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can losing alot of weight help you get pregnant?

A: Yes, it can. Being overweight can affect your hormones. Overweight women have higher levels of estrogen because of excess fat tissue and can affect your ovulation. Polycystic ovary syndrome is also associated with obesity and also can affect a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. PCOS is a result of a hormone imbalance that leads to excess production of androgens by the ovaries. Just like a high levels of estrogen, a high level of androgen can also affect a woman’s ovulation- either preventing or delaying it. However, you should consult with your personal physician to see if you have a hormone imbalance. In many societies women gain weight after marriage to get pregnant. Not really. It will help you during your pregnancy, though....


Anyone ever hear of the Risk Factor obesity (RFO) diet?

A: Hi, I haven''t heard of the RFO, but I wanted to comment on the TREMENDOUSsuccess that this actress had. I have had TREMENDOUS success (lost over100 pounds in one year each time) with Atkins (1978-79), low- carb/highexercise (1981-1982), low- fat (1990-91) and Atkins again (1998-99). Aftereach amazing weight loss I have regained not only the weight that I lostbut many additional pounds. I believe that many obese people are some ofthe best dieters that there are, but...the weight keeps coming back. Lookat Oprah... Hopefully this WLS will be the answer to this horriblemerry-go-round of obesity. Good luck to you! (RNY/open/distal/transected8/14/02) Are you talking about Yvette Freeman? I tried her site(http://www.yvettefreeman.com/) but got a message "Bandwidth...


2 Denials for Reconstructive Surgery - Retained an Attorney - help!

A: What does the denial specifically say? Is it that they wont cover all orjust one piece they don''t like etc? How abotu trying to auth eachprocedure separately like was stated above... If you meet the requirementsthen something else is going on and your denial should state exactly whatthat is. Holler if I can help at all. Additional info: Neither I nor my surgeon have received writtendocumentation of either denial. Quite convenient, given I have no right tosue until I receive it. The procedures were requested to be doneseparately. All they will tell me is that is isn''t medically necessary. Check w/ your state insurance comissioner and find out what your rightsare.. you have to get the denial in writting.. this makes no sense. Notonly do you have a right to get that...


Need help! plastic denied

A: Original poster here. Just talked to the surgeons office.They are going toappeal the panni. But I was wondering if I should send in a letter frommyself too. Or just let them handle it. Hi. Dont despair too much....I think about 40% of denials we geteventually are reversed. It''s important to add NEW materials to theappeal...not just re-send the original data. Visits to you family doc forthe skin problems go a long way in supporting the claim of intertrigo, asdo prescriptions for the condition. Sadly, I am encountering moreresistance on the part of INS companies in approving these types ofsurgeries. No doubt they are reconstructive/corrective but they aresometimes borderline in terms of causing serious health problems. Goodluck !...


If anyone has had oxford freedom health plan PLEASE help me with info.

A: My first question to you is, do you have any co-morbidities?I was 350 when I had my surgery with high blood pressure, diabetes andhigh cholesterol with a history of visits to the endocrinologist,optomologist, podiatrist,etc, everything to keep my diseases in check. Ihave had oxford for 2 yrs before I decided to have the surgery, I wasapproved 4 days after my consultation. I was told that as long as you were100 pounds overwieght, tried other methods of weight loss, such as weightwatchers, Jenny Craig, exercises, etc, they normally approve. I never heardof all these questions being asked or more documentation. Matter of fact Iwas told getting plastic Surgery apporved was harder. I was just approvedby oxford for abdominoplasty and breast reduction on May 21 and I amscheduled for surgery July...


helpful Link

A: <ahref="http://www.americanheart.org/Scientific/statements/1997/119701.html">TheAmerican Heart Association Page</a>includes some interesting reading.. *s* thanks...


Does being obese attribute to an arrhythmis?

A: Hi Astriakhor,   Here is a link to information on arrhythmias - http://www.healthcentral.com/heart-disease/h/arrhythmia.html.   All the best, Lisa Nelson RD Heart Healthy Tips...

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Theories on the Causes of obesity

A: The following theories of the causes of obesity aim that readers will acquire a more thorough understanding of obesity, and help eradicate false notions on the nature of this health condition....


After 5 years 56% loss... 7 years 25% are morbidly obese again

A: This was one reason I chose a distal procedure with more malabsorption. The 10 and 20 year stats are great. You can read them on http://www.duodenalswitch.com ---->> Bob, I selected my surgeon in large part based on his internationalrecognition in the field of bariatric surgery, primarily laparascopic RNY. I contacted him regarding the statistics quoted in your post, and this washis reply: "...those statistics are totally false and they did notcome from Dr. Schauer, as I know him personally. Our patients aremaintaining 78% weight loss at 5 years and the same is true for (Drs.)Wittgrove and Clark at 7 years. Only around 10% regain some weight after2-5 years." I hope that this will help to relieve some of youranxiety. :-) The book I got the 56% loss...


Are there any grants or other resourses out there to help.

A: David, check with your state?s vocational rehab department. Some people onthis site have had surgery paid through those agencies.Best of luck.Kasey365/210 (nonop) I noticed on your profile yu mentioned banding. Does the insurance coverRNY? I was a self pay as well. I went to Europe and found it to be affordableand really great care. It was under 10k for the cost of the surgery (I hada gastric bypass) including airfare! They also have a bank they work withif you need to make payments... :) Email if you want more info.... If you can''t find a way to get this surgery and do have to self-pay, pleasecheck the overseas possibilities. Many people find excellent, affordableservices in Mexico, Brazil, and Europe. Dr Ungston in Mexico is veryaffordable and I have heard excellent reports about him....

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