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What is lyme disease?

A: lyme disease is a tick-borne disease that affects several thousand people every year. lyme disease commonly advances in three stages, with ultimate symptoms causing brain damage. The disease can be prevented and treated, with extremely high degrees of success.. lyme disease is passed on to people by the Ixodes tick, which can be identified by its signature black legs and is found primarily in a handful of states in the U.S., including Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin. Cases of


lyme disease and bruising

A: Hi, Karen.... It COULD be lyme disease or it could be one of the co-infections.  lyme disease can cause platelet problems which would result in bruising and so can some of the other micro-organisms that can be transmitted along with lyme. Here"s an example of what Erhlichiosis can do (I copied and pasted it from another site. It mentions decreased platelet cound under signs and tests): Erhlichiosis is an infectious disease transmitted by the bite of a tick. Causes, incidence, and risk factors: Ehrlichiosis is a disease caused by Ehrlichia organisms. It was first described in 1990. The two specific...

lyme disease false negative? What can we do?

A: Hi, Herschel.... Your story is so sad and, unfortunately, very typical of someone with lyme disease due to the ignorance of the medical community about it. I believe I can offer some helpful suggestions. You are right. CDC standards are too rigid and for this reason, only a small fraction of lyme cases is reported. lyme can totally evade detection in both blood and spinal fluid. Your only recourse is to find a lyme specialist. He/she will treat your wife regardless of the test results. lyme specialists treat outside the guidelines for lyme. Your wife could also be infected with one or more of the...

lyme disease or fibromyalgia?

A: Hi, Erica.... In my opinion, you do not have fibromyalgia.  The symptoms you listed are hallmark symptoms of lyme disease and possibly one or more of the co-infections.  Babesiosis, in particular, is notorious for causing fatigue.  With the history of a tick bite and what you described there isn"t much doubt in my mind.  Doctors (other than lyme specialists) don"t know a whole lot about lyme and its co-infections. There is NO test that definitively tells whether a person has lyme disease or not.  The tests are too unreliable. It can evade detection in both blood...

Are their diferant types of lyme disease?

A: there are different and its very very bad to get. its uncurable. you should research it..wikipedia.com i don''t think so, i think there different stages of it try looking it up @ www.webmd.com they are really great for things like that good luck There are no different types, but symptoms varie from person to person. THis is sort of a tricky question to answer because the term "lyme disease" is only really used in the United States (& Canada). It''s known as LB in Europe & similar terms in other locales around the Northern hemisphere. There are several geno-species of the borrelia ("Borrelia Burgdorferi") that result in lyme infection. 3 well-known ones are:...


lyme disease or Lupus?

A: Hi, Nahjla... To answer your question...yes, lyme is frequently misdiagnosed as Lupus. And, I guess that could work in reverse, too, but in my opinion, that would be less unlikely. Both diseases share many of the same symptoms. Along with the symptoms, one of the blood tests used to diagnose Lupus is called ANA (anti-nuclear antibioties). If this is elevated, then the physician automatically assumes that the patient has Lupus. However, lyme can also cause the ANA to be elevated which often results in misdiagnoses.   If you do have lyme and that is causing your extreme pain, then the dosage of doxy is certainly not enough to treat...

What Should I Expect After a lyme disease Diagnosis?

A: lyme disease diagnosis may occur when people first get ill, or later on, and the disease occurs generally after a person is bitten with a lyme-infected tick. Those who are initially infected do not necessarily have immediate or noticed aspects of the disease, though most do. In particular, the bullís-eye rash that follows a tick bite is a good indication, and many people find ticks attached to them and have them tested for lyme disease so they will know to get treatment if a tick tests positive. As lyme disease progresses, symptoms usually...

What Are the Most Common lyme disease Effects?

A: lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is transmitted to the body through the bite of certain types of ticks. When discussing the most common lyme disease effects, itís important to note each person getting this disease may have slightly different reactions. The presence or lack of presence of a symptom doesnít indicate wellness or illness, and those who think they have this condition should always seek medical attention. In early stages, many people are able to suspect they have or will get this condition if they remove a lyme tick from the body. Those people leaving in areas where the illness is common should have the tick analyzed for...

If you contract lymes disease is the joint pain most likely to be near the site of the bite or all over? And, can you get it without ever having a fever?

A: The bite was just over three weeks ago. It can be anywhere, with most is starts in the peripheral joints. @DarkScribe I know you can take doxicycline when it is a new bite, do you know if you have to take it within a few days? Few Weeks? When is it too late? Have your friend go to a doctor or clinic and get tested! There are many other symptoms and effects. The fact that she has “removed” ticks before may mean that she missed the tiniest. Joint pain is only one of the symptoms. I am not a doctor but have had several friend and relatives effected by tick bites. It will only get worse if untreated and the possible consequences of long-term lyme disease are nothing to mess around...


Can a bullseye rash be attributed to anything other than lyme disease?

A: If you live in tick country and have noticed the very distinctive bullseye rash, I would assume lyme or at least a trip to Doc''s for prophylactic antibiotic. I have only seen the lyme bull''s eye – it is certainly hard-to-miss, but IANA doctor. Nasty photos are all lyme or lyme-related. I picked both a crawling lyme tick and a horribly embedded and engorged one from my cat the day I was supposed to apply a new app of Frontline. The ticks are nasty and sneaky and hardy little buggers. There are several other tick-related diseases; all bad. Ehrlichiosis Rocky Mountain spotted fever Babesiosis The area I live in isn''t a known ‘hot...

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