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What Are the Different methods of abortion?

A: methods of abortion may vary depending on the stage of a woman’s pregnancy. In general, however, surgical abortion procedures include dilation and sharp curettage (D&C), vacuum aspiration, abdominal hysterectomy, dilation and evacuation, vaginal prostaglandin, and partial birth abortion. While these methods of abortion are routinely practiced, each may be accompanied by complications such as an adverse reaction to anesthesia, infection, irreversible damage to the female reproductive organs and infertility. Dilation and sharp curettage involves scraping the fetus out


which method of abortion?

A: Marjan, I"m sorry that you"re so worried, but you should really discuss these options with a doctor so that you understand more accurately what the risks of each option are. The more time you wait, you should know, the less choice you will have in the method of abortion you use.  Medical abortion (pills or an injection) is only available in the early part of pregnancy.  Depending on how far along you are, surgical abortion (either through vaccum aspiration or another method) eventually will become the only option. So act quickly to go to a clinic and talk this over with a professional counsellor who...

What Is The Method of abortion Also Known As ''Partial-birth abortion''?

A: 1. The cervix is partially dilated, (opened wider) to allow room for the foetus to be removed 2. The legs and lower body of the foetus are withdrawn from the uterus - the head remains inside the uterus. This is precisely where is where the term ''partial-birth'' comes from. 3. Surgical instruments are subsequently inserted through the dilated cervix, into the uterus, and into the foetus'' skull. 4. The brain material is removed. 5. Since the skull will now easily collapse without further cervical dilation, the rest of the foetus is withdrawn from the uterus....

What Are the Different Types of abortions?

A: There are many types of abortions, but the best method depends on the stage of pregnancy and the size of the fetus. The different types of abortions can be placed into two categories: medical and surgical. Medical surgeries are performed by consuming a prescription drug that causes the pregnant woman to have a miscarriage. This type of abortion is normally used when the patient had her last menstrual period less than seven weeks before. Surgical abortions are more common and must be performed when the pregnancy is too far along to effectively and safely use a...


What Are the Common Side Effects of abortion?

A: The physical side effects of abortion often vary depending on the method used. For example, taking a pill to end the pregnancy often results in vaginal bleeding, headaches, and vomiting, to name some of the most common issues. Surgical abortion may result in nausea and vomiting, as well, but also carries the risk of a negative reaction to anesthesia, along with damage to the cervix or uterus. On the other hand, both types of abortion may also come with emotional side effects, including depression and flashbacks. Most early pregnancies can be ended with the use


What Are the Consequences of abortion?

A: An abortion is a difficult process, both physically and emotionally, and the consequences of abortion can be far-reaching for the woman undergoing the procedure and others involved in the decision. The mother, and potentially the father, of the unborn fetus may experience mental anguish, and the mother may experience physical pain as a result of the abortion surgery. Consequences of abortion will vary on a case by case basis, as some people feel little or no consequences at all, but a woman taking part in an abortion surgery should expect both physical and mental...


confirmation of abortion

A: Hello again, abhaya, First, please know I am a woman. If you had a pill abortion at 3 weeks from your period, there is a good chance you weren"t pregnant to begin with, especially since you haven"t had any other symptoms. This means you took an unnecessary risk with your body. And a pill abortion wouldn"t work that early anyway. Taking powerful medications like that will cause your cycle to be irregular, so don"t be surprised. You should be able to take a pregnancy test now. And like I said, you would be too far along to use a pill abortion now anyway. As for other methods of abortion, they are very dangerous. I would never entrust you...

what do you think of abortion

A: Hi,I could not get your question completely. However, I?ll like to say that abortion can be done medicallythrough pills during early pregnancy or it could be done by suction & evacuation or dilatation &curettage. Most of these methods are quite safe & effective.I sincerely hope that helps. Take care....


abortion Pill, Aspiration Procedure, Early abortion methods, surgical abortion

A: Dear Erica, There are two early abortion methods that are safe and noninvasive: the abortion Pill, and the Aspiration abortion Procedure.  I recommend both of these methods over a surgical abortion.  The Aspiration abortion procedure is different from a surgical abortion because 1) there is no scraping; 2) there is no electric suction; 3) there is minimal discomfort so there is no need to be put to sleep; 4) there is immediate recovery; 5) it can me done in a private examination room, not an operaing room; 6) it is nonsurgical so you can eat and drink before...

Where to find private safe abortion methods, early abortion, abortion pill, aspiration procedure

A: Dear Beth, You are not alone - I see many women over 40 who seem to become more fertile, and are in this situation.  It is normal not to feel like you want to go through having another child at your age.  Unfortunately, most abortion services in this country are provided in abortion clinics.  It can be difficult to find a private environment for an early abortion.  If you are lucky enough to be near one of the doctors on Earlyabortion.com, these are the best private offices providing private nonsurgical abortion services.  If not, you can go to earlyoptionpill.com, or prochoice.org, or...
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