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How do you lower your cholesterol level?

A: I saw a show on T.V, the other week, and they did an experiment, to lower choleserol. This isn''t a joke, either. They tested a weight lifter, who ate 18 eggs, a day, and his choleterol was as low as. They gave a guy with high cholesterol 4 eggs a day, for 2 weeks, and his levels dropped by 30%. Apparently, the cholesterol, in eggs, is the good kind, and will lower your levels. your doctor can give you pills to lower it or drastically change your diet. a lot more vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. You can change your diet...


How to lower High cholesterol levels

A: What Is cholesterol? cholesterol can be defined as follows: - cholesterol is a fat-like and waxy substance, produced by the liver. - It has its place and function in the human body and system and too much of it puts your health at risk. - cholesterol forms part of every cell within the body. - When the cholesterol level is appropriate, all is well - It plays a life-giving role in many functions of the body. - When cholesterol is at a good level, you are healthy and in top shape - It works to build and repair cells - It produces hormones such as estrogen and testosterone - Produces bile acids which are proven...


What are some foods that can lower your cholesterol?

A: What kills Americans most? Heart disease. It’s the No.1 cause of death in this country. You can lower your chances of getting heart disease. One way is to choose foods carefully. For a healthy heart, eat: less fat less sodium fewer calories more fiber. Eat less Fat Some fats are more likely to cause heart disease—saturated fats and trans fats. These fats are usually found in foods from animals, such as meat, milk, cheese, and butter. They also are found in foods with palm and coconut oils. Eat less of these foods. Eat less Sodium Eating less sodium can help lower some people’s blood pressure. This can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Sodium is something we need in our diets, but most of us eat too much of it....


How can I lower my cholesterol level quickly?

A: Get yourself some oatbran fast! Exercise can help. Also reduce your fat intake. @SpatzieLover How od you use the oatbran? Sprinkle it on food? The pizza is definitely contributing to you cholesterol problem. these three sites offer great suggestions Oat bran for breakfast is tasty. Oat fiber can be added to foods also and can be found at most health stores. You will need at least 3 grams of oat fiber per day to reduce your cholesterol, though I''d personally aim for 10gms if this were a problem for me. Eliminate your saturated fat intake if you can during this time. Increase your fruits and vegetable intake (the fiber...


Will a pill really lower your cholestoral levels?

A: Yes! Statins, (crestor, liptior etc) do work very well. So does niacin (nicotinic acid) in pill form. Eating more fiber, especially soluble, works for a small decrease. yes it works for me Some people can''t tolerate statins or stuff like Crestor or Zetia at all. They get muscle damage - even damage to the heart. I''m not so sure that statins have been proven to work. I think it''s pharma-propaganda. If you change your diet around a bit to eat a lot more fiber, fish, fruits (careful of sugar so eat berries and cantelopes) and veggies, your cholesterol should drop naturally. Mine spiked badly after going on Atkins. Then I changed my diet and it went down to about 204. Last test it was 187 - but my triglycerides and...


What is good for lowering your cholesterol?

A: Try Bios Life from Unicity. It is patented and proven to work. A natural alternative to statin drugs. I eat totally healthy & love to exercise but both my parents have high cholesterol. So although I''m in my 30''s, my cholesterol was way too high - and there isn''t much in my lifestyle I can change to improve it. My doctor wanted me on Lipitor but instead I decided to try red wine. I drink a glass of red wine several nights a week. My cholesterol went down to normal. My father ate oatmeal, took Lipitor, etc etc etc & still struggles with high cholesterol. I think the wine is easier for me. Refrain from eating fried foods. Eat oatmeal (preferably steel-cut oats and old-fashioned),...


How can I lower my cholesterol level?

A: Have thyroid checked first. An underactive thyroid can cause high cholesterol. Eat oatmeal, drink a little grape juice or red wine. That''s a start. Eat cereals such as Cheerios and oatmeal Eat lots of fruits and veggies Cut way down on meats Cut out fried foods Cut out mayonnaise Cut out junk food and fast food Cut out chocolate Don''t use butter/margarine/oil Don''t drink whole milk (use skim or 1%) Skip desserts If you''re old enough (and not an alcoholic) drink a glass of red wine at night. If you are not on prescription cholesterol medicine, start taking Niacin (500 mg. 3 times a day). Be sure to take Motrin/Advil about 45 minutes before the Niacin--as when you start taking Niacin, it really burns you (called flushes--it feels like...


cholesterol Diet: A Low cholesterol Diet to lower your cholesterol

A: lower cholesterol with proper dietcholesterol Diet Related LinksAtkins dietcholesterol in eggs?What is cholesterol? If you want to lower cholesterol with food, you can try a low cholesterol diet. In fact, diet alonecan help reduce high cholesterol levels in the blood. But there is not a single diet plan that will work for every person. An appropriate diet should be developed by the patient and a registered dietitian based on medical history, previous dietary patterns, individual lifestyles, and personal preferences. In addition, each patient...


Is there really any proof that oatmeal lowers your cholesterol more than any other no cholesterol food?

A: I am with you that merely substituting other less healthy breakfast foods for oatmeal may be the operating element of lowering your cholesterol. I did find this snippet on the current school of thought regarding oatmeal…. “It is thought that the oat fibers in oatmeal mix with cholesterol in the small intestine, then bind to the cholesterol molecules and carry it out of the body—instead of it being absorbed into the blood. ”. I can’t stand the stuff but eat it anyway for the purported health benefits!. @Cruiser I just think it is more of an assumption that the mechanism works that way, rather than necessarily being fact. When I significantly


How to lower your cholesterol through food?

A: Advice to reduce cholesterol  cholesterol is a fat-related substance, which though essential for you, is very bad in excessive quantities. cholesterol is produced by your body naturally and helps in cell building and hormone production. It can also be found in foods that are of animal origin and it is recommended that you keep intake of such foods to a minimum. Serum cholesterol is in the blood stream and is further divided into high-density cholesterol (HDL) and low-density cholesterol (LDL). Ensure that you consume an adequate amount of HDL because it helps keep your arteries clean....
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