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What are the symptoms of low sugar levels?

A: low blood sugar is called ''Hypoglycemia'' in medical terminology. The symptoms are feeling sweaty, light headed, numbness in limbs (I feel these symptoms especially when I stand up after sitting for a considerable period of time), unusually sleepy, suddenly increased anxiety (increased heart beat) and sleepiness.. These are the most commonly felt symptoms. I am sharing this because these are my own experiences and I found the problem after consulting doctor (I am non-diabetic). You may find these symptoms a bit common and hard to discern but they become more noticeable and problematic after some time as they become too problematic after becoming more to your routine. symptoms of low sugar...


low blood pressure or low sugar level?

A: Hi Joost: Sounds more like low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) than low blood pressure. Many people suffer from a condition known as rebound hypoglycemia. What happens is that once you eat a meal with a significant amount of carbohydrates your pancreas secretes insulin which lowers your blood glucose levels. The key to dealing with this is to eat meals with a larger amount of protein and less simple carbs. The protein has a lesser effect on the blood glucose and pancreas. I have the same problem and have resorted to eating more protein in the morning and carry a small bag of peanuts with me which does the trick nicely. Also, caffeine makes the situation worse. See...


Can diabetes cause severe tiredness? Does it matter if it''s high or low sugar level to cause tiredness?

A: Diabetes can contribute to a great deal of metabolic stress and instability, thus taxing your bodies? regulatory systems, and it is not uncommon to experience fatigue and low energy levels when the body is unable to get the nutrients it needs from food, due to insufficient insulin or a nutrient deficient diet. When blood glucose levels are under excellent control, however, and you are able to be somewhat active, your energy levels increase and most people find they feel GREAT. Poorly controlled blood glucose, on the other hand, often contributes to generalized fatigue and lack of zest for life. . . And it is not uncommon for people to come back to the office after a week of receiving...


19 year old daughter, 32 pound weight loss, low sugar level

A: Hi Tinker3168, I would be quite concerned about a glucose level of 35. Anything less than 50 is suspicious. There are several other hormonal tests that should be evaluated. low blood sugars such as this can indicate a hormone deficiency such as a growth hormone deficiency, cortisol deficiency or possibly a hyperinsulin state. I would recommend she see an endocrinologist for further evaluation. It may be necessary to do a fasting glucose evaluation where the patient is kept without eating to see if the blood sugars drop. The hard part about these types of diseases is that the labs really need to be drawn when the blood sugar is low so it is important the evaluation...


low sugar level high insullin level fasting

A: Kathleen-   Hello! Your fasting bg''s aren''t too high, some physicians like to see their patients under 100.  Your bg''s an hour after eating isn''t bad at all, recommended is under 180 2 hours after meals.    Cherise Community Moderator...

What does sugar level in blood test mean...what of its 60..........????is it diabetes??

A: BS Blood sugar is the amount of blood sugar in your blood, there is an average that is considered normal, everyone has blood sugar, 60(BS) would be low, the norms are more like 72-109, if it is over 200 you need to see your MD right away, if it goes too low you can faint and lots more, food intake can raise or lower you BS. That''s why diet is so all important when you have diabetes. My sugar level is suppossed to be between 80 and 120. I have a few extra pounds, but 60 maybe low for your body build. If you are unsure and uncomfortable with your reading the best way to solve it, is to see your...


How do you deal with low blood level?

A: hi as i sit and look at your question i wonder what you mean by low because it has a lot to do with how you deal with it and then there is the question of what type you are and how low it is going and when i am type 2 and when mine goes low i work it out on how low it is if your type 1 i would be seen my doctor as you may have to have your insulten check or given a new dosage to take and it does drop over night when your in bed asleep Do you mean low blood sugar level, low white or red cell count or actual low quantity of blood? If the latter, usually through a transfusion, if the others then...


low blood sugar levels? but i dont have diabetes? is there anything i should do? should i increase sugar?

A: No. do not go back for more sugar. low blood sugar means that you probably get pretty tired feeling around 2 p.m. every day, for one thing. This is a good time for you to have a banana. You may awaken grouchy. When you feel grouchy for no reason, have a spoon full of peanut butter to help you feel ''nicer''. Hypoglycemia is what you can look up on the web. It will help you to understand that this is easily taken care of with your food intake. Eating 6 small meals or snacks a day will help you, a LOT. You should stay away from white flour products (pasta, bread, crackers, etc), white sugar, desserts, etc. as much as possible and have more protein (meat, chicken, fish), veggies, & fruit. I...


How to prevent from having a low blood sugar level?

A: " Soy Milk. " Try to eat 6 small and well-balanced healthy meals a day. They sell glucose tablets at the pharmacy and yes, there is such a thing as Juvenile diabetes. Is your friend diabetic? Give him some orange juice if he is in bad shape. If he''s not too bad, give him peanuts, or peanut butter, or a power bar. If you just give him sugar it will make his sugar level rise, but then drop again soon. Carbs will raise the sugar level and help keep it stable longer. If he is hypoglycemic, he should be eating smalls meals often during the day with lots of good carbs. Tell him to carry hard candy with him at all times and use in emergency. Also carry protein bars or power bars to snack on to prevent the


Iam diabetic,what is the reason of gettingsinking feeling ,is it due ti low sugar or high ,pl, answer?

A: Drink Noni herbal fruit juice. DEABETES MELLITUS By Dr.Rangadhar Satpathy Diabetes Mellitus is a clinical syndrome characterized by hyperglycemia (increase glucose level above normal in blood) due to absolute or relative deficiency of insulin caused by the degeneration or hypo activity of the B-cells of the pancreas. That causes the following metabolic disturbances. •Depress the glycogenesis (formation of glycogen from glucose) and increases glycogenolysis (convert of glucose from glycogen). So glycogen contains from liver and muscles low down and in blood the glucose level raises. •Glucose combustion (oxidation) is depressed in absence of insulin. So extra cellular glucose level rises •The rate of gluconeogenesis (formation of glucose from...

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