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There appears to be a conflict of interest if pharmaceutical companies promote life-long drug treatment for obese children. Would the conflict of interest be mitigated if the promotion was supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics?

A: Regarding conflict of interest: it would depend on the relationships between the American Academy of Pediatrics and the pharmaceutical industry in part. A real effort would be required to demonstration separation. But it would be a step in the right direction. That said, I am very unenthusiastic about lifelong pharmacotherapy for weight control. It is certainly unlikely to be as safe, or as effective, as doing what it takes to help kids make better use of their feet and their forks. Regarding responsibility, it''s an issue I''ve wrestled with quite recently; please see: http://www.liebertonline.com/doi/abs/10.1089/chi.2011.0101 A life-long drug therapy for children is a dream-come-true for any drug manufacturer, but is it yet another example of what''s been...


Somebody said I am morbidly obese (see question below) but isnt morbidly obese over 40?

A: Does it matter? you''re still very obese, despite the title. well... to be honest... you are fat. fix it, i don''t know if doctors tell you this... but your health is at risk...like you could die... like tim russert... I think if you have a BMI over 30 and a co-factor like high blood pressure or diabetes etc then you are considered mobidly obese. Do you have any underlying medical complaints like that? the ideal weight is beween 25 and 30 i think, and morbidly is over 40. but BMI is quite useless because a muscly tall man is going to have a higher BMI than a short fat man. I''m pretty sure morbidly obese means a BMI of 40, not 35. So you are moderately obese, but not yet morbidly obese. Hope this helps. don''t listen t oall these people, i don''t understand why...


obesity vs Smoking: Which health problem is worse?

A: There has been a bit of debate about this recently as smokers are claiming that they help the government by paying high taxes on cigarettes. I guess obese people could argue they spend more money on food thus helping the economy too, but I had never heard this argument before. In Japan, there is very little obesity, but quite a lot of smokers and the nmber one health problem is lung cancer (since 1998) followed by stomache cancer, the cancer of the colon. But diabetes and other obesity related problems are climbing according to sources like the washington posthttp://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/06/18/AR2007061801466.html In the US, heart disease is the leading cause of...


Should obesity be treated as an eating disorder?

A: I''m sick of this liberal, make excuse for every single little problem, society that we live in! They are fat cause they stuff too much chocolate and microwave dinners down their cake holes with out doing any exercise. No other reason! I''d give them three strikes then they are out (of the NHS system). I pay a ridiculously large amount each year in tax, and for what? Scroungers and fatties!!! Wide loads! Just stop eating so much!!! I definately someone like that, has to really seriously cut from food, well if they carry on , thats their fault, they are recieiving help , you know specialist care , they just suffering , unfortunetly. im on the fence with this one... the eating too much is an eating disorder, but the sitting on your **** all day... thats just lazy....


What Should I Expect at an obesity Clinic?

A: An obesity clinic is a medical facility equipped with various programs to help obese people loose weight and begin a healthier lifestyle. obesity is the term used to describe excessive body fat. In an obese person, his or her body fat may be so abundant that the person''s life may be at risk. Heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are just some of the many ailments caused by this condition. An obese person may choose to enter a clinic to loose weight under keen medical supervision. At an obesity clinic, you may expect to be put on a diet plan. The diet may consist of foods and drinks that are low in fat, sugar and sodium, as well as smaller in portion....


What Is the Best obesity Diet?

A: The best obesity diet starts with reducing calories and increasing exercise. This can be accomplished in many ways and it can also be done in a healthy manner. Eliminating food items that contain a significant amount of fat and sugar can help to decrease weight. Exercise can help to increase muscle strength and metabolism. Being on an obesity diet can lower the risk of getting certain medical conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. obesity can be caused by genetics, thyroid disorders, and some prescription medications that slow down metabolism. Consuming too many calories a day and not participating in physical activities is the most common reason for...


How Do I Perform an obesity Intervention?

A: If a friend or loved one suffers from severe obesity, an obesity intervention may be the most effective way to encourage the person to get treatment for the condition. In an obesity intervention, a severely overweight individual is confronted about her need to manage her condition by several people she cares about. The goal of an intervention is to assure the overweight person that those present are deeply concerned about her welfare and want to support her in addressing her health issues and eating habits. Interventions are a technique used in the recovery movement to encourage people involved in self-destructive behaviors such as substance abuse, gambling, and overspending to get help....


How Do I Choose the Best Pediatric obesity Program?

A: Choosing the best pediatric obesity program can be difficult, but getting a child started back on the path to health is an investment worth making. A good pediatric obesity program will include an improvement in nutrition and exercise as part of a daily routine. Unless other health problems are present, simply making changes in these two areas is enough to constitute a complete program. Sometimes, seeking support in groups can be useful when dealing with childhood obesity, but some parents manage to make changes on their own. Every obese child needs to be treated by a physician who can recommend a specific pediatric obesity program to improve overall health.


What Are the Best obesity Solutions?

A: There are several types of obesity solutions including behavior modifications, drug treatments, medical intervention, and surgery. These solutions are sometimes only available in clinical settings, such as obesity treatment centers or hospitals, while others are implemented on an out patient basis, and may rely heavily on techniques such as a weekly meeting of an obesity support group or patient initiated diet and exercise programs. Once a patient has reached a weight that falls into the obese category, most medical professionals suggest medical supervision to monitor any potential health repercussions from losing weight in an unhealthy manner. It is very important to ensure the patient''s overall condition doesn''t...


What Is Truncal obesity?

A: Truncal obesity refers to a condition in which one has a body mass index of 30 or more and in which the fat is primarily stored around the trunk of the body. It is also sometimes called abdominal obesity. Those who have truncal obesity are more likely to suffer from serious health conditions than those who carry most of their weight in the hips, thighs, or arms.. Although any amount of excess weight can lead to health problems, those with truncal obesity are at a much higher risk than others. Fat which accumulates around the mid-section is within close proximity to the body’s internal organs and can cause fat to build up around them. It also increases the risk of type-2 diabetes, and the...

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