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What Is Parental obesity?

A: Parental obesity is a determination of whether or not a child has obese parents. Although it is not a guaranteed indicator, parental obesity can be one of the major factors used to predict whether a child will be obese when he or she is an adult, due to genetic or environmental reasons. Children of a healthy weight are less likely to become obese as adults when compared with children who are already obese, but this can be dramatically affected by parental obesity. One study has shown that if a child under ten years old has obese parents, he or she is more than twice as likely to be obese as an adult, even if the child is still at a healthy weight for his or her age. In some cases, obesity of...


Obese people in motorized carts at shopping centers....?

A: No I do not get angry. If you think about it they are handicapped in a way. I do agree with making them pay double for flights since they take up two seats on a plane. I''ve heard regular ppl are using them also, which causes a shortage of carts for ppl who really need them. I agree! Just because they can''t control their eating habits and laziness does not mean they should be allowed to use the carts that are needed for TRULY handicap people. Yes, but fat people seldom think of others. They only think of what they can shove down their gullets next, whether it be a small animal of some kind of a lard encrusted pastry. Whenever I do see a fat *** riding around in the motorized carts, I either like to put my shopping cart sideways in front of them so they either have to move it or go back,...


I want a weight loss as soon as possible.. i had so many pills so many home things but no result .. will u please give any tips for the obesity

A: Excessive weight or obesity is a common problem these days, especially given the lifestyle and food choices that people make. Apart from the sedentary work lifestyle, people tend to eat fast foods and avoid working out, due to the lack of time. This, in turn, leads to excess calorie deposition in body, resulting in obesity. obesity is a serious problem; it is not just a cause of social embarrassment. It causes serious diseases including hypertension and increases your risk of developing several other cardiovascular related diseases. If you are overweight or obese, then it imperative for you to participate in workouts and diets targeted at weight loss for obesity. While there are various...


Is it cruel to send a childhood obesity DVD to someone who has an obese kid?

A: I totally agreew tih what you have done.....if more people would follow in your shoes, we''d have less obese children out there...which there are ALOT of! I wouldn''t go by BMI, I''d just look at appearance. My 11 year old daughter''s BMI is high as she''s 5''6" and weighs just under 170 lbs - but she''s not fat, she''s been in sports since she was 4 and has always had a high protein content in her diet - she''s going out for football next year. 2-3 adult servings at each meal is not right for a child. My daughter doesn''t have that even though she does an adult workout almost daily. Also you need to look at what''s being served. Dessert is not supposed to be an every day thing. Even every week is pushing it in my view, depending upon what dessert entails. There''s a big difference...


Is it possible to be obese and nice looking and healthy?

A: No. How can you be obese and look good and be healthy? Think about it. But it''s not up to anyone to judge. You can be thin and not look good or be healthy...that''s laziness, too. I''m afraid not. That''s a factual answer and not a merely subjective one. obesity is, by it''s very definition, morbity. Someone who is clinically obese cannot be healthy. Whether they can be "nice-looking" is, I guess, a matter of opinion.Some cultures still force-feed young women to make them fat as that is considered attractive, but the young women grow into middle-aged women with a shorter life expectancy and can look forward to heart disease, diabetes, problems with their joints, immobility and all of the awful things that go with these. There are, tragically, plenty of...


What Is Teen obesity?

A: Teen obesity refers to the problem of very overweight teenagers. obesity for a teenager occurs when his or her body mass index (BMI) is more than 95 percent greater as compared to other teenagers of the same gender and age. A 15-year-old girl who is 5 feet, 4 inches (about 1.6 meters) tall would be obese once she hit 169 pounds (about 77 kilograms). A 15-year-old boy who is 5 feet, 8 inches tall (about 1.7 meters) would be obese at 179 pounds (about 81 kilograms). The term ''obese'' is commonly used by doctors when a person''s weight can negatively affect their health. obesity can be caused by genetics and habits such as eating unhealthy food and not getting enough exercise. Consuming more calories than are burned...


What Are the Different Types of Morbid obesity Treatment?

A: Morbid obesity treatment options include changes in diet, exercise, behavior therapy, and bariatric surgery. Various medications can also be used to help suppress a personís appetite and reduce the amount of fat that person absorbs. Each of these morbid obesity treatment options can be used separately, but can also be used simultaneously to help produce prolonged and sustained weight loss. Since morbid obesity is a serious medical threat that can reduce a personís lifespan, it is highly recommended for a person in this condition to consult a medical professional about using one or more of these treatment options. The most drastic morbid


What Are Anti-obesity Drugs?

A: Anti-obesity drugs are medications formulated to reduce or control weight. These pharmacological treatments are prescribed by a medical doctor. They generally are reserved for cases of life-threatening obesity and not for patients who are simply dieting. This strictness of use is because of the alteration of vital processes that take place in the body when these drugs are taken. The processes that can be affected include normal stimulation of the appetite, an increase in the body''s metabolism and interference with the absorption of some nutrients. The brain has what is known as cannabinoid receptors, which are involved in the normal stimulation of the appetite. Some studies have shown that anti-obesity drugs that...


Shall we implement "Fat Tax" on fast food or on overweight person in order to fight obesity?

A: I don`t agree with tax on fast food as those of us who are not obese do sometimes enjoy a french fry or something in moderation. I DO believe however that there should be higher insurance premiums and penalties for overweight and obese people. Not to be mean, but they are a burden on the medical establishments in the US especially and cause all of our private insurance rates to rise which is not fair to those of us who do choose to live a healthier lifestyle.. We have become so politically correct on this issue that people who point out the obvious are demonized for being mean or judgmental when that is not the case. The fact of the matter is obese/overweight people who do not or will not exercise, eat right etc. are doing this of their own free will and they should have to pay for their...


What Is the Connection Between Body Image and obesity?

A: The connection between body image and obesity is not as clear as many people might think based on common sense. It is difficult to determine whether a person`s body image is changed by his or her obesity, or if his or her weight is affected by body image. Additionally, if the latter were true in an individual`s case, it might be equally possible that high body image resulted in obesity rather than low body image, as most people would expect. Some studies even question whether body image and obesity have much of a relationship at all, though many have found links between the two.. Despite some findings that body image does not really change when associated with higher

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