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Will I become obese if I do not exercise regularly?

A: obesity is, at its core, ''an excess proportion of total body fat'' according to webmd.com. All humans have percentages of body fat and muscle tissue that compose the physical form, but an obese person has a significantly larger percent of fat cells on their body verses someone of a ''normal'' weight. Typically, obesity is measured and diagnosed according to an individual''s BMI, or Body Mass Index. This is a range of numbers that measures height verses weight for men and women. According to this scale, a BMI of 30 or higher is technically considered obese. To calculate a BMI, you simply divide your weight in pounds by your height in inches, or you can simple use a chart like the one found at the link below: ...


Do you think I am just overweight or obese?

A: definitely obese! no you''re not fat! if you feel that you are obese, then you should put your body type to good use & join football. my cousin brian is just like you: sixteen, tall, filled out. he said he felt unhealthy (he was always tired & all he wanted to do was sit around the house and watch t.v.), so he went out for the football & wrestling teams at his school. he''s lost about 20 lbs., & now his "loose" weight is solid muscle, and he feels much better :) good luck! OMG! I was talking about this yesterday! You are so -not- obese! The BMI scale is extremely faulty. First off, it''s based on a two-dimensional model (I pretty sure you''re three-dimensional, unless there''s something I don''t know!) Also, BMI fails to take a lot of things into account. There...


Don't u hate obese people that act like they're happy to be fat, rather than working on losing the weight?

A: what''s it to you *** hole. what do you care if some one is Happy or not Monique is pretty because of her confidence. And 80% of men would rather have a women with some meat on their bones then a anorexic lady any day. Every one who is over weight is not unhealthy. Monique is probably healthier then you. yes they r lazy ***** and r jealous of prettier women. No, I don''t hate obese people. I''m wondering why you''re just picking on obese women, though. I''ve met plenty of men in my life, and the biggest, fattest guys act like the biggest players. They''re riding the fat wave too, dude. If it''s only obese women doing this, then why are there more obese men than obese women? Im sure you have problems of your own. Maybe concentrate on your problems than others. Maybe the world would be a...


What Are the Different Types of obesity Treatment?

A: obesity is a problem that involves a person being significantly overweight. There are numerous causes of this condition. There are also numerous obesity treatment options. Some non-surgical treatment options include low calorie diets, physical activity, and diet pills. Surgical options can include procedures such as gastric bypass and biliopancreatic diversion with a duodenal switch. The first obesity treatment options that are generally recommended are those that involve lifestyle changes. When people who are obese seek to lose weight, they are usually encouraged to first change their eating habits. A change in eating habits generally involves reducing the number of calories consumed per day. For many people this...


What Does it Mean to be Morbidly Obese?

A: The term obese is often used interchangeably with morbidly obese, but these are two separate terms signifying different levels of weight over ordinary body weight. Many people fall into the obese category and weigh about 20% more than the ordinary body mass index (BMI) for their height. It doesn’t take a lot to be considered obese and in developed countries like the USA, a fairly large percentage of people are in this category. To be morbidly obese means that person has a much higher body fat percentage and BMI might be anywhere from 35 to 40 and up. There are disputes on whether BMI of 35 or 40 is the beginning point of morbid obesity. A BMI of 40 is more typically cited as the BMI that indicates a person is morbidly obese. What this really translates to in...


How Do I Prevent Childhood obesity?

A: Preventing childhood obesity requires maintaining a healthy living environment for the child through diet, exercise, and example. A child must be fed a healthy diet that provides appropriate nutrients and keeps calories at a reasonable level. Exercise can be integrated into the day through play, or it can be regulated with sports or other physical activities. Leading by example is often the hardest part when trying to prevent childhood obesity because it can be difficult for adults to change habits even if those habits are known to be unhealthy. Keeping these simple guidelines in mind can help prevent childhood obesity in almost all cases. The first problem that must be addressed in order...


Is lifestyle modification, diet, and exercise the ultimate cure for obesity?

A: In the end it`s calories in and calories out-- obesity is caused by too many calories in and not enough calories out. Obviously, taking in less food ( fewer calories) and exercising more ( using more energy) is the ultimate cure for obesity. It is very simple in theory, the hard part is getting people to change and there is a whole, very profitable industry built around doing that.. The obesity pandemic is caused by the food industry which in turn feeds the fitness industry. The only way out is to eat real living food and lead a normal active life. Real living food is easy to define: Anything that has the shelf-life of organic fresh food. The decision is ours to make, each and every individual can change the world...


Is There Such a Thing as Genetic obesity?

A: A number of studies, including those conducted by researchers at Boston University and Harvard Medical School, suggest there is such a thing as genetic obesity. The genetics involve not only influence the body mass index of an individual, but where fat deposits are likely to be stored. In some cases, it is the presence of certain genes that affect genetic obesity. In other cases, the absence of certain genes, or certain bits of information within the genes, may be the most important factors.. While scientists have long understood that genetic obesity does exist, the genetic components were originally thought to only influence a very few families. Studies in the first part of the 21st century have suggested those...


Can obesity cause depression?

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Are Parents to blame for Childhood obesity?

A: Often when you look at the parents of an obese child, more often then not, they parents are obese too! This makes since because health conscious parents would pass down their knowledge to their children (in moderation and still let their children indulge). Personally, both of my parents were very firm about me participating in sports. They were both over weight (not obese) and that gave me motivation to never end up like them. While parents undoubtedly influence their children''s eating and exercising habits to an extent, I don''t think there is one single factor to "blame" when it comes to problems like this. Off the top of my head, those ubiquitous McDonald''s restaurants with their playgrounds and little toys (not to mention the numerous commercials they have in-between TV...
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