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Can I have MS with no lesions?

A: Hi leydengs, and welcome to the forum! I''m so very sorry you''re going through this.....but I hope that you''ll feel some sort of comfort knowing that you''re definitely not alone. Many on this forum are also in diagnostic limbo. Unfortunately this is the way of autoimmune diseases. There are so many AI diseases out there that can cause similar symptoms, and getting a firm diagnosis can be a journey lasting through many years (and many different doctors!). Of course MS is the prime suspect for causing symptoms like yours, but please don''t neglect any of the other possibilities. I myself have every one of your symptoms. And all of my MRIs have been clean. As it...


Mental Confusion, Metallic taste. Can it be Thyroid problrm?

A: What kind of testing have you had done? The stomach problems need to be addressed by a Gastro doctor. You may have a sugar problems. Get a A1c test done. The hearing and vision issue problems could be migranes. the new remedies out there now to help people like us. I''ve learned a lot through the years and I can help speed your healing process if you need help with your other issues. [url]Somebody said... I apologize for messing up the format, I tried to straighten it out, but clicked the wrong button! Need help, lymes is killing me, on antibiotics for 6 weeks, going to neuro on monday.I''m having etreme mood swings, very depressed at times, just want to feel good again. I also have appointment with infectious disease dr. nov 3. Is there...


low tsh score & with high antibodies ??

A: Have you been tested for lyme disease?? Just asking as symptoms can mimic and so many have undiagnosed lyme. My thyroid levels tested OK for years when I suspected I had a problem so nothing was ever done about it After I went to a lyme literate doctor he retested me for thyroid which showed my antibody levels were high indicating Hashimotos thyroiditis. When you body attacks it''s own thyroid. You did say you felt "under attack"!!!!!Most PC doctors do not know the proper tests and levels to test for. You need a GOOD enocrinologist if you don''t already have one. My lyme doctor has been prescribing my meds. My endo did not...


New here, not sure if I should be

A: To me it sounds like classic lyme symptoms, however, you do present symptoms of lymphoms. Not to worry though. lyme symptoms are similar to lymphoma symptoms and you have been diagnosed with lyme. You should see how you are after the IV meds. Good luck!!! Deb Thank you for the reply. That is what I was thinking also. I do not feel like having another test done. I have already had so many at this point. Even have some brain issues now because of the lyme (showed up on MRI). Just hard to know since every doctor I see leads me in another direction. Are you familiar with CD-57?...


My daughter has been running a fever and severe headache for months now. had several test run to no avail.help

A: In response to some of the suggestions: -Mono: Anytime somebody under the age of 25 walks into a healthcare facility complaining of fatigue will warrant a nurse to stick that poor person in the arm for monospot test. -Dehydration: Not likely because it doesn''t explain the fever nor the fatigue. Persons suffering from dehydration experience fainting and dizziness. These are short term and are unrelated to fatigue. But, it doesn''t hurt to make sure she is drinking enough water and replenishing her electrolytes. -Hypokalemia: A routine blood test would have shown this. After multiple the visits to the hospital, a doctor should have noticed if this was anything other than normal. -Hypoparathyroidism and Hypocalcemia: One causes the other. The only symptom that matches is the leg cramps. ...


Are Antidepressants your answer to inproving CFS

A: My personal experiences with antidepressants has been horrible...nightmarish actually. For whatever reason, I''m extremely sensitive to them and they cause me to have extreme overreactions. I get symptoms of what''s known as ''serotonin syndrome'' when I try any of them even at the smallest possible doses. Bouts of extreme anxiety, panic, irritability, rage, depression, and insomnia usually result. Therefore, I stay as far away from them as possible. Of course, I know my situation is quite unique. Although I''ve spoken to a handful of people that experience what I do, most do not. Many people actually find them to be quite beneficial and can they bring about a much higher quality of life. So, it''s an individual thing...especially for us CFS sufferers who all...


New here - Do I have Lupus?

A: Did the doc''s test the entire Lupus panel or just the ANA what about other auto diseases? Have you seen a rheumi? Have you been tested for lyme? When all auto tests come up neg. it is a good idea to be tested for lyme, it mimics Lupus and others and all the symptoms that you mentioned are related to lyme. Go on the lyme board and post your concerns and read the symptoms list. Don''t let the doc''s tell you that lyme doesn''t exist in Wash. I was born in Pasco, and have a friend in Kennewick and a friend in Moses Lake that got lyme disease. I...


Miserable and still not sure what I have

A: SK, Wow, I am so sorry you are feeling this bad and not getting either complete relief from your doctors'' recommended treatments or support from your loved ones. You do sound very intelligent and thorough, plus you are doing your research and very actively searching for treatments and cures; I am confident that that will bring you back to good health in time. I am glad you posted. There are many people here who are going through what you are and others who, like you, are not getting a definitive diagnosis. I''m sure they will be able to share helpful perspectives. Please keep us posted on your progress! Thank you, I will! I''m going to get the Igenex test redone, probably this week. I know that you can get a false positive on it if you have EBV, so now that I got my viral levels down,...


Something most certainly wrong

A: Hi Melneedshelp. Flu-like symptoms in the summer should be suspect of lyme disease. lyme disease is a mutli-system bacterial infection caused from the bite of an infected tick. Below is a lyme symptom list. You can have any combination of symptoms. Unexplained fevers, sweats, chills, or flushing Unexplained weight change--loss or gain Fatigue, tiredness, poor stamina Unexplained hair loss Swollen glands Sore throat Testicular pain/pelvic pain Unexplained menstrual irregularity Unexplained milk production: breast pain Irritable bladder or bladder dysfunction Sexual dysfunction or loss of libido Upset stomach Change...


Hansa Center, GWB/daisyrlb - Part 2

A: I believe sharing your journey will help others as when I share my own journey with Dr. J''s protocol it helped and continues to help many which gives me great joy! Denise, Actually, had I never met you on this forum, and had you never told me about the Jernigan protocol, this thread would have never been started in the first place. So, consider this as much your thread as it is mine. I seriously doubt I''d be alive today had you not told me of this protocol. Also, your encouraging emails made all the difference in the world to me. I can''t count the times you wrote to me saying, "patience, patience, patience". As you no doubt came to learn about me, patience is not one of my finer virtues. Thanks for making a difference in my life, and the lives of many others, as a...

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