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middle ear infection or External?

A: That doesn''t sound external at all. Ringing is more a symptom of increased fluid and pressure behind the eardrum. And antibiotic drops won''t work on an internal infection unless there is a hole in the eardrum to allow the med to penetrate. May be time to head back to the doc…or a different doc. From a voice of experience, hie thee to an ENT specialist ASAP! I messed around with ear infections and having them treated by GPs until the infection went into my bone, and I had to have it scraped surgically. Also, my hearing is not the same in that ear. General rule of thumb for any


middle ear infections in Children?

A: I had ear infections all the time. My brother and I ended up having to get tubes put in our ears. We were rarely prescribed antibiotics. If children take too many antibiotics they end up become ineffective because they build up a resistance to them. Viruses end up becoming resistant to them and the child''s immune system is weakened because it never fights an infection on its own - the child does not naturally build up antibodies and will get ill everytime a virus or bacteria enters. Children are increasingly becoming more prone to small infections and many are unsuccessful at fighting them off because they are continuously overmedicated from a very


What Is A middle ear infection?

A: A middle ear infection known in medical terms as Otitis Media results from the blockage of the Eustachian tube which links the middle ear region that includes the eardrum to the back portion of the throat located behind the nasal cavity. The Eustachian tube whose main function is to maintain the ear pressure equal to that found externally and facilitate hearing as well as helping in draining the middle ear linings, gets blocked due to several reasons like a respiratory infection which leads to build up of mucous along...

How do middle ear infections affect the body?

A: middle ear infections occur when the Eustachian tube, which allows air to pass between the ear and the nasal passages, becomes obstructed. This allows viruses and bacteria to grow in the space behind the eardrum. The infection causes a fever, hearing problems, and increasing pain as it increases....


middle ear infection

A: Hi Joan, The answer to your question is yes.  The ear drum can perforate with such things as a severe ear infection, pressure changes or trauma.  If this occurs, dry ear precautions are best.  This means not allowing any water to enter that ear, especially  lake and ocean water....


I turned 20 years old in August. For as long as I can remeber I have been getting chronic middle ear infections. I actually have one right now. I usually get them about once a month. Sometimes they are caused by a cold, sometimes they just pop up out of nowhere. Often I will get strep throat along with the ear infection. They have gotten so bad I have had to check myself in the emergency room. In between my middle ear infections I have swimmers ear. I constantly have crust and fluid in my ear that smells foul and is sometimes so bad I dread putting my hair up. I know this is not normal. I have gone to see and ENT specialist and they really didn''t tell me much. Maybe I just did not ask the right questions. However I am asking you now what is wrong with my ears and what steps can I take towards making this problem better?

A: I would need to examine your ears to see what is wrong with them, but with your history it certainly sounds like something is going on that needs to be better treated. Chronic ear infections can sometimes be due to eardrum perforations or cysts in the ear called cholesteastoma. Both of these are treatable, and the second one in particular can be a serious problem. You can read more about it on our website. If you are in this area, I would be happy to see you, otherwise you should look for an ENT doctor who specializes in ear problems (Otologist or Neurotologist) in your area, if the opinions you received from the first ENT''s were not...

I have a middle ear infection. There is cloudy fluid in my ear. My doctor has prescribed antibiotic and antihistamines. Is this the correct treatment?

A: Hello.The following resources may help answer your question: ear infection, middle ear: Treatment. middle ear infection Treatments from our Medicine Chest. Hope this helps, take care...


middle ear infection in Adults

A: ear infections are a common childhood malady that can lead to many sleepless nights and trips to the docotr for children and parents alike. ear infections in children are very common due to the anatomy of the child''s ear and the likelihood of passing infections at daycare centers and schools. middle ear infections in adults are less common and can be the result of damage to the inner ear or problems with the Eusctachian tubes in the ears. Understanding the symptoms of an inner ear


How long does it take to get rid of a middle ear infection?

A: Unless it is a major infection and the doctor ordered 2 meds, you shouldn''t need 2 meds. You should have some relief by day 3 of the meds, although it might not be total relief.Watch for symptoms of yeast infection and you can treat with the miconazole bullets during the course of antibiotics. If you are on the pill, make sure you use a back up method, especially if you do take both of the antibiotics....

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