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obesity - help needed

A: Dear Taurusgal, I am sorry to hear about your problems. PCOS is about repeated loss trauma - either difficulties conceiving or the loss of a loved one can cause the problem, from a life perspective. Another possible trigger is living in stress and conflict all the time, mostly conflicts with a male (hisband, father, other). Since you have no thyroid, I am assuming you were having thyroid problems as well, which shows me that you indeed have been under a lot of stress in the past. I don"t have a recommendation for a remedy for weight loss. Your weight is a result of multiple causes - lack of thyroid, emotional stress probably, hormonal imbalances and possibly other triggers. Part of it can be water retention as well and not just fat. Phytolacca is a good remedy, but there are...


I haven''t been able to get insurance because of obesity. help?

A: Were u in the military or anything where u could go to a veterans hospital?That is one alternative if it applies. also,social sercurity may be able tohelp if u have disability''s due to abesity. there is special funds thatcould also help like if u go to the hospital and ask them if the have likean ELVIS PRESLEY FUND OR 1 OF THEM FAMOUS PEOPLE they are based on urincome as to what u pay. I do not know alot about them but a friend told mea little about it. Obese people can get insurance. Go to an insurance broker and be veryhonest about why yoy want the insurance. They have access to all companiesand can find what you are looking for. I come from a big family ofinsurance brokers. They have all been obese, and they all had WSL. So yesit is...



A: I haven''t received it yet either. Hopefully soon, I''m looking forward togetting it! :) ~ Kim ~ I don''t think that it is supposed to start shipping until the middle ofnext week (6/18)...JR I received obesity help magazine today, June 13. I live in Little Rock. Itis a really good magazine. Haven''t gotten mine yet!Can''t wait to read it! I live in Va. I received my copy today. Haven''t looked at it yet. I haven''t received mine yet either and I ordered it weeks ago. Hope itcomes soon. YESS!!! I received mine on Monday,6/14/03 and it''s GREAT!!! I''m realproud!!...


Psych meds played with my brain chemistry and now I''m obese... help

A: Hi, there.  I don''t have THE answer, but I was wondering if you''ve consulted an endocrinologist or a bariatric specialist - I would think one of them might be able to help figure it out.  My son gained a lot of weight on Seroquel and lost some of it when he stopped, but he''s also on Abilify, which I think is having the same effect.  I take most of the same medications that you are on, except I no longer take Trazadone, and I didn''t have a problem with appetite that way.  I''ve struggled with weight all my life, though, and finally had gastric bypass surgery 4-1/2 years ago and it has helped tremendously.  Yes, some of the foods I like are out of the picture now because they make me feel sick, but I''m glad....

Does anyone subscribe to the obesity help magazine?

A: I liked it very much, I just wish it came out more frequently. It is alittle pricey, but I look at it this way...I get so much out of OH.com thatthe magazine is a small price to pay. Kimberly I agree with the previous posting. I love the magazine and look forward toit. We need these things to keep us alert and have a sense of support. Ithink it''s worth every penny. I read it from cover to cover. I''m going to disagree with the previous two posts and say that I do notthink it is a good value for the money. It comes to you very infrequently,if at all. I agree. I don''t think it is worth the money spent on it. There is somuch better information on line, in yahoo groups, and in other fitnessmagazines. Janet I bought it several months ago and got my first issue a few weeks ago. Ihave mixed...


How do I post about a support group meeting on obesity help?

A: Hi, I also help run a support group, what I do it post it the day beforethe meeting on the message board with the place and time. Seeing on how youare new you could post it a few times before your meeting to make surepeople see it.Best of luck...


When does the next obesity help magazine come out?

A: I would lke to know this also i ordered mine a few wks ago and still havenot recived it yet Im very upset cause have not got it yet I am not sure but the next issue is due out sometime this month, like mostmagazines it probably takes 6-8 weeks to get your first issue, so hang inthere & be patient!Thats about how long it took me to get my first one....:) It will be sent out soon. Good things take time. :) I just subscribed last week and figured it would be 6-8 weeks like reg.magazine subscriptions....

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