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low blood sugar questions...?

A: Diabetes has recently been cured in a study... havent you heard of this?.... by the way... theres also been a natural cure thats been around much much longer than this study. follow my source. sounds like you have your sugars mixed up alright your sugar levels should go down when you exercise they go up when you eat food are you sure that your sugars have a dot between the 1 and 7 if so that is very low normal sugars should be 4.0 to 7.0 you can carry life savers or a chocolate bar in your purse or pocket to raise sugar levels My 26 year old bf was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes a few months ago. One night, his


Is it possible to have low blood sugar moments if u dont have diabetes?

A: Ok all you people that go low often: SOoooo not normal. Yeah it''s called hypoglycemia. BUT! Normal people''s body''s automatically release Glucagon when you don''t eat. Glucagon keeps you from going low. People who don''t and go low are called HYPOGLYCEMICS. Believe me I know some people who are. If you go low you are one. ALWAYS CARRY JUICE OR CANDY WITH YOU FROM NOW ON! And it would be smart to get a prescription for Glucagon if you dont feel it and you pass out. IT IS SERIOUS and as much as serious as diabetes. TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR. Yes they can. You can fell faint and wobbly/shaky. Does this happen when you have not eaten in a while or just speratically. You may want to keep a food log...


Just curious, is there a certain food you have found to raise low blood sugar the most? (and the fastest)?

A: Granola bars are easy to carry, raise blood sugar fast and keep it stable a long time. Lots of people like juice, but I don''t find it convenient. I like the "fun size" packets of Skittles. The juice in them is released through the membranes of the mouth when you chew, so it gives you a head start. Plus they never melt and one packet has a perfect 16g of carb. I stock up on them at Halloween and Easter to last me the whole year. orange juice, glucose tabs, candy bars, sugar soda, etc I once got a shot of sugar water in my vein to raise it after I accidently overdosed on a fast acting insulin. They also gave me orange juice, milk, and before I went in, I...


low blood sugar>>> Help

A: Thanks for your question looker, I think your situation is one that many diabetics face. The reason for your sinking blood sugar 15 minutes after eating pop tarts is that they contain a good deal of fat and complex carbohydrates. It takes your body longer to break down complex carbohydrates into sugar that your cells can use (and therefore raise your blood sugar), and the fat also slows down how fast your body can absorb the sugar. That is also why your blood sugar is 300 several hours later, it took your body that long to turn all of those pop tarts into


How can I help my mother handle low blood sugar incidents?

A: When your mother is having a low blood sugar episode, it''s quite possible she may not have enough fuel in her brain to make rational decisions such as, ''I need to eat something -- right now.'' Also, there''s a tendency for warning signs -- which include irritability, shaking, sweating, headaches, confusion, and visual changes -- to fade in older people, or people who''ve had type 2 diabetes for some time. But low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, is a serious problem. It can happen at any time, come on suddenly, and if not treated quickly can lead to loss of consciousness. In fact, it''s the number-one cause of emergency room visits for people...


Do I have low blood sugar?

A: well, 75 seems pretty low to me, was it done before or after you had eaten, that''s important to know. If it was before you ate, than was up after I wouldn''t worry to much, however, anemia can cause hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, and I have heard many vegetarian''s can get iron-deficiency anemia, you may just want to go see a doc, have these things checked, then follow his advice. Good luck. yeah i would be, mine was 75 right before i died. 75 is just fine!! i ahve hypoglycemia and sometimes i get a reading that says 32 p.s upon waking 70-110 is fine after meals 70-140 Everyones blood sugar levels are different, for...


Do i have low blood sugar ??

A: To be honest I think if you''ve gone all day long without food or any type of glucose then it''s no wonder you feel dizzy, and it doesn''t indicate that you are diabetic. My wife often gets shaky and dizzy after doing the garden say which tells her she needs food. However that said if you are seriously worried then you should go to the doctor and get bloods done, to put your mind at ease. Signs of diabetes include: Increased thirst Going to the loo (for a wee) all the time especially at night Extreme tiredness Weight loss Blurred vision Genital itching or regular episodes of thrush Slow healing of wounds It is very likely you have low blood sugar....


home remedies for low blood sugar

A: Natural cures for low blood sugar - If you have chronically low blood sugar and then you’ll need to seek care of a specialist who can do diagnostic testing to see if you are diabetic. However, some of the things that might suggest raising your blood sugar naturally dietary changes.  It is important to stay away from refined foods made from white flour and refined sugar.   Instead, eat foods that are made from whole grains and if you have to have sugar and something then try to make It raw sugar. Instead...

Can Opiates Cause low blood sugar?

A: Hypoglycaemia or low sugar state has been seen in emergency setting in patient who was found to have opiates overdose. Opiates slow down the body processes including the digestive system. This could make you not hungry. If you don''t eat you may have low blood sugar. I haven''t seen scientific documentation, but as a Type-1 diabetic who has used his fair share of opiates, they definitely lowers my blood sugar. I damn near killed myself with hypoglycemia the first couple times I shot heroin. Also, I experienced bad hyperglycemic episodes during my detox. yes,...


How do I know if I have chronic low blood sugar?

A: having a hypoglucemia symptoms, example, sweating, irritating, shaking, headache and hunger. Check out www.hufa.org for more info on low blood sugar. The answers above are good, but I just found out that sleep apnea can cause a lot of the same symptoms. I did have chronic low blood sugar before I flipped and became a type II diabetic. Who knows how long I have had sleep apnea though. So now I would say, have your significant other advise you if you snore. If you do, get checked out for sleep apnea, as well as getting a finger stick kit (blood glucose monitor, lancets and strips) to test...

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