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What is Small Cell lung cancer?

A: Small cell lung cancer(SCLC) is one of two types of lung cancer, the other being non-small cell lung cancer. Small cell lung cancer, also known as oat-cell cancer or small cell carcinoma, is the result of cancer cells growing out of control in the lungs. SCLC is a very aggressive type of cancer, with cells that grow much faster than they do in other types of lung cancer, allowing the cancer to spread quickly. It is...

If I dont smoke at all, does that mean i will never get lung cancer?

A: no. dumb question. srs. no if you breathe next to a person who''s smoking that''s still smoking No u can get it from second hand smoke. If your around people who smoke all the time it''s going into your lungs as if your smoking. Sadly no, you can get lung cancer from second hand smoke, breahing in toxic chmicals, or from plain old air pollution. But, smoking will greatly increase your risk of lung cancer. Don''t smoke! You have cancerous cells right now. The only difference is that you body''s natural immune system destroys most cancerous cells before they become aggressive tumors. If you live long enough and aren''t...


What Are Symptoms Of lung cancer?

A: It would seem like lung cancer would be easy to catch and diagnose due to its symptoms, but this isnít always the case. Roughly 25% of people with any type of lung cancer may not have any symptoms, and they donít know they have the condition unless theyíre tested for something else or until the cancer spreads further. Then cancer or a growth could be spotted on x-rays, for instance, and hopefully successful treatment could begin. The rest of the people who get lung cancer will have some symptoms they should bring to a doctorís attention immediately. Even though lung

What Is Involved in Using Radiation for lung cancer?

A: lung cancer treatment using radiation involves aiming an x-ray beam directly at the tumor in medical sessions over a period of time. High-energy x-ray beams shrink cancerous tumors that could spread before surgery, and are effective after surgery to destroy any remaining cancer cells. Radiation for lung cancer is also used to kill cancer that has spread to the brain or other areas of the body. Radiation therapy works on cancerous tumors that can be reached by an x-ray beam when surgery is risky. A modern technique, called conformal radiation therapy, targets the tumor through a 3-D image from...


My mom was just diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic small cell lung cancer. What should I expect?

A: sorry to hear of your mother. Each persons body responds differently. If she is a stage 4 sadly she has very little time. Reverting back to childlike behavior or childhood memories is a sign of her heading on towards a better place. Being in good spirits is a great sign of peace for herself. My advice to you is to spend every minute you can with her. This must be a very difficult time for you. You can help your Mom through this process. You have already contacted hospice and done what needs to be done. Now you need to spend as much time as you can with her. If she has tumor in her brain than that would explain her behavior. Just love her. You don''t need to correct her. Eventually she might not recognize you . . but hopefully she will respond to your love and patience. There are a few...


lung cancer (NON-SMOKER)

A: About 90% of all lung cancers are due to smoking so 10% are not. Those not associated with smoking are mostly adenocarcinomas while the smoking associated cancers are mostly squamous cell cancers. Before smoking (mainly by cigarettes) was common adenocarcinomas were the most common lung cancers. Today the most common lung cancers by far are squamous cell cancers. Since almost all lung cancer cases die of their illness this also means that almost 90% of all lung

Can lung cancer be prevented?

A: My dadís oncologist pointed me to cancer.gov, which offers really helpful information about how lung cancer can be prevented. The link he gave me is for small-cell lung cancer . If you scroll down a bit on the page, youíll find it says smoking is the primary cause. Other risk factors are exposure to secondhand smoke, asbestos, or radon. All of those are things you can avoid or try to limit your exposure to. Hereís a link on the same site to info about how to prevent non-small cell lung cancer; the causes seem pretty similar. Itís commonly known that smoking causes about 90% of lung


Is there a treatment for lung cancer?

A: Chemotherapy kills both the good and bad cells - unfortunately the medical world haven''t progressed enough to be so selective to kill only the cancerous cells. Depending on the stage of the lung cancer and the state of immune system of the patient, and the particular treatment regime, the outcomes varies. The best one can hope for is that the chemotherapy will kill all of the cancerous cells and minimal good cells - then the patient just takes care to recuperate and let the immune system recover. Pray... at a time like this, one is really in God''s hands. Treatment for lung cancer depends on the cancer''s specific...


lung cancer. What can you eat to make a difference?

A: Charcoal grilled meats would be good. Please tell your friend to drink green tea as much as he can. There have been numerous studies that say green tea aids in either shrinking or at least stabilizing the cancer cells. Is it an option for him to have a partial removal of the cancerous cells in his lungs? My aunt has lung cancer- was diagnosed about 5 years ago and she is still alive and doing fairly well. Well . . maybe at this point you should concentrate on what he will eat and enjoy eating. When my son''s stomach was filled with tumors he could eat barely a tablespoon of food before feeling full. We quickly learned that calories were the most important meal . ....


Vitamin D and lung cancer?

A: Vit D''s only proven use is to aid in the mineralization of bones & reabsorption of calcium & phosphorous in the intestine. Your mom''s friend may be preventing osteomalcia & osteoporosis, but certainly not cancer. Be wary that Vit D is fat-soluble so taking too much can raise the amount of calcium in the blood which may, among other things, cause kidney stones - I can assure you that you want to avoid these if possible. she needs to quit yesterday. vitamin d won''t do it. read the book sugars that heal and the information on my page. Getting too much of either vitamin A or D can be very unhealthy, even fatal. Sounds like she is in denial about the bad effects of tobacco. Getting enough vitamin D (search) may be a matter of life or death. A provocative...

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