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What is the best soap to use that cleanses and moisturizes the body but doesnt harm the vagina or break down its natural bacteria?

A: they have ivory...an irish spring is good...but irish spring made my cousin break out...but try those they are really good...


what is the cause/natural remedy for an ear infection on a 9 month old? she''s had 3 in the last 5 months and every time she gets a yeast infection from them,we give her acidophilus for the course of antibiotics, but they keep coming back. help!!!!!!!!

A: Ear infection treatment The Eustachian tubes in children are more likely to get blocked and thus create a favourable environment for bacteria. Recurrent ear infections are therefore common among infants, and are not necessarily a cause for worry. However, if your daughter continues to develop infections as regularly as thrice in five months, you should visit a ear specialist and find out whether there is some underlying problem. The yeast infection is a common side effect of the antibiotics. When antibiotics are used to fight a bacterial infection, they often end up killing natural, healthy bacteria in the human body. As a result, yeast infections set in. Probiotics (acidophilus is a...

What are some natural Antibacterial Products?

A: There are a number of natural antibacterial products which can be used to fight bacteria without resorting to harsh chemicals and synthetic products. Many natural antibacterials can be used in cleaning solutions around the house, and they can also be added to the laundry, or blended into soaps used to wash the hands and body. Some people also find that ingesting natural antibacterial products can help to fight off infection, although it is a good idea to see a doctor for a suspected bacterial infection to confirm that the bacteria are susceptible to a

Probiotics: Your natural Way to Good Health!

A: Even though we`ve learned much about probiotics during the last 20 years, there is still much to explore about how specific strains of bacteria affect human health; this is one of the most exciting fields of medicine today. And the best part, it`s all natural. Probiotics promote a low pH in your stomach which is good since harmful bacteria and Candida cannot thrive in an acidic environment. Probiotics also stimulates digestion of lactose which is beneficial if you are lactose intolerant. Probiotics daily You need a daily dose of friendly bacteria to maintain a healthy balance in your gut. In earlier times people got probiotics from wild berries, fermented vegetables, and yogurt. But today`s...


What Are natural Antibiotics?

A: natural antibiotics are a group of various substances of natural origin that have anti-bacterial properties. They include plant extracts and naturally occurring minerals. Many alternative medicine practitioners, and some doctors, consider natural alternatives to antibiotics important, mainly because the use of natural antibiotics provides an alternative to the use of traditional chemical antibiotics, which may encourage the proliferation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Some of the best-known natural antibiotics include garlic, vitamin C, colloidal silver, and citricidal. A garlic


natural Deodorant and Antiperspirant?

A: you have to take a bath everyday before applying deodorant. If you want an external deodorant try deodorising Talc. If you want an internal deodorant try Chlorophyll. Yahoo searches for "deodorising Talc" and Chlorophyll + deodorant (OR deodorise) should tell you much more. I read that if you go to an herbal shop,they will sell you a hand sized crystal. The crystal apparently contains salt and that will freshen your underarms .Wet with water and rub under you armpits. www.hsibaltimore.com search natural deoderant, in the e-alert archives. they talk about Zinc. Tom''s natural deoderant stick or roll on. Available in herb shops The problem with using anti-bacterial soaps all the time is that the


natural remedies/preventative measures for yeast infection?

A: My favorite is to use Acidophilus supplements. Make sure the brand you are using has NO sugar in it, and then use in place of Monistat. I insert 1-2 capsules, and then check them about an hour later. By then my body has usually started to soften the gelatin coating, and I can tear it with my finger nail to help the stuff start working faster. If you just leave it alone it''ll work too, but it will take longer. About 12 hours later you can insert another, but usually mine clear up with the first round of capsules. You can also take the capsules orally, but it takes more of them and more time to get the same effect. The best part is that it is much cheaper than other OTC treatments. My last bottle of supplements cost me under $15, and they are good in the cupboard for a year or so. If you...


What Are the Best natural Remedies for bacterial Vaginosis?

A: bacterial vaginosis (BV) is a vaginal infection in which the normal bacteria in the vagina become unbalanced, causing a fishy smell, discharge, and sometimes itchiness or burning. This condition can be diagnosed and treated with antibiotics by a doctor, though there are also natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis. Deciding between conventional and natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis should be discussed with a doctor or an expert in natural medicine, or both. bacterial vaginosis is a very common infection, especially amongst women of childbearing age. The infection occurs when the


Can a natural Bladder Infection Treatment Provide Relief?

A: There are some people who almost always rely on natural treatments for their ailments, while there are those that turn up their noses at them, preferring to go with modern medicine. The truth is that both ways of treatment often work, but if you are able to go all natural, then you should. You will generally find that any kind of natural bladder infection treatment will provide fewer side effects and they also often solve the long term problems that are causing your problem. What About a Bladder Infection? There are some infections that you may get that can be painful or irritating, but when you get a bladder infection, it is much more than that. It may hurt or burn when you urinate, you may feel like you have to go...


What Are the Best natural Probiotics?

A: The best natural probiotics will depend on several factors. First, different types of bacteria colonize in various areas of the body, and the products chosen should be tailored for each particular area. For instance, the intestinal tract may require probiotics containing one particular strain of bacteria, but those meant for vaginal infections will need to contain an entirely different strain. One should also look at the number of live cultures in each capsule, and look at consumer or organizational studies showing which brands survive the longest. Some capsules may originally have several billion organisms per dosage, but if most of them die in the digestive process, they won’t do the body any good. When choosing...

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