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Has anyone else experienced grand mal seizures from low potassium levels?

A: While I have not had any seizures, I have battled low potassium for a longtime. While prior testing (before WLS) shows a lower than average level, 3months after WLS my level went down to 2.3. I was rushed to the hospitaland spent a week in there. I also had a stricture, which was dilated. Fora while I was getting blood work weekly, as well as daily liquidsupplements and my level was pretty good at 3.0. This past July I hadhernia surgery (and also found to have an obstruction and adhesions) and mylevel took a plunge again. I guess I am just going to have to take thesupplement forever just to keep me at a normal level. My iron is alsoincredibly low -always has been - and I get iron infusions,...


What Are the Causes of low potassium levels?

A: potassium is the most prevalent cation in extracellular fluid, according to Carol Porth''s ''Essentials of Pathophysiology.'' potassium concentration is controlled by the kidneys and a cell membrane pump. There are five main causes of low potassium, or hypokalemia.low potassium Intakepotassium intake is a key factor in the body''s maintaining its levels of that nutrient. According to L. Kathleen Mahan and Sylvia Escott-Stump, a typical adult needs 4,700mg of potassium per day....


What happens to the heart with low potassium levels?

A: potassium is an important mineral that is needed for certain functions of the body. It is needed for muscle contraction and especially for proper function of the heart muscle. low potassium can become a serious health problem.SymptomsAccording to Mayo Clinic, symptoms of low potassium (hypokalemia) can include weakness, muscle cramping, fatigue, constipation and heart palpitations (irregular heartbeats). In extreme cases, heart arrhythmias, which can be serious, may occur....


low pulse and low potassium levels

A: Hi Jimmy15216,   Here are a few foods high in potassium:  Cantaloupe, bananas, potatoes, dates, nuts, oranges, and green leafy vegetables   By adding some of the above foods into your everyday diet, you''ll boost your potassium intake.  Below is a link to more information on potassium sources:   http://www.healthcentral.com/high-blood-pressure/c/35150/37624/helps   All the best, Lisa Nelson RD 7 Natural Ways to lower Blood Pressure...


My Mother Has low potassium Level[84 Years Old] What Is A Normal Level?

A: The normal potassium range for adults in most labs is 3.5 to 5.5 milliequivalents (mEq) per liter....


Is 2.3 A Dangerously low potassium Level?

A: Yes. potassium is important for chemical reactions within the cells and aid in maintaining stable blood pressure and in transmitting electrochemical impulses. potassium is important for a healthy nervous system and a regular heart rhythm. It helps prevent stroke, aids in proper muscle contraction, and works with sodium to control the body’s water balance. Source: www.womanmagz.com...

Pain - Anyone experience or know of studies, regarding low potassium levels while taking narcotics?

A: Hi tvorel; From Sacosams "for what it''s worth dept."... July 20th 2009... I came down with "Polymyalgia Rheumatica" (PMR) big time. To cut to the point , over first 6+/- months I passed out 4 times from major pain issues (Dr. refused to give me any pain meds.)I never thought about potassium, but i''ll see what I can find out , especially since He''s started playing God again ["He can control pain by shutting off my Pain Meds".] I''m not going through that again.! morning sacosam,its me subzero aka pete.its been a while buddy.whats that about your doc wanting to play god?just fire him after you get a free copy of all your med recorders. it concerns me when i hear stuff like that.nice to hear your up and posting,but not about bein in...


Do any one know if Norvasc cause low potassium level?

A: Novasc is not know to increase potassium level. It is used to decrease blood pressure and prevent strokes and heart attacks. I chew over you need to shift check with your doctor. A potassium plane of between 3.5-5.0 is normal, so you be in unfaultable range within. potassium pills can cause stomach upsets contained by some people, especially if you dont guzzle and drink water when you nick them or they might upset your stomach if you take them and later immediately fabrication down. I take 2 potassium a afternoon, but only when I know Im going to be intake a good sized dinnertime. low potassium can cuase legs cramp or muscle cramps, maybe...


what prescription should I take for low potassium level

A: well, it depends what caused it- if it was an acute event, it''s been corrected and no worries- if it is chronic, then you need to know what is keeping it low- you could take a potassium supplement, but my advice for peace of mind: eat some foods that are high in potassium (banana, potato, tomato, whole grains)   also, insulin lowers potassium, so if this is a problem for you, maybe you need potassium for when you bolus an out of the ordinary amount- good luck, and remember- in this case, you are what you eat :)...
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