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Is it normal to have severe lower back pain after having both hips totally replaced?

A: 22 Nov 2011 Hey Jaimelyn, I had to look up your problem. It is called avascular necrosis, and it means that the joint was being eaten away for whatever reason, yours both hip joints, so they replaced them. There have been hip replacement joints that have been recalled, so if you know the name of your hip replacement, look it up! If you don''t know the name, call your surgeon and ask. You have that right. If your hip replacement joint has not been recalled, I would again contact your surgeon..make an appointment, not the phone, and DEMAND to know why you are in such pain. You might need a second opinion as your surgeon might have screwed up, but you have a right to know why you are in such pain. I wish that I could help further, but you...


lower back pain lower back shoulder pain

A: Most likely it''s just muscular pain - but have you seen your doctor?  In some cases there are other internal problems that can cause back or shoulder pain, depending on what side it''s on and what area of the back it is, so it''s important that you get a physical exam from your doctor, to rule out other more serious, non-muscular causes of back and shoulder pain. Good luck!  3 small fatty tumors on the lower back could be due to pain at right testical. weal errection. or you can say dead. i may have experienced or taken some infection

What''s the best way to relieve lower back pain resulting from a poor mattress?

A: There are many ways to relieve lower back pain caused by your poor mattress. One of the ways is to either lie on your back and place your pillow beneath your knees or you place you bend your hips and knees on a chair with a pillow beneath it, in this position you are keeping the heaviness from your back. This should be done for a period of at least 2 days, to relieve your back. As someone who has for years experienced chronic back pain no matter what mattress was used, I have found that sleeping with a body pillow to lean the front part of the body against and having a thick 2 to 3 inch...


What Are the Best lower back pain Remedies?

A: lower back pain remedies depend on the cause of the lower back pain. In many cases, lower back pain is due to poor posture, though other causes may include sciatica, an injury, a herniated disc, a strained muscle, or overuse. The best lower back pain remedies will address the cause of the problem, which means a proper diagnosis is necessary. If the pain is severe, chronic, or long-lasting, it may be necessary to see a doctor before attempting any remedies. In many cases,...


What Are the Different Kinds of lower back pain Therapy?

A: lower back pain therapy often focuses on controlling the severity of the condition through the use of painkilling medication because acute back problems sometimes disappear relatively quickly. If the discomfort doesn’t go away after a few weeks, or if the patient has chronic lower back pain, other treatments may be required. Some of the different kinds of lower back pain therapy include physical therapy, massage, spinal manipulations and acupuncture. A person with chronic back


What are Some lower back pain Exercises?

A: The causes of lower back pain can be as varied as the number of people experiencing the pain. Whether back pain is abnormal or severe, a visit to a doctor is always advisable before beginning any kind of self-prescribed treatment program using these lower back pain exercises. Also, keep in mind that simple cardiovascular activities such as walking, swimming or bicycling for 20 to 30 minutes a day can help to alleviate pain as well. Two simple lower back pain exercises...


What Is the Best Treatment for lower back pain?

A: Effectively treating lower back pain requires identifying the origin of the discomfort, correcting the underlying cause, and finding ways to minimize the symptoms. Because the pain may be due to a back injury or some time of muscle strain, it is important to determine exactly what is causing the pain and treat it accordingly. Most incidences of minor pain in the lower back can be treated at home, while acute back pain often requires the help of a trained physician. When the lower


Is There a Cure for lower back pain?

A: lower back pain can be caused by a variety of conditions, so the treatment for different types of pain can certainly lead to a some sort of a cure. Some pains, however, are a result of a lasting condition, and in these cases, there is no cure for lower back pain. Most causes of lower back pain can be treated in some manner, however, to alleviate pain and ensure the ability to maintain day to day routines. The success or failure of back pain...


I have severe lower back pain,will medrol help my condition?

A: Hi Don, Medrol is a corticosteroid and it is used to treat inflammation and pain symptoms. I don''t think this is going to take care of your lower back pain- it may give you some relief temporarily. You said that you have severe lower back pain- have you had an x-ray or an MRI? If you have pain going into the leg/ numbness & tingling or weakness a lumbar MRI is going to show if there is anything going on at the disc level.Finally, have you tried other types of treatment for this lower back pain? Additional...

What is lower back pain?

A: lower back pain is described as discomfort that occurs anywhere between the top of a person''s legs and the bottom of his ribs, at the back of the body. The lower back is a frequent location of pain, as it is responsible for bearing the majority of a person''s weight. Additionally, the lower back is used when lifting, reaching for things, and twisting, and many people don''t practice good body mechanics when doing these things. As such, this area is frequently injured. Fortunately, most cases of back pain fade within...
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