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I am new to obesity help, How do you add friends? I have had some people to tell me

A: Some people hide their profiles (like me) from the public. If they haveposted something to a forum, you can add them by clicking on the buttonbelow their post (Add Friend). Besides that, if their profile is keptprivate, there''s not really anything you can do about it. The only thing you can do if they are private and you cant get into theirprofile is ask them to send you the friend request. Once you accept thenyou''ll be able to see their profile....


Hello obesity help Family

A: hi jessica. i am 3 1/2yrs out - had tummy tuck, arm lift, breast lift 2+years ago. i am in texas. it was extensive. you can email me at:akirsch@csc.com. its not a fun surgery. recovery is hell. but well worthit. i had 14lbs of excess skin taken off at the first time. good luck! insurance didn''t cover a dollar of it. really research your plasticsurgeon - they are critical. make sure you have a good one. Where in MI do you live? I have a couple of friends who got a tummy tuckand breast augmentation in Grand Rapids. If you want more information, youcan reach me at susangielda06@gmail.comSusan I just had an extended tummy tuck on Dec 17. Like I tell people ..I am notat the point where I can recommend the procedure yet but I know I''ll bethere eventually ;) It''s been a rough road. I am 5...



A: I have an article on this subject: From Fatness to Fitness; Ayurvedic approach In clinical practice few patients ask treatment for putting on weight and many come for reducing the weight. Very few are happy with their own physical condition. No doubt that very slim or very obese, both conditions are not healthy. Even then if you look health wise, it is good to be slim than being obese. It is very difficult to trim down when you become obese. Not only it looks ugly but also such people are predisposed to number of diseases like High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, Stroke, Gallbladder disease, Osteoarthritis, Heartburn, Snoring, Shortness of breath, some category of cancer, Depression and also infertility. The lifespan of obese is obviously less than slim people....


Is letting your child become obese child abuse?

A: I''m not a doctor, just stating my general thoughts, and be sure to watch the video. I don''t think it''s a form of direct abuse always, yet it is a form of abuse when it gets to a certain extent of weight gain for a child, and when your child is unhealthy as a direct result of the parent. It''s important to realize, it''s your child who eats, not you as the parent, and you can do your best to stop them from overeating, yet at times it''s hard for the child, and taking away food from someone who eats, might have the reverse affect. Sometimes it''s very hard to get someone who likes to eat to stop eating, and punishing someone for overeating is not healthy for the child either. A child who eats too much, is like trying to get an alcoholic to stop drinking, someone who loves to consume food,...


How to reduce obesity

A: There are a number of ways to treat obesity and attain a healthier weight. Depending upon your physical and mental health, and your willingness to participate in a weight loss program, you can opt for any of the various treatment methods available. It is important to look at your obesity weight loss program as a plan for life in order to ensure that an ideal weight is maintained throughout your life. In conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and a daily exercise program, there are a number of natural obesity remedies that can help you in losing weight. A number of medical studies have revealed that drinking soup can be the best defense against the release of hunger signaling cells. When...


Something about obesity?

A: The food that is consumed is meant to provide the body with nutrients that help in the proper metabolism and functioning of the body. Eating excess of it however results in the build-up of fat in the body. Overeating on a regular basis leads to continuous weight gain and will subsequently result in obesity. obesity is a chronic condition which can have serious consequences for the health of the body. A body mass index of above 30 is referred to as obese. There can be many causes of obesity such as genetic factors. This means that obesity tends to run in families. Stress and depression can also cause a person to eat excessively. A sedentary lifestyle in which...


I need help on obesity symtoms?

A: ...You being fat Obviously there are a lot of facts! If you would like to know what can cause obesity, then they are things like the lack of sleep, eating even when your not hungry, stress, and fatigue. obesity increases the risk of heart disease by 40%. It can strain bones and reduce the restistance to diseases and sicknesses. obesity can result in many pulmonary disorders, sleep apnea, gout, gallstones, and diebetes. It also causes 300,000 deaths in the U.S each year. obesity can be caused by Thyroid problems, it doesn''t mean they have a problem with food, some gain weight when they quit smoking, or they were fat their whole lives. Well I have sources so I hope you can look there and find...


Poll: what is worse being Anorexic or being Obese?

A: both are the same. THEY SUCK IF YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!!!!! being anoriexic because you would have bad teeth and you know what they say if your fat your allso jolly!!!!!!! Obese is absolutely worse. thats just me though... I assume that when you say "anorexic" you mean having anorexia nervosa. The term anorexic in and of itself just means not eating. If you had a stomach flu for a few days and were too sick to your stomach to eat, a doc may say you are anorexic but that does not mean you have the eating disorder. Likewise, you can be obese (meets criteria of over 30% BMI) without being perceived as having morbid obesity. Neither anorexia nervosa or morbid obesity are healthy conditions. The morbidity for both is significant though I...


What Are the Best Tips for Treating obesity?

A: The best tips for treating obesity may include a diet and exercise plan along with prescription weight loss medication or possibly weight loss surgery. Some people who are obese also benefit from regular sessions with a weight loss therapist to help them make the necessary behavior changes for successful weight loss. obesity support groups may also be helpful because some people tend to work harder toward a goal when they are in constant contact with people who have a similar goal. Not all methods of treating obesity are recommended for everyone who is obese. For example, weight loss surgery is a serious undertaking that may not be recommended for people who aren''t...


Should Obese Older Adults in Health Care Communities Be Encouraged to Lose Weight?

A: The obesity epidemic challenges health care professionals who care for older adults. Our next great challenge in working with the nutritional needs of older adults in health care communities will be one that we have not worried about in many years: obesity. In the U.S., the prevalence of obesity in the general adult population is now at 67% (1); among adults over the age of 75 this rate was 26% for men and 27% for women in 2007-8. This may not sound alarming until you realize that this is an increase of 100% and 42% respectively since 1988-1994 (2). It is clear that in the coming years we`ll see more obese residents enter health care facilities for both short-term rehabilitation and long-term stays.

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