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What Causes low potassium levels In Humans?

A: Approximately Ninety-eight percent of the human body''s potassium is enclosed inside the cells. potassium basically is an electrolyte and has an effect on skeletal and cardiac activities. Generally too much vomiting and diarrhoea can result in low potassium levels, which are known as hypokalemia, because huge quantities of potassium are enclosed in gastric fluids. Always remember that too much insulin discharge can result hypokalemia because insulin encourages potassium to enter skeletal muscle cells. Keep in mind that alcoholics and people with harmful diets are susceptible to hypokalemia due to poor nutrition,...

Can low potassium levels Cause Extreme Hair Loss In Woman?

A: low potassium levels does not cause hair loss in women. Normal levels of potassium in blood are 3.6-4.8. low potassium levels can cause Abnormal heart rhythms WeaknessConstipationFatigueMuscle cramps...

I Have A low potassium Level,that Will Not Come Up. I Take A Lot Of Vinegar. Will This Effect My potassium Level?

A: Yes eating a lot of vinegar can cause long term effects of a low potassium level and lowER bone density levels, it may have many perks such as lower cholesterol and lowering high blood pressure but those are just the perks of it my advice stop the vinegar or else you could wake up one day as a blob of skin......

What are the causes of a low potassium level?

A: potassium plays many important roles in the body that include maintaining the health of the heart, nerves and muscles. Hypokalemia--low potassium levels--can trigger several complications. Several causes exist that range from diarrhea to certain medications.Fluid LossYou can also lower potassium levels through excessive fluid loss from things like diarrhea, vomiting, excessive sweating and taking medications that encourage excessive urination....


If A Person Has low potassium levels Can It Cause Anxieties Along..

A: Yes the low potassium levels exacerbate irritability and anxiety. In several studies with people diagnosed with depression, increasing their intake of high potassium foods showed notable improvement in their day to day mood. Because potassium is used in neural transmission, increasing potassium intake in your diet may help improve mood and alleviate anxiety....


Can low potassium levels Lead To Erectile Dysfunction?

A: low potassium levels or hypokalemia does not cause any symptoms if the deficiency is minor. Symptoms when appear are irregular heartbeats, constipation, muscle weakness, fatigue, paralysis etc. So, erectile dysfunction is not directly related with hypokalemia but if low potassium levels are due to poor diet then we all know that malnutrition can cause erectile dysfunction....

Does low potassium Level In The Body Affect Sexual Arousal And Does..

A: Condition of low potassium levels in blood is called hypokalemia. This condition causes many problems like palpitations, constipation, nausea, vomiting, paralysis, muscles weakness, muscle cramps, abdominal cramps, cardiac problems, and respiratory failure etc. As, potassium deficiency causes muscle weakness and pain, your problem can be due to hypokalemia but there are many conditions which cause sexual and muscular problems. So, if you are suspecting hypokalemia then visit a doctor for differential diagnosis and proper treatment....


What Are Signs Of low potassium levels?

A: Cramps  in  your  legs  also, cramps  in   the  calfs of   your  legs  mean  low potassium  levels Drinking  more  orange juice  will  help...

Can Drinking Alcohol While You Have A low potassium Level Make You Drunk Faster With Less Alcoho L?

A: Really dont know thats what i wanted to know i''ve just been told by the doctor i have low potassium levels help anyone on it all!!...


low potassium level and PVC''S

A: I know there has been no replies to my question but I thought I would just place an update as I have been to see my Dr. Here in the Uk the potassium connection with pvc''s does not seem to be well known. The Dr agreed that my potassium levels in past year ( there were 4 results) were all within normal range but lower than 4. Mostly 3.6-3.8. She said this would be due to having leaky kidneys which I have had all my life but I was still maintaining a potassium level within the normal range. She advised me to eat more bananas, green leafy veg and fruit juices to see if this would increase my potassium levels to above 4....

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