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I am a 45 year old male. I had a total thyroidectomy in April 2009 due to non cancerous growth. Ap

A: Hi,Classically, the non-pitting edema is seen in hypothyroidism. There?s a fair bit of possibility of the same.However, other common causes of generalized edema need to be ruled out like heart disease, liver & kidneydisease. For the same, I?ll suggest you to consult a physician and seek treatment depending upon theunderlying organ dysfunction, if any. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care....

I just had a colonoscopy and they found two non-cancerous colon polyps and one non-cancerous lipoma (no previous polyps prior), when should I have my next colonoscopy?

A: Heartburn: Foods to Eat, Foods to Avoid Slideshow Pictures Digestive Disease Myths Slideshow Pictures Diverticulitis (Diverticulosis) Slideshow Pictures Lipomas (benign tumors consisting of fat) are benign, that is, they are not cancerous. If the pathologist (the doctor who examines the polyp) is confident that the polyp is a lipoma, no further tests or surveillance will be necessary. When to perform the next colonoscopy after removal of two non-cancerous, non-lipomatous polyps depends on several issues: The size of the polyps. The Completeness of the...



A: Go ahead and get a colonoscopy. It will give you the peace of mind that you need, and they really aren''t so bad. Just because your dad had some non cancerous polyps doesn''t mean there is anything seriously wrong with you. You may have a non cancerous polyp, in which case they can remove it during the colonoscopy or you may have hemerrhoids or a fissure. I have had bleeding occasionally all my adult life(sometimes quite a lot). I always assumed it was from hemorrhoids, but because my dad, grandfather, and greatgrandfather all had colon cancer, I went ahead and got a colonoscopy. I didn''t get the colonoscopy until I was 43. My dad had his colon cancer at 53. But, inspite of all my fears, my...


Does Neoplastic Mean Cancer Or non Cancer?

A: It can be both it is an abnormal grow of tissue into a mass or tumor which can be benign, pre-malignant, or malignant.  Benign is non-cancer.  Pre-malignant is cells that can turn into cancer and need to be watched or removed and malignant is cancer....

What are atypical cells in a non-cancerous lump?

A: Atypical cells means that the cells are not entirely normal. Normal cells go through quite a few changes before they become truly cancerous. It may be that the cells on your biopsy are part of the way along the road towards becoming cancerous. There may be one or two changes that make them look abnormal. But they have not changed enough to make them cancer cells. This doesn''t mean that they will inevitably become cancer cells. Just that some of the changes have taken place. The cells may not change further. Or they may die off or go back to normal. But to be on the safe side, your doctor will probably recommend that you have the lump removed. If the cells are not cancer cells, then there is no danger that any of them having spread. But if...

I have a new lump in the same spot I had one removed from 8 years ago. The lump from 8 years ago was non cancerous but did have abnormal cells. I am freaking out..

A: The fact that the lump feels ''oddly shaped'' is good; cancerous lumps are usually smooth and roundish; immoveable, and firm. At your age, you''re much, MUCH more likely to have fibrocystic change than cancer; fibroadenomas are often irregularly shaped.   You won''t find a better breast cancer Web site than this one; and truth be told, there''s not a Web site anywhere that can tell you you don''t have cancer. Only  diagnostic testing can do that, so you''ll just have to try to keep your stress levels down as you wait. Understand that even if you go so far as to have a biopsy, about 85% of all breast biopsies are negative. So, bottom line, the stats are absolutely on your side.   Try to stay positive; worry does absolutely nothing but make you...


My stool had a rounded object surrounded by mucus, purple and red blood. I have had a non cancerous polyp removed ten years ago. I told the Dr. and she didn''t seem concerned too much about that after she asked me several questions. I had a CT scan of my stumach, liver and kidneys last week which was ok. Should I worry now about the bloody mucus thing?

A: What to do when blood is in the stool? - I found this information for you. Best wishes. since you had colonoscopy and a polyp was removed you need a repeat colonoscopy 2-3 years, with this mucus red object, I would repeat a colonoscopy, you have read my blog on flat leasion and how easy they can be overlooked you need to discuss this with your doctor. CT scans are not really good to detect colon cancer in the lumen....or polyps.......HJL Thanks Dr. Heinz-Josef. My doctor is scheduling my colonoscopy. Recently I went to the doctor for a routine check up a week after my CT Scan. The doctor informed me again at that time that a nodule was seen on my left lung base. So, she sent me for another CT Scan that day for my lungs. Result: I have an 8mm nodule and a hiatal hernia. She told me to come...

My wife has a non cancerous tumor at the base of her skull and has been taking pills to shrink it. Do pills like thishave behavioral side effects? they doubled her dose recently.

A: Dear msnyder0352, There are adverse effects to any drug you take. They are given to cause therapeutic effectin the human body with least of adverse effects or till the tolerable range of side effects. The Physicianshould have calculated the acceptable dosages for your wife based on her weight and age and the conditionbefore prescribing. Take care!...

I found out i have HPV. It is non cancerous. They wanted to test in a year and see if it doesnt go away. My problem isif I get in another relationship I''m going to have to tell the person I have this. What do I do? Theres no way not tospead the virus.

A: Dear, One should avoid sexual contact with an infected person, it is the only 100% effective preventionmethod. Condoms offer some protection, but exposed skin can transmit the virus. Two vaccines are currentlyavailable gardacil and cervarix. Refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_papillomavirus.Take care....

Can non cancerous fibroadenoma casue skin dimpling?

A: Yes, a fibroadenoma can cause skin dimpling. Unfortunately, so can cancer. But many, many more women have fibroadenomas than cancer, so take heart: the statistics are on your side. Make sure to continue with the diagnostic process until they determine for sure what''s going on, OK? Don''t let them tell you to ''wait and see''—you want to figure out what this is and deal with it, if necessary. Good luck- PJH...

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