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What happens if you have low blood sugar if you have diabetes?

A: hyperglycemic attack (sp) Basically they faint, get dizzy, sick etc. If they do not have sugar they could fall into a diabetic coma. x According to what the doctor told me about my son, and that is if his sugar was too high. Then he should take his insulin, and then you would have to eat afterwards so it does not bottom out. The best thing a diabetic can eat is Peanut Butter, and drink orange juice is has natural sugars which is healthy for a diabetic. Keep in mind orange juice works temporarily, but if you dont eat afterwards it can go back down again. If someone has a low blood sugar if...


What Is low Blood sugar?

A: low blood sugar, from a medical perspective, is called hypoglycemia and refers to low blood serum glucose levels. Glucose is the ''sugar'' which is low in this case, and when it drops below 70 mg per deciliter of blood, a person is concerned hypoglycemic. People may also use the term low blood sugar much more casually to express hunger, or feelings of faintness or irritation that come over them when they skip meals. Some people will feel a little nauseous if they don''t eat regularly and may...

How to prevent from having a low blood sugar level?

A: " Soy Milk. " Try to eat 6 small and well-balanced healthy meals a day. They sell glucose tablets at the pharmacy and yes, there is such a thing as Juvenile diabetes. Is your friend diabetic? Give him some orange juice if he is in bad shape. If he''s not too bad, give him peanuts, or peanut butter, or a power bar. If you just give him sugar it will make his sugar level rise, but then drop again soon. Carbs will raise the sugar level and help keep it stable longer. If he is hypoglycemic, he should be eating smalls meals often during the day with lots of good carbs. Tell him to carry hard candy with him at all times and use in emergency. Also carry protein...


low blood sugar levels? but i dont have diabetes? is there anything i should do? should i increase sugar?

A: No. do not go back for more sugar. low blood sugar means that you probably get pretty tired feeling around 2 p.m. every day, for one thing. This is a good time for you to have a banana. You may awaken grouchy. When you feel grouchy for no reason, have a spoon full of peanut butter to help you feel ''nicer''. Hypoglycemia is what you can look up on the web. It will help you to understand that this is easily taken care of with your food intake. Eating 6 small meals or snacks a day will help you, a LOT. You should stay away from white flour products (pasta, bread, crackers, etc), white sugar,...


Why do I get so dizzy? low blood sugar?

A: always havce a candy or chocolate in ur pocket. beware my friend low blood sugar is much more bad that high blood sugar and can lead to coma and in bad cases death. so have a high sugar meals. This actually sounds more like low blood pressure to me. A BS of 54 is low, but you hadn''t eaten for 4 hours, and had a low calorie shake. It could''ve been as simple as that. I think you should evaluate with a doctor to be sure you''re not hypoglycemic (you could have BS issues w/o necessarily being diabetic), but I wouldn''t be terribly alarmed about diabetes with just these symptoms. At your age, you should rotate a meal and...


If you pass out from low blood sugar?

A: If someone has low blood sugar, chances are, they are diabetic. Call 911 first thing. But do not sit around and piddle on your butt waiting because there is a time when the body goes too long without sugar (I''d say within 4 minutes of passing out) and you can die. You would get something sweet and give it to them. HOWEVER, do not give them any liquids...they will aspirate it. A diabetic that is on insulin should ALWAYS CARRY Glucagon. Cake frosting, for example, is a good thing to use. Just put it into the sides of their mouth (not a whole lot) and wait until they regain c


What happens when you have low blood sugar (59?)?

A: All the cells in our body are using Glucose and only Glucose to burn them and get energy to live and to do work. When Blood sugar goes down the cells gets less energy. That''s causing the problem for your weakness. Start taking foods with high carbohydrates and sugar. Consult doctors for permanent cure. You could pass out. May want to try alternative medicine to avoid all the pills & meds Try a chinese doctor they work with your chakras & acupunture it''s very healing & good. Between meals, try eating snacks that are low in simple sugars and fats and have a fair amount of starch. Fruits or cheese and crackers are good choices....


If y have low blood sugar are u a debate?

A: are u a debate? are U a retard? lol ! No. low bood sugar is also a disease just like diabetes. see your doctor and eat right. No processed foods. If God did not make it, do not eat it. ok I am a nursing student and the way it was described to me is that hypoglycemics are in the pre diabetic stage. because when you eat sugar, carbs, calories your pancreas over produces insulin resulting in low blood sugar levels. eventually from the pancreas overworking it will eventually give out and not produce insulin at all rendering you diabetic. insulind dependent. you should eat complex sugars and protein stay away from simple


are the dangers of low blood sugar as great as high?

A: Both low blood sugar and high blood sugar can be dangerous. low blood sugars are considered an emergency and must be treated immediately. Left untreated a low blood sugar can lead to seizures and possibly death. Things that affect blood sugar include food, exercise, medications and illness. Testing your blood sugar as directed by your healthcare provider and learning the signs to watch for and how to treat low blood sugar is something you can do to prevent any dangerous...


What Is a low Blood sugar Diet?

A: A low blood sugar diet is a nutritional plan designed to achieve a normal blood sugar level, either in place of or in conjunction with drugs designed for the same purpose. Diabetics and people with pre-diabetes often have to maintain a strict low blood sugar diet, though such eating plans may provide health benefits to people without these conditions as well. Such a diet may be designed to lower blood sugar, to prevent blood sugar spikes, or to act in c

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