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Why did I have low blood sugar 2hrs after lunch?

A: Hello Saphire123: Have you figured out ways to balance out the blood glucose readings? Thanks for asking dLife and please accept my apology for the tardiness of the reply. Great to hear of your weight loss successes and getting off the medications, keep up the good work!!As you have experienced, factors which influence the blood glucose readings are:oral hypo-glycemic-pills which cause your insulin to work more efficient, or insulin replacement, (diabetes being defined as a ''progressive disease'' in the fact that the beta cells of the pancreas continue to have diminished production of insulin, usually a genetically defined factor)dietary content, (carbs, protein, or fat) foodsand activity/exercisesand any source of stress: such as injury...


I get low blood sugars almost every afternoon around 3pm no matter whether I take the metformin or not.

A: Dear mlazaron@rochester.rr.com,Your low blood sugars at 3 pm daily could be caused by you not eating enough carbohydrates at lunch. They could be caused by the timing of your exercise. You may be taking too much glipzide in the morning. These are the most likely causes of your lows in the afternoon. Think about these options and whether any would possibly be the answer about you....


Can low blood sugar cause insomnia?

A: Hello,Thanks for asking dLife.The typical threshold for low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) is 70 mg/dL. Your readings of 61 and 66 would indicate hypoglycemia.Symptoms of hypogylcemia include erratic heartbeat, sweating, dizziness, confusion, unexplained fatigue, shakiness, and hunger. These symptoms would prevent you from getting restful sleep.Hypoglycemia should be treated immediately with a fast-acting carbohydrate such as glucose tablets or juice.Click here for details on hypoglycemia! Successful weight loss reduces the amount of diabetes medicines youe need to lower blood glucose levels. This means that adjustments in diabetes medicines are required to prevent...


can low blood sugar cause neck pain?

A: Hi, Welcome to the forum, low blood sugar is unlikely to cause neck pain. The symptoms which you describecould be due to injury of the neck while playing soccer since it immediately occurred after she played. Thesymptoms also appear to be non specific and could be functional in origin especially in young females whichcould be due to her being too stressed with playing or other such problems. The difference between the twopossible diagnoses can be easily made with a detailed history, Kindly feel free to get back for furtherinformation. Thanks...

Does gemfibrozil cause low blood sugar?

A: low blood sugar is not listed as a side effect in gemfibrozil...


I''m not a diabetic but I get low blood sugar, could it be related with diovan 80 mg?

A: 27 Dec 2011 I wouldn''t think so unless you are not eating at all while taking medications. The best thing you can do is have something to eat when this occurs to bring your sugar level up to a more normal range. If this continues, you should talk with your MD to do a glucose 5 hour tolerance test, but I really think you are ok. Take extra zinc & vitamin B6 to help with the healing of that knee so you can start getting the proper exercise & nutrition & you should be fine. Just my thoughts... Mary632009 Votes:+0CommentVote upReport iliwwjd 27 Dec 2011Thanks so much. They have done the glucose tolerance tests on me, the fast, the 2 hour & the 5 hour. The results for the fast are normal. The 2 hour came back with a very low


How to keep low blood sugar ?

A: don''t eat sugar? Keeping the blood sugar low is very tough especially when you have a sweet tooth. to keep the blood sugar low, it is very detrimental to keep taking the medication at the time the doctor has prescribed it. Aside from this, decrease the sugar intake. for e.g. if have a cup of tea, don''t add sugar or if you can''t tolerate it use sweeteners. As much as possible don''t add sugar. Avoid pastries and cakes which are very high in sugar. Even fruits have it''s own sugar. he can eat...


Is 70 considered low blood sugar?

A: sounds too low to me ...i have type 2 diabetes,and if i exercise sometimes it will be to low 60-70..so i really have to watch myself...taking insulin or meds. and not eating can really make it plunge..so be very careful and monitor your bs often....bluedot yes normal blood sugar is 80 to 120 so your a little low. Yeah that is a little low. This was a fasting test right? Cuz if you had eaten somethign that day then it is very low. Chronic and true hypoglycemia is rare, this could be a symptom from something else and you may be able to correct it. depend on your ratio but for me its a little low...


What can help low blood sugar?

A: Like kimmie said- orange juice, mango has more natural sugar and never needs added sugar in juices etc.If you take it in morning it will help a lot. Always keep Glucose (Dry) or some Chocolate bar in case you ever feel dizzy. there is an amino acid that regulated blood sugar. called L-glutamine find it at a helath food store. then read the bottle and take the right dose. it stops your sugar and carb cravings follow up with your doctor -your question is too vague and no one on Yahoo has your full medical history. Just keep candy inside you pocket...that way you can just pop one in your mouth when you need it. And no ones the wiser. If your


When you are sleeping and get a low blood sugar, are you most likely to wake up or sleep through it?

A: My body wakes me up. I know immediately what the problem is. Eat a snack before going to bed. Something like graham crackers with a little peanut butter. That''s what my nutritionist had me do and now I don''t have the problem anymore. Also, check with your doctor to see if your meds need adjusted. You will wake-up, you will be able to feel it. My brother usually wakes up. But he has plenty of time to go downstairs and get a glass of juice. If you are concerned, keep sugar close by, so if it does happen, you can be ready. You are most likely to sleep right through it. Keep a small can of orange juice or something similar near the bed so you just roll over to take of your condition. orange juice is absorbed quickly. Best Wishes I wake up. I can''t go back to sleep...

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