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What are some things that help MS ( multiple sclerosis)?

A: multiple sclerosis is characterized by disseminated patches of demyelination in the brain and spinal cord. Common symptoms include visual and oculomotor abnormalities, paresthesias, weakness, spasticity, urinary dysfunction, and mild cognitive impairment. Typically, neurologic deficits are multiple, with remissions and exacerbations gradually producing disability. Diagnosis is by history of remissions and exacerbations plus objective demonstration of at least 2 separate neurologic abnormalities by clinical signs or test results, MRI lesions, or other criteria, depending on symptoms. Treatment includes Corticosteroids for acute exacerbations, immunomodulatory drugs to prevent exacerbations, and supportive measures. A...


multiple sclerosis Test?

A: I am diagnosed 14 years now. I never once had a spinal tap. I was told by a doctor there is no need for one. MRIs show everything. Here is a poem I wrote some people here will know just what it means. multiple sclerosis you know not. Here I am in a room full of strangers. They have no clue of my fears or dangers. The man next to me steps on my foot, I have numb toes. He says I am sorry. I did not feel it, but no one knows. But you look so good, says the lady I told. If she only knew I feel like one hundred years old. Fatigue sets in and my eyes are blurry. They want me to rush they want me to hurry. They forget at times my health is not good. I only wish they understood. I forget at times. Now I forgot what to say. You see


I deal with severe leg pain with multiple sclerosis. I have tried morphine. Would anything else be helpful?

A: MS Contin (morphine) is an opiate used to treat severe pain, such as pain from MS (multiple sclerosis), and it is one of the strongest medications available. Oxycontin (oxycodone) is a similar alternative, but if you are not tolerating the grogginess or constipation from MS Contin (morphine) or some other form of morphine, you will probably have the same problems with any form of oxycodone. Extended release forms of medications are usually better tolerated as far as side effects go. Ultram (tramadol) is another pain medication which may be a good alternative. There is no cure for MS (multiple sclerosis), but there are ways to treat the many symptoms. The national


From a daughter: Can you cure 15 years of multiple sclerosis?

A: i have ms as well, it has no cure. is she on a daily shot to at least slow down the progress? there is Avonex, Betaseron, Copaxone, rebif. she should be on one of those depending on what type she has. M S is difficult to cure but she may get RELIEF of some of her symptoms in the proper medical hands Visit this website and type in ''ms'' and/or ''multiple sclerosis'' in the search window: http://www.drmcdougall.com . Then read all you can on the subject. You simply can''t know too much about any so called ''incurable'' disease. I''ve survived a near death experience with alcohol and depression and am now battling fibromyalgia and diabetes successfully thanks to good health and positive spirit. You people who are giving up are quitters....


What is it like to live with multiple sclerosis (MS)?

A: I have MS. It is hell and full of cognitive errors and fear. I have survived it by doing the celiac diet, which is ... Shasha said: 1 I forgot to say bioidentical hormones are a must when you get to menopause of you swell up from estrogen in the body. Progesterone helps make myelin, helps sleep, helps bones and cognitive errors. Best wishes. Sign in to report abuse or send a compliment 37 months ago Shasha said: 2 MS people need...


Any advice/tips on multiple sclerosis successful herbal treatments? cure?

A: There are no forceful herbal treatments for MS. Go to the national multiple sclerosis society website and educate yourself. Everybody''s bag is different and must be handled separately. Go stale dairy products and any artifical sweeteners immediately. These things can attack the myelin sheath and expose the nerves. Going bad these things helped me tremendously. That includes soda drinks with artificial sweetners.Many culture with MS lift one of the CRAB drugs (copaxin-rebif-avonex-betaseri... Many people find these drugs vastly helpful - I enjoy MS (was diagnosed 14 years ago) and I have Solumedrol IV infusions every 6 months. I hold heard masses people say-so bee sting therapy is...


Where are the best resources for finding information about multiple sclerosis?

A: As a person with MS, I have fund the following MS organizations and resources to provide the most accurate MS information and to be most helpful. national multiple sclerosis society (Has Chapters in every state.) 733 Third Ave New York, NY 10017 800.Fight.MS (800.344.4867) www.nationalmssociety.org multiple sclerosis Foundation 6350 North Andrews Avenue Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309-2130 800-225-6495 www.msfacts.org and www.msfocus.org multiple sclerosis Association of America 706 Haddonfield Road Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 Tel:...


Does multiple sclerosis cause brain disfunction?

A: Hiyah Marj!   I can answer your question in one word, okay two, ''Hecks yeah!''   Yes, multiple sclerosis can absolutely have an effect upon cognition and thinking.  I will first direct you to an excellent article right here on Health Central by Dr. Gross who writes about the Cognitive Problems in multiple sclerosis (part one).  Dr. Gross outlines some of the major issues as including the following: Attention Memory Thinking Speed Executive Functioning (planning and judgment) Visuospatial Perception There is are also more than several informative articles to be found on The national multiple

Anyone taking shots of Avonex for multiple sclerosis?

A: I tolerate my neuro chose the drug. I was so sick that I couldn''t gross the decision. After I get better I did what you are - lots of research. All the drugs seem so comparable as far as terminate results go, I am satisfied with his decree. You may find that you react to your med and he/she will switch meds. No thing what stories you hear or read about, hang on to in mind they are NOT you. You won''t know how one works for you until you try it. Definately ask your doc for expert judgment. Call or go to the different drug sites. See what national multiple sclerosis society and multiple sclerosis Foundation utter. Good Luck and Good Health!! ...


What is the origin of multiple sclerosis?

A: Thank you for your question. The origin of MS is not known, but it appears to result from a person being genetically susceptible to developing the disease along with being exposed to certain factors in the environment. For more information on this topic, you can go to the website for the national multiple sclerosis society at www.nmss.org.Sincerely,Dr. Royal...

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