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Could it be lyme disease?

A: Hi, Peter... I would say that absolutely you lyme disease. Sounds like you have a touch of neuro-psychiatric lyme like my husband did, plus neurological lyme like I had. It can evade every system and organ in the body causing all types of bizarre diagnoses and test results like you"ve experienced. I, like you, struggled to function normally while hiding it and secretly preparing for my demise. I didn"t know what was wrong. You do not have to recall a bite nor have gotten the rash to have lyme. Also, the tests for it are very unreliable so you can have a flaming case of it and still have negative tests results. It can evade detection in both blood and spinal...

What is lyme disease?

A: lyme disease is actually a bacterial disease that is caused by a tick bite. The bacteria live inside the tick, and when they bite you, you become infected too. symptoms of lyme disease initially include a circular rash around the tick bite. This is a strange rash- it will look like a "bulls-eye", and disappear in a couple of days. Then, other symptoms will gradually appear, including fatigue, fever, and muscle pain. If detected early, the disease can be treated with antibiotics. However, since the symptoms can be mild and mimic a viral illness, many times it goes...


Is Headache The First Symptom Of lyme disease?

A: The first symptom of lyme disease is a rash at the site of the bite. Since you know you have been bitten, look closely for any reddening or irritation. While headaches are known as a symptom of lyme disease, headaches are also an everyday ailment. Very few tick bites lead to lyme disease. Headache is considered among one of the early symptoms of lyme disease. However, this is not conclusive since there are other causes of headache. The first symptom of lyme disease is a rash at the tick bite, usually is circular and...


lyme disease with Bell's Palsy

A: Hi, Linda... Unfortunately, what has happened to your son is typical of many, many people with lyme disease, including myself. I saw 14 doctors including 2 top neuros, one infectious disease doctor and three trips to the ER due to the severity of my symptoms. I"m the one that figured it all out after 2 years. The fact that he had had a negative test which is entirely possible with lyme is also typical. Doctors, other than lyme specialists, will not treat a patient with a negative test result.  That bacteria can evade detection in BOTH blood and spinal fluid but you will not convince the doctors of this fact. He needs to find a...

What Is a lyme disease Test?

A: A lyme disease test is administered to detect the presence of lyme disease in the blood. lyme disease is caused by bacteria transmitted through the bite of certain kinds of ticks. A test is necessary when symptoms of the disease are exhibited, including inflammation of the skin, an expanding rash, headache, fever and malaise. Because these symptoms are so similar to those of other diseases, diagnosis can be difficult without specialized tests. There are five different types of lyme disease tests...

Is lyme disease a virus or bacteria?

A: lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and is transmitted to humans by the bite of infected ticks most likely deer ticks but other ticks can give it too you. be very careful when in tall grass and wooded areas. if you feel flu like symtoms and have an odd rash (some people dont get the rash) see a doctor too treat it early otherwise it will be hard to treat and will need iv antibiotics. A virus that spreads from ticks. lyme disease, is a emerging infectious disease caused by bacteria from the Borrelia. lyme disease, or borreliosis, is an emerging infectious disease caused...


lyme disease - What is the standard treatment?

A: Hi chand2007, You can not mess about with lyme disease!!! This is serious stuff. Please find the BEST doctor in your area, and damn the cost. This disease can affect you for the rest of your life, so do not think about the money... if that is possible. Wishing you the best, sweetlemon lymes disease is treated with 3 weeks of antibiotic at least I was I will get symptoms now and again like a cold or muscle aches but 400. 00 is rape find a family doctor believe me they have all treated lymes and recurrant symptoms. I am so sorry you are getting a bunch of bull from doctors who are just out for...


Will You Have Elevated Monocytes With lyme disease?

A: elevated white blood cells signal infection, lyme disease qualifies as infection therefore, you will find elevated monocytes in lyme disease Having lyme disease could have an affect on your monocytes, however the only true diagnostic test would be through serological blood tests. A study should be conducted to see if your body is producing anti-bodies for the disease as well as additional physical exam findings. lyme''s is hard to diagnose, be vigilant and get a serological test to confirm. Elevated monocytes could mean several things. A person may have elevated monocytes due to the following...


How serious is lyme disease and can it be cured?

A: If the tick that bites a person is still attached to that personís skin for 48 hours or longer, Bacteria from the tickís bite can enter the personís bloodstream and therefore cause : * impaired memory * Facial palsy and neuropathy, or other neurological symptoms * Chronic joint inflammation * irregularities of the Heart beat lyme disease can be treated by the use of antibiotics, which could be oral or intravenous. The oral medication could include drugs like doxycycline, amoxicillin or cefuroxime . The best safety method is prevention, With some easy precautions, one can decrease his risk of having the disease. This can be done by : *using insect repellents *keep your pets away from...


New test for detecting lyme disease ó when is it available?

A: Dear Once bitten twice shy, You are correct that the VOVO LIPS method for detecting lyme disease appears to be the best yet. Based on research completed at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and reported in 2010, it seems to have the potential for outperforming other methods. However, it remains unclear when this test will become commercially available in the U.S. For one thing, the findings of the NIH researchers still require further validation in other labs; there are also concerns about the potential cost of the new test. LIPS stands for luciferase immunoprecipitation system and it is a method that has been used to diagnose a variety of infections. The method uses a synthetic protein called VOVO to detect

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