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Do i have lyme disease? please help!!?

A: ok, when you got ticks on you, did u go into the woods? if you did thats why. always wear a hat when you go in the woods or if you go hiking. and maybe your neck is hurting because the way you slept on it. but to feel more sacure, i would go see a doctor. but knock on wood it isnt lyme disease. Go to your doctor NOW. PLEASE. Possible ... call "ask a nurse" at your local hospital or call your doctor''s office and explain to them what you stated here. It may be something else so get it checked out. http://www.lymediseaseassociation.org/SymptomList.doc check here hm. well you could always look up the symptoms of lyme


lymes disease continued... thanks carol

A: Hi,Tara.... Glad I could help you out. I saw the show on Discovery, too. It was pretty interesting and, unfortunately, very typical of many, many people that have lyme disease. The doctor that spoke on the show spoke at a conference I went to two years ago and I really liked him. To answer your question, there is NO test that definitely tells whether you have lyme or not. It can evade detection in BOTH blood and spinal fluid. Diagnosis is made by history of symptoms and exclusion of other diseases, so if you test negative, a lyme specialist will treat you with antibiotics. If you improve, he will keep treating. That tells him he"s on the...

lyme disease?

A: never heard of that desease I did a report on this.... I donīt remember that much but in about 2 weeks if in the early stage. But if its in the later stage about a months. lyme disease is an inflammatory arthritis caused by ticks.It usually is preceded by a pinkish rash.The tick carries a bacteria belonging to the group known as spirochaetes. The disease was first described in lyme, Connecticut. There can be occasional complications involving the brain, eye and the heart. A serological diagnosis should be made and the treatment is with Penicillins or tetracyclines. This is a rare disease and it is better to obtain serological proof that the


How long does it take a tick infected with lyme disease to transmit the disease?

A: not long just the bite can be enough Depends on the species of tick. The deer tick can transmit within 24 hrs. If you find an engorged deer tick on you you are in trouble! Lone Star ticks which are common in the Southeastern states and moving on up north can transmit lyme & several types of Erhlichia in less than 2 hours. Those guys do not engorge either. They just quickly clamp on and start feasting. People have saved themselves from lyme by removing the tick correctly and cleaning the bite area immediately with lots of alcohol and then Neosporin on it for several days. as long as it takes the tick to bite you. The Yellow Belly Tick...yea, I know all about it. It can bite and you can start feeling aches and pain within 48 hours is...


What Are the Pros and Cons of Taking Doxycycline for lyme disease?

A: Taking doxycycline for lyme disease is overall a highly beneficial treatment. If the drug is given to a patient within 72 hours of the initial tick bite that causes lyme disease, it has been shown to prevent the development of the disease. The only time it is not suitable to use doxycycline for lyme disease is when the patient exhibits nerve damage as a result of the disease. The common side effects associated with doxycycline include diarrhea, sore mouth and itching of the rectum or vagina. lyme disease is caused by a tick bite, and it...


Can it be lyme disease?

A: The first thing that came to mind when I read your question was lyme disease. lyme disease was named in 1977 when arthritis was observed in a cluster of children in and around lyme, Connecticut. Other clinical symptoms and environmental conditions suggested that this was an infectious disease, probably transmitted by an insect (an arthropod). Further investigation revealed that lyme disease is caused by the bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi. These bacteria are transmitted to humans by the bite of infected deer ticks and cause more than 16,000 infections in the United...

What Does a lyme disease Rash Look Like?

A: lyme disease is an illness caused when humans are exposed to bacteria carried by certain kinds of ticks, principally deer ticks. It can have a variety of symptoms including flulike symptoms initially. When the disease is untreated these can later progress to arthritic conditions in a variety of the joints, mood changes, and deterioration of muscle function. Another symptom that may be associated with this illness is the lyme disease rash. Though this isn’t present in all people who get the condition, it can be something to watch for and is a good indication of infection. Being able to recognize

I was bitten by a tick. Am I going to get lyme disease?

A: i don''t think that everyone who has ever been bitten by a tick has gotten lymes You might. What part of the country are you in? Yep, you''re dead. If you are worried, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. I know that there is a certain way to get a tick out of your skin to lessen your chances of getting infected. You should ensure that you did it properly. You may also want to search the web for symptoms of lyme disease and be on the lookout for these symptoms just in case. My younger cousin had lyme disease many years ago when it first surfaced. He almost died. It''s a serious thing, so please don''t take it...


How do you visually detect if a tick bite has caused lyme disease infection?

A: The real Dx is not made visually. Go to a licensed provider. You can''t always visually detect it. I''ve had both lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (I like the outdoors and we live in the woods). When I had lyme disease, there was a red bulls eye mark around the bite. However, I have known people to get the disease without the rash, so you can''t always be sure. Two major symptoms I had with both diseases were headaches and fatigue. If you even suspect you may have it, go to the doctor and get it tested. Do not wait around...things can get pretty bad. There''s a Bullseye around the bite. A huge red rash...


affects of lyme disease

A: Hi, Morgan...I can"t say specifically whether or not lyme caused your gall stones but I can make a general statement.  If lyme goes UNdiagnosed and UNtreated, it can invade every organ in the body and impose havoc with every system in the body.   But, the sad thing is the mainstream medical community is not aware of this and/or refuses to believe it. Each and every one of your symptoms is on that symptoms list and, no, it"s not too many.  The fact that you have so many suggests that you could have been infected for a long time. Another thing doctors do not know is that you can have a flaming, raging case of lyme
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