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Could I have lyme disease?

A: Hi, Paula... This is an addition to my first msg which I forgot to address...you said your gp tested you for lyme. The tests for lyme are notorious for yielding false negatives. lyme is ultimately a clinical diagnosis based on symptoms and bite history (if the patient recalls one.) A lyme specialist will treat you regardless of the test results. You would also be tested for co-infections which is critical for anyone who suspects he/she may have lyme disease. With the tick bite and that compilation of symptoms, it certainly sounds like you could have lyme

can this be lymes disease?

A: Hi, Nichole... Your story sounds a lot like mine. Possible MS was my first maybe diagnosis. I had several neurological symptoms of MS, like you, but some of the symptoms I had were not indicative of MS. I even had some brain lesions but would later learn that 15% of people with lyme disease has lesions. It would be two long years before I"d figure it all out from the time this all started. The tests for lyme are very unreliable. This bacteria can evade detection in BOTH blood and spinal fluid. I don"t put a whole lot of faith in the testing process. lyme is ultimately a clinical diagnosis based on symptoms and...

Multiple Bullseye Rashes - lyme disease?

A: HI, Keri.... From what you just described to me, I definitely believe that you have lyme disease.  The ticks that cause it are as small as the period at the end of this sentence.  Also, any blood-sucking insect can carry the bacteria. This includes, mosquitoes, fleas, spiders, etc.  So, you could have gotten multiple mosquito bites which would not be unusual.   The throat spasm you described is one of the symptoms that I had and I could only describe it as horrifying. It is one of the many symptoms of lyme disease as are the swollen glands. If I were you, I"d find a lyme specialist ASAP....

How likely is a person bit by a tick to get lyme disease?

A: Hi, Rusell.... You are wise to question lyme disease after the experiences you just described. The length of time a tick is on you doesn"t have any bearing on whether it transmits lyme disease or not.  In a clinical (laboratory) setting, the transmission time is supposedly 36 hours, however, that doesn"t take into account human activity.  This includes sitting, restrictive clothing, sleeping, etc.  All of these activities cause the tick to inject the cesspool of bacteria and parasites into your bloodstream. The fact that you were bitten by 3 ticks certainly increases your chances of getting lyme disease and any of its...

Unusual way to get lyme disease

A: Hi, Joanne... When it comes to lyme, I"ve learned NOT to dismiss anything as a possibility. If both girls are in their 20"s and have lyme, there have been plenty of opportunities in their lives to contract lyme. You didn"t indicate if they have been experiencing symptoms since infancy. People get bitten by insects all the time and the bites go unnoticed so this could have happened to both of them. Besides ticks, mosquitoes, fleas and other blood-sucking insects can carry this bacteria. I really have no idea how I got it as I work in an office all day, do not recall a bite, did not get a rash or flu-like illness. I was just blind-sided by bizarre symptoms...

lyme disease in toddlers

A: Hi, Bonnie... I"ll follow this up with a symptoms list. The symptoms are many and your child certainly is not old enough to verbalize them so it"s hard to tell what he/she may be going through. The long range symptms of untreated lyme disease are serious. They can be severe mental problems, neurological problems, heart problems or all of those. Not treating it is not an option. The longer it is left untreated, the more severe the symptoms become and the more difficult it is to treat. Besides lyme, there are co-infections that can be transmitted. These can have many of lyme"s same

Do I got lyme disease?

A: Hi, Maggie... If I were you, I would definitely seek out a lyme specialist.  Not only could you have lyme disease, but you are also at risk of having one or more of the co-infections if you were bitten by something, and it sounds like you were.  A family doctor or any other type of doctor other than a lyme specialist cannot make these diagnoses, take it from me. I had heart palpitations a LOT when I had lyme and even ended up in the ER one time.  They put a 24-hr heart monitor on me but nothing happened so they dismissed it as stress, although I knew that it wasn"t. You don"t have to recall being bitten by anything.  I don"t recall a bite...

lyme disease & Toxoplasmosis

A: Hi, Stephanie... No, toxoplasmosis & lyme disease don"t normally come as a "set."  Toxoplamosis is a parasite contracted from cat feces, undercooked meat and some other sources. lyme is a bacteria contracted from a tick, mosquito, or flea. I copied the following from the Centers for disease Control website for your benefit and the benefit of anyone else who comes across this: What is toxoplasmosis? A single-celled parasite called Toxoplasma gondii causes a disease known as toxoplasmosis. While the parasite is found throughout the world, more than 60 million people in the United States may be infected with the Toxoplasma parasite. Of those who are...

lyme disease- Should I get a test and how much is it?

A: Hi, Erin.... You list many of the symptoms I had and it just infuriates me that anyone--doctor or otherwise--would not take these symptoms seriously.  I saw 14 doctors in a two-year period and most of them couldn"t get me out of their offices fast enough with a prescription for Zoloft in my hand.  One top neurologist I went to see at a large university hospital had the audacity to insinuate that perhaps I was abused by my father as a child!!! Also,I ended up in the ER three times due to heart and breathing problems and always looked like a fool because they said it was "anxiety." So, I definitely see where you"re coming from, believe me. Let me start out by saying this.  You need to get on antibiotics ASAP.  Your...

lyme disease leading to other illnesses

A: Hi, Arline.... Just by what you have told me, the child has not seen a lyme specialist.  You don"t "wait for improvement" when you are treating lyme disease.   lyme disease specialists typically treat two months beyond the CESSATION of symptoms. If the child is still having symptoms, that is a clear indication of active lyme or perhaps a co-infection with another micro-organism. As far as being contagious, it is theorized that it IS contagious among humans living in the same household. After all, it is a bacteria.  There have been experiments done with dogs that have...
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