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Im 7 months pregent and my dr just told me i have low blood sugar what does that mean? can i fix it? how?

A: Girls that cannot spell "pregnant" have no business reproducing..but anyway you sound hypoglycemic eat several small meals throughout the day make sure some part of the meal contains sugar (fruit, chocolate milk, etc.) that should help low blood sugar is most often an inappropriate ''diagnosis'' and in most cases represents your normal. Even when symptoms attributed to low bood sugar occur unless you are a diabetic or have an insulin producing tumor such symptoms are NOT in fact correlated with your glucose level. In 1980 it was suggested that the diagnosis ''low blood


Do i have low blood sugar? if so, what do i do?

A: Nice juice sounds delicious, but, if your blood sugar is low, it would make the blood sugar drop even more. Try this: during the day, about 10:00, eat a banana. About 2:00, eat a banana or a half sandwich of peanut butter. Stay away from sweets (entirely) for a while, and see it that helps. Yes you do. My suggestion would be to eat some chocolate or drink some OJ. It should be done with in like an hour or so. First you should all ways have some one around.next eat a lot of candy. eat lots of candy. go. to . a . doctor. Some of those may be symptoms of high blood sugar, as well. Your best bet is to take a


How do explain what low blood sugar feels like....for diabetics ONLY?

A: A few years ago I had a really bad flu and that kinda felt like what I feel like everytime I have a low! Drained, tired, sad, so, so weak!! A: It feels like you''ve been hit by a truck B: It feels like someone''s sucked all your energy away C: It feels like something has taken away all your happy thoughts (kinda a like a Harry Potter dementor lol), D: Most times I feel like crying cuz I''m so sad. Somehow it makes me think about all the bad things that have happened that day or "why do I have to have stupid diabetes". "poor me!" E: Feeling like the world is ending and no one can help you (esp. if it takes ages to get better), and you feel sick and sad for a long time afterwards F: You can feel a bit drugged, like you can''t focus your eyes, hear...


How to raise low blood sugar?

A: For immediate cases, put the food you eat under your tongue, and watch your intake of sodium; you might not be getting enough. The best thing to do is go see a doctor. He/she could put you on medication that can help. my dear first of all you have not mentioned your edge ,because for the sugar edge part is most important factor still then not to think so much this is like a person utilize more of any thing will decrease or will be short of that things still then consult some good Sp.Doc and do the need full thanks oj is the best but you could have a blood pressure problem instead of blood glucose. You should talk to a doctor about this before you seriously get hurt. In the meantime get out of bed in stages....sit up...


My mom suffers from low blood sugar, but now is suffering from High blood sugar Is that possible?

A: If your mother is diabetic, her body could be adapting to certain things she may have eaten/drank. If, while her sugar was low, decided to eat things to bring the sugars up, she may have had to much and now the sugars are higher. keep watching the sugars, if they remain high for more then a few hours contact a doctor and drink plenty of water Hello my friend, Yes this is possible. A lot of it has to do with the type of food she eats, how much she eats and when she eats them. I have found in my experience with diabetes that if I eat sugary foods (which I haven''t eaten almost a year now), my blood


Does a person that is experiancing low blood sugar experiance personality changes?

A: low blood sugar will cause u to be irritable, very hungry and shaky, if it goes too low you could pass out or become confused and then pass out. MLGABLE is correct!! Yes, there are mood changes as the previous answers have stated. If one has hypoglycemia, the best thing to do is: 1)Give them a small drinking box of juice, some pop, or a glucose tablet. Recheck their blood sugar 15 minutes later. 2) If they are still hypoglycemic, repeat step one until their blood sugar is in the safe range. 3) If they are in the safe range give them some carbs (e.g. bread) and some...


What are the most dangerous effects of low blood sugar?

A: it can kill you. it happened to my aunt. before her death she was complaining that her bllod sugar was in the 40''s. Post mortum it was 5. coma or death are long term risks of severe hypoglycemia. There is not much to add to the other answers that tell you coma or death are the results of prolonged hypoglycemia. The real question is waht to do about it. If you are recently diagnosed with diabetes I would suggest: 1. you learn as much as you can about the disease. 2. get a support team together to help you in your fight. 3. plan on getting control of the disease before it kills you. There are a ton of resources out there including my new website based on personal experience. http://www.diabetesinfoforyou.com Good luck Untreated hypoglycemia...


What symptoms are caused by low blood sugar ?

A: Mild to moderate--Weakness, dizziness, anxiety, sighing, yawning, blurred vision, sleepiness, racing heart, sweating, nausea, confusion, difficulty speaking (slurring or trouble forming words), irritability ranging from mild to extreme anger, numb/tingling hands, feet or face (including lips), nightmares. Extreme--convulsions, coma, death. Here is a website that may give you some more info: http://webess16.micromedex.com/content/DiseaseDex/000702.htm I can tell you exactly what feelings you get..... The shakes, accelelorated heart rate, sweating, confusion, dizzy, hunger, blurry vision, tiredness, headaches, anxiety and irritability. Most of these are also symptoms of high blood sugar, BUT you deffinately know the difference. When your


Effects of having low blood sugar?

A: Just eat a lot of sugar and salt meals. Just carbs. Pasta bread rice. also proteins. Its hard to pick up on low blood sugar- mine is 60 all day. Not fun. Best luck. Avoid sugar like the plague. The symptoms according to the Canadian Journal Of Diabetes are Hunger, Nausea, Weakness, Headache, Sweating, Irritability, Shaking, Confusion. This is called hypoglycemia. Check with your Dr. He may be able to get you an appointment with a dietitian who can help you set up the proper meal plan for you. Eating three times a day may be the problem. Eating fewer calories per serving but eating more frequently MAY control and increase your glucose levels more effeciently. You also...


Is a reading of 4.2 low blood sugar?

A: This may sound dim, but didn''t your glucometer come with an instruction leaflet? That should tell you the normal ranges. Saying that though, my experience with Boots'' leaflets leaves a lot to be desired... 4.2 is not a low blood sugar for someone who does not have diabetes, and with 4.5 after eating, it sounds as though your blood sugar is pretty stable. You didn''t mention whether or not you were diabetic, but considering you previously did not have a glucometer and you are unaware of normal blood glucose levels, I''m assuming you''re not. You could be shaky for many reasons. Perhaps you were dehydrated/low

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