill advice. Hmm i think people will usually get sleepy after meal. This is usually due to the certain signal that being sent to the brain. so i must say that after a meal esp. a heavy one its normal to feel sleepy. I experienced it myself too. But for your case, with low blood sugar. I m not very sure but thats all i can say about it....


What happens when you have low blood sugar (59?)?

A: All the cells in our body are using Glucose and only Glucose to burn them and get energy to live and to do work. When blood sugar goes down the cells gets less energy. That''s causing the problem for your weakness. Start taking foods with high carbohydrates and sugar. Consult doctors for permanent cure. You could pass out. May want to try alternative medicine to avoid all the pills & meds Try a chinese doctor they work with your chakras & acupunture it''s very healing & good. Between meals, try eating snacks that are low in simple sugars and fats and have a fair amount of starch. Fruits or cheese and crackers are good choices. Drink plenty of water. Avoid...


What are the risks of low blood sugar(hypoglycemia)?

A: You need to keep on hand some fast-acting type of glucose that would raise your level when it gets low. Symptoms of low-blood sugar include sweating, clamy feeling, shaky, sleepiness, and real lethargic not able to remember anything. My grandmothers got down to 30 and tried given her oj and other things to bring it up, but we had to call 911 and let them take her to the ER, hers went down to 14--she went into diabetic coma---stayed in hospital for about 3 days and they got her stablilized and she did fine. What is your carb intake per meal? Most of us are to eat between 45-60gms of carbohydrates per meal. If you are eating this amount, you should be alright. If you think that your


How Can I Manage low blood sugar In Children?

A: Hypoglycemia, commonly known as low blood sugar, is a potentially serious condition in which the body’s glucose levels periodically drop, resulting in a range of symptoms such as shakiness, faintness, sweating, irritability, headache, disorientation, and in extreme cases, seizure. low blood sugar in children can be especially dangerous, as they often cannot treat or even identify the source of their discomfort. Thus as a caregiver, you must manage low blood sugar in children by supervising their diets, regularly testing their blood


low blood sugar question?

A: Sounds like hypoglycemic. I have a friend who has that. See your dr! I''m not a doctor, but my daughter is goes through the same thing!! You could be hypoglycemic. You don''t have to be diabetic to have low blood sugar. Talk to your doctor about it. They can do a blood draw to test for that and to test your Thyroid also. I don''t know if this helped, but good luck to you. low blood sugar is called hypoglycemia. It can be just as bad as diabetes. Like the other person said, have your doctor test you for it. I had those same types of spells for years without being diabetic or hypoglycemic. Now I have them when my...


If y have low blood sugar are u a debate?

A: are u a debate? are U a retard? lol ! No. low bood sugar is also a disease just like diabetes. see your doctor and eat right. No processed foods. If God did not make it, do not eat it. ok I am a nursing student and the way it was described to me is that hypoglycemics are in the pre diabetic stage. because when you eat sugar, carbs, calories your pancreas over produces insulin resulting in low blood sugar levels. eventually from the pancreas overworking it will eventually give out and not produce insulin at all rendering you diabetic. insulind dependent. you should eat complex sugars and protein stay away from simple...


How Can I Manage low blood sugar In Pregnancy?

A: One of the best ways for managing low blood sugar in pregnancy may be to eat several small meals every day. Most doctors additionally recommend that these small meals consist of lots of healthy things, such as whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. It may also be a good idea to incorporate some lean meat, such as chicken, into some of your meals. Dairy products are additionally considered beneficial during pregnancy by most doctors, and may be best when consumed in the form of low-fat yogurt and reduced fat milk. You should also keep something very sweet, such as a candy bar or can of soda, on hand at all times in the event of severe low blood...


What Are Common low blood sugar Treatments?

A: low blood sugar treatments are usually either in the form of sugary foods or injections of glucose. Eating something sugary is the typical treatment for someone who experiences a sudden drop in blood sugar to raise it back up quickly. The sugar may be in the form of a candy bar, soda, or fruit juice. Some people have such severe problems with low blood sugar that they may be too weak to consume anything sugary, and in these cases it may be necessary for low


Does atenolol ever cause low blood sugar?

A: You should inform your health care provide if you think you''re having a problem with your blood sugar. low blood sugar levels have been reported in people taking atenolol (Tenormin) and other beta-blockers. This side effect is more common in infants, children, and people with kidney disease or diabetes. low blood sugar levels are also more likely to occur in people who are fasting, such as before surgery or after prolonged exercise. Symptoms of low blood sugar can vary; examples of early symptoms include: sweating,...


What are the effects of exersize with extremly low blood sugar?

A: Makes your blood sugar go down even more Whenever you exercise with your blood sugar either too high or too low, you run the risk of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, respectively. To combat this situation, take a few practices to closely monitor your BG. Care for yourself as needed and note the pattern after a few practices. (Are you needing glucose or insulin?) Eventually you will see what you need to do to maintain proper control of your BG during excercise (or in your case, field hockey practice). Don''t disregard what people have told you in this forum, repeated instances of hypoglycemia can lead to unwanted health problems. well passing out seems to be my...

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