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Meningioma brain tumor answers (128)

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What Is a meningioma brain tumor?

A: A meningioma brain tumor is an abnormal growth which arises from the thin sheets of tissue, known as meninges, that enclose the spinal cord and brain. Usually, a meningioma is a benign tumor, meaning it is not cancerous and does not spread to other parts of the body. Occasionally, a meningioma can be a cancerous or malignant tumor, but this is very rare. In the early stages, a meningioma brain tumor may not cause any symptoms and no treatment may be required. If the brain


  should a bone plate be replaced after a meningioma brain tumor surgery?

A: Hi,The concerned surgeon would be the best person to advise regarding bone plate replacement. In children, wherebone growth is a concern, plates may have to be replaced, but in adults, such replacement may not benecessary, unless there are complications such as increased intra-cranial pressure or internal bleeding orinfection. Again, the treating doctor is the best person to advise. Hope this helps. Take care....


What Is Mass meningioma brain tumor How Did It Get There?

A: All i know is that i suffer from headheads for many many years and never had it check out you know money insurance till resently, went to a hospital that my doctor sent me  for a brain scan, and from there they discover something in my brain, so they order an mir, and there it was mass tumor around my brain  they told me i had to have it remove. Now am very scared  i dont know what to explect am i going to be ok or what they make it seem like it''s nothing....

Partial removal of a meningioma brain tumor

A: Hi Margaret and thank you for writing, Elderly people are more likely than younger patients to develop cognitive impairment as a result of taking medications. This reflects age- and disease-associated changes in brain neurochemistry and drug handling. Delirium (acute confusional state) is the cognitive disturbance most clearly associated with drug toxicity, but dementia has also been reported. The aetiology of cognitive impairment is commonly multifactorial, and it may be difficult to firmly establish a causal role for an individual medication. In studies of elderly hospital patients, drugs have been reported as the cause of delirium in 11 to 30% of cases. Medication toxicity occurs in 2 to 12% of patients presenting with suspected dementia. In some cases CNS...

I have MS, but also have a meningioma brain tumor. How do I know when it is causing me problems, and when it is MS? It was 1.4cm in Feb. of this year. Dr. at Cleveland Clinic diagnosing my MS said it should come out at 2cm. Any one know much on this issue?

A: Hello, First, I don''t think that the MS and meningioma have anything to do with each other. An MS attack should be very different from the effects of a slow growing benign tumor like meningioma. Although there are various types of MS attacks, the effects from the meningioma would be more predictable. Depending on where it is in the brain, it might cause a seizure, headache, weakness, or numbness. These symptoms would begin gradually and progress over weeks. Most doctors, at least neurologists would have no problem telling them apart. The timing of surgery for a meningioma varies greatly, depnding on such things as age of the patient, size of...


What Are the Different Types of brain tumors?

A: There are more than 100 types of brain tumors. The main categories are gliomas, metastatic tumors, pituitary tumors, primitive neuroectodermal tumors (PNET), and benign tumors such as meningiomas. These types of brain tumors are usually classified according to the types of cell in which they originated and the severity of the tumor.. Gliomas are the largest of the various types of brain tumors. Gliomas originate in the brainís supportive tissue, which is made up of glial...


Coma After meningioma brain surgery.

A: A meningioma is a benign tumor of the lining of the brain, not a tumor of the brain itself. Its treatment is entirely surgical. I"m not a neurosurgeon or a surgeon, I"m a medical oncologist and radiation therapist with experience of treating brain tumors. Your question is therefore outside my area of expertise here and should be directed to a neurosurgeon or to a neurologist. However your description of the situation does not look good. Has any recent CT or MRI scans of his brain been done (after this happened)?  ...

My 13 month old son just had a brain tumor removed from his head ,, need support!?

A: Keep yourself together as best you can and except help when offered. My son was that age when our our doctors discovered a heart condition, it took many appointments to figure out what it was exactly, the waiting was hard, then the doctors figured it out and it was monitored. When he was three, we were told he needed surgery. The waiting for surgery was tough but we were lucky enough to live somewhere with an excellent Children''s Hospital, we also had health insurance. I have to say it changed our lives, our family is much more thankful for what is good about our lives. I''m very thankful that my child had something that could be treated with surgery, he will need to have surgery again most likely if all that I''ve read is true but at least we live in a day and age where we can discover...


What Is the Connection Between brain tumors and Seizures?

A: brain tumors and seizures are connected because individuals with certain types of tumors often experience seizures. These seizures are the result of complications created by the tumor, but not all brain tumors have a high likelihood of causing seizures. Some result in a higher rate of seizures than others, and there are many different causes of seizures other than brain tumors.. Although sometimes connected, brain tumors and seizures are not always related. Seizures may be caused by a number of conditions, such as a


What Factors Affect a brain tumor Prognosis?

A: Patients diagnosed with a brain tumor can have widely varying life expectancies. A number of factors are important in determining a patient`s prognosis. First, the type of cancer present is very important, as different types of malignant growths have varying degrees of aggressiveness. The size and location of the tumor at the time of diagnosis are also important. Another relevant factor in brain tumor prognosis is whether the primary tumor has metastasized, or spread, to regions of the body far away from the brain.. One important factor that affects brain tumor...

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