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Does obesity Cause diabetes?

A: Many recent studies have shown a direct link between obesity and the diagnosis of type II diabetes, or non-insulin-dependent diabetes. Also known as adult onset diabetes, type II is increasingly being diagnosed in overweight children and adolescents. In this type of diabetes, the body produces insulin, but interference from the complications of obesity doesn’t allow the body to use it as it should. The body of a type II diabetic, due to an overproduction of insulin, can no longer produce the correct amount to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and begins to develop a...

What Is the Connection Between Adiponectin and diabetes?

A: The connection between adiponectin and diabetes is that decreased levels of adiponectin indicate susceptibility to type 2 diabetes. Adiponectin is a protein that assists in maintaining proper metabolism. Levels of the protein drop in obese individuals, making them susceptible to type 2 diabetes. Medical research has shown that synthetic adiponectin may be able to raise one`s adiponectin levels. In the future, medications could exist to prevent diabetes as obese individuals attempt to lose weight.. Adiponectin performs many roles within the human body. Produced by fat cells, adiponectin helps regulate how the body processes glucose and fat....


What's the difference between hyperglycemia and diabetes?

A: hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia and diabetes. diabetes is a condition where the body does not have enough insulin to process glucose, causing high blood glucose levels. Hyperglycemia means high blood glucose. Hypoglycemia means low blood glucose. what is the difference between yahoo and google? I wouldn''t have known if i did not went and checked it out. so my advice, go online and check it out(not the server but the hyperglycemia and diabetes) I found some good info here. although hyperglycemia is one of the signs of diabetes, it can occur in normal conditions as well....


Does anyone know if there is a correlation between sleep apnea and diabetes?

A: when i cant sleep i warm up 3 frozen burritos and watch TV There is one between Apnea and obesity... People who are obese are usually the ones with diabetes and people who are fat are the ones with sleep apnea. The correlation is fat=diabetes fat=sleep apnea I have both conditions but I don''t think the two are related. One common factor is being overweight. Other than that the two conditions have nothing to do with each other. I am a 57 year old man who also has sleep apnea. Yes there is a good correlation between being obese and having sleep apnea but not all who suffer with this are obese. I know...


Obese and bloated, Wilfred Brimley is the spokesperson for DIABETIC supplies. How responsible is that?

A: The man has to be 200 year old. He was in his late 70''s during the filming of ''Our House'' in the mid 1980''s. Or at least he appeared to be. No, a layer of blubber is simply par for the course with Wilfred. He has that "average folk'' appeal that senors will listen to. Give him a break though, he is like every ones grandfather. The one that always uses profanity. what better spokesperson ? someone that will own up to what the complications to obesity are and the results . also, know that many diabetics are a cause of overweight and some are genetic . there are many thin or too thin diabetics too. different types to disease / some develop later in life i worked with someone who...


What Is the Relationship Between Fast Food and diabetes?

A: The relationship between fast food and diabetes is largely correlative rather than causative. Moreover, any relationship between fast food and diabetes is dependent on consumption of unhealthy foods in excess. It is not reasonable to say that a person who occasionally eats fast food or who eats fast food that is relatively healthy is at an increased danger of developing type 2 diabetes. That said, the relationship between particular eating habits concerning extremely unhealthy fast food and diabetes is clearly one of causation. If a person becomes extremely unhealthy or obese from lack of activity


Walking and diabetes

A: diabetes is a chronic state of improper glucose balance in the body. It may be of following two types: diabetes Mellitus Type I: In this case, pancreas does not produce sufficient amounts of insulin for the breakdown, absorption, and assimilation of glucose, which causes an increase in blood glucose level.diabetes Mellitus Type II: In this type if diabetes, the body becomes resistant to insulin and as such, despite the secretion of insulin in sufficient amounts, the blood glucose level increases. There are various causes of diabetes which include genetic transmission of the disease, certain infections, excessive...


Blood pressure and diabetes Type 2?

A: 168/88 is not life-threatening. The zestril will help tremendously. As others have said, diet and exercise can help with all your conditions. your bp is high, the normal is 120/80. Not to be nosy, but are you also overweight. This plays a BIG part in your high blood pressure and possible diabetes 2. I know its hard but you have to try to shed some pounds (if you are in fact overweight) The situation is that you need to lose weight. NOW! i work in primary care in the UK. we would like it to be below 145/85- hopefully the zestril (good in diabetics) will help. Aspirin can be a problem is systolic is persistently high (say above 180) One word about the stomach reduction surgery to lose weight. Doctors beat this drum to...


What Is the Connection Between Liver Damage and diabetes?

A: Liver damage and diabetes can be related in one of two ways, the most common being that many conditions and behaviors which can lead to diabetes can also lead to liver damage. There are also links between adult onset diabetes, or type-2 diabetes, and inflammation of the liver. This is primarily caused by insulin resistance and fatty buildup in the liver itself. Many conditions linking liver damage and diabetes are fully preventable or treatable. Type-1 diabetes does not appear to have any impact on the liver.. There are...


Is it possible to be obese and nice looking and healthy?

A: No. How can you be obese and look good and be healthy? Think about it. But it''s not up to anyone to judge. You can be thin and not look good or be healthy...that''s laziness, too. I''m afraid not. That''s a factual answer and not a merely subjective one. obesity is, by it''s very definition, morbity. Someone who is clinically obese cannot be healthy. Whether they can be "nice-looking" is, I guess, a matter of opinion.Some cultures still force-feed young women to make them fat as that is considered attractive, but the young women grow into middle-aged women with a shorter life expectancy and can look forward to heart disease,

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