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low white cell count

A: Echinacea has been reported to raise white blood cell count. I don"t now if you can get this product . It"s called Miracle II . It will help with the stiffness and balance the ph in the body. It is a good product for so many things.  Check into it. Jayne...


Anyone ever have low white-cell count?

A: I''ve had low white count, and it was likely from medication, although not Asacol. Mine was due to prednisone and Imuran. I don''t think it would be likely caused by Asacol, but it may be possible.ion supplements for a couple of months and I felt alot better. I have to get my blood checked now at least a couple of times a year. < MM...so are you back on the asacol or another oral 5ASA? Have you not been to another specialist to find out possible causes? Are your other blood tests in the normal range as well? I''m not taking any oral meds for UC. Forget to check ''show signature'' when I posted the initial message. The specialist I went to see was an oncologist hematologist. He did do more testing since taking...


Anyone have low white cell count..

A: Although a low white cell count can indicate a type of leukemia, there are many other reasons for low white cell count. The most usual reasons are, stress, fatigue, lack of exercise, low B-12 values, autoimmune disorders such as lupus, fibromyalgia, and of course the big one for this day and age is HIV/AIDS. However, in testing for leukemia, there are quite a few other tests that have to be done in order to get a definitive diagnosis for leukemia. My white blood cell count is


What is considered a low white cell count?

A: The number for low white blood cell count varies among doctors offices. In adults, a white blood cell count of below 3,500 per micro liter of blood is considered to be low. In children, the white blood cell count varies depending on the child''s age and sex.Source:May Clincic: low white Blood cell count...


What Is It When You Have A low white cell count But You Still Fight Off Infections?

A: Having low white blood cell count means you have lower amount of cells involved in protecting yourself from bacteria and other foreign substances. Normal white blood cell count is 4,500 - 10,000.  Your white blood cell count may fall below the normal range but it is still fighting off infections....

What number is a low white cell count?

A: What is considered a low white blood cell count, according to the Mayo Clinic, may vary slightly among medical practices, but is generally considered as fewer than 3,500 white blood cells per microliter of blood. This also varies in children according to their age and sex.Source:Mayo Clinic: ''low white Blood cell count''...


What is the value of a low white cell count compared to normal?

A: what does it mean if you have a low white count and your red blood cells are not carrying enough oxygen around the blodd...


Celexa and low white cell count of 2.6

A: Antibiotics can mess around with things, so if you''ve been on them, that may be a cause. I''ve not experianced it personally, but there was a study done, that I took part in back when I was about 7. I''m not sure what they outcome of it was, but there was a theory that people with CF had either too many or too little high blood cells, depending on certain things. I know it''s easy to say than it is to do. But try not to panic about what it could and couldn''t be, you''ll only end up feeling worse. Hopefully your appointment with the haemotologist can give you some answers to what it could be and that it turns out to be a 1000 times better than what you are expecting. Sorry I can''t be of anymore help with this.  Wishing you all the...


Has anyone been told by the Dr. that they have an Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA) in their blood with a low white cell count as well?

A: RA can have ANA but you would also test pos. for RF (rheumatoid factor). ana is a very general blood test--it doesn''t tell specifically what is the cause, it just shows there has been inflammation in your body recently. it can be elevated for up to a month (I think) after any type of infection--including a cold/flu type infection. CRP and ESR are more tests that show inflammation. Auto-immune is probably what it is. Maybe mixed connective tissue disorder? it has symptoms of both lupus and RA....
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