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When using descriptive terms, should we say ''fat'' or ''obese''?

A: Oh my gosh…remember the last time we got into this. Where is Pdworking? loll Either should work! I would imagine fat would hurt more. Obese sounds more clinical, detached. Fat! Yep. That hurts worse. I don''t think anyone needs to be called either fat or obese as a wake-up call; I think they are well aware of their bodies. I''m sure overweight people know they are overweight without some asshole (or should I use dick) thinking they need to point it out. How about BIG BONED? Personally I think obese hurts more. Every time I hear the word I imagine someone who may weigh about 300 lbs and horribly out of shape. Where as with fat I imagine someone who is a few lbs over that can possibly be helped with exercising and a lighter diet but otherwise may be healthy....


How is obesity possible?

A: I think you''re looking at it backwards. Historically, there were many periods of hardship and nutritional deficiency, and so our bodies would store fat from the “good times” to help tide us over in the “lean times”. We see the same pattern in many (if not all) animal species; they gain weight in time of plenty, and lose it during hard seasons. In humans, we''ve largely eliminated “survival of the fittest” through medicine and technology, and so when we lack the self control or self discipline to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, the effects of evolution are largely mitigated. I think you are misunderstanding evolution here. The real world isn''t like pokemon where we gain new abilities through evolution. It''s just a long...


What is the main cause of obesity poor diet or lack of exercise or both?

A: There is no one cause of obesity. Consider queen of Punt disease, Underactive Thyroid, Digestive disorders, genetics, chronic diseases While it is true that some people are obese because of overeating and lack of exercise. The public and media often forget that there are other things at play for many people. Consider certain genetics of indigenous people, like Maori, Pacific and Hawaiian Islanders who are naturally large. Also consider that their heritage diet is healthy. Yet genetic predisposition makes them large. Consider certain peoples of Africa who are large as well as certain geographic Russians, their genetics make them predisposed to being large. It is sad to say that no one takes a look at genetics. Everyone automatically thinks that if you are obese...


Which is worse, bulimia and anorexia or obesity?

A: The worse of all these disorders is the judgement people feel towards those with these afflictions instead of compassion, scorn and help. It accelerates the diseases. They all seem pretty shitty to me. Anorexia and bulimia kill you a lot faster, though. Yes, anorexia and bulimia do kill you faster, and bulimia also destroys your teeth. They are all bad options. I''ve read anorexia is the hardest on the body organs but don''t rightly know, they all seem horrible to me. I don''t know why one has to be worse than the others, they all are pretty terrible. obesity might take longer to kill you, but it can be a slow, painful death. Anorexia and Bulimia are horrible and ravage the system. They are both pathologies that cause health problems of one...


Would finding out that obesity is caused by bacteria or viruses change your perspective on it?

A: The simple fact of the matter is that only so much can be blamed on something other than the mechanics of fork-to-mouth. You don''t become 300 lbs overweight by catching a bug. Yeah, your susceptibility. That''s not saying that it causes obesity. Obese people should eat better and exercise. They should not be discriminated against, but they shouldn''t behave like they don''t have a health problem. I don''t assume those things, but this does change the way I think about obesity. There are many contributing causes to what any person''s body is like, and this is another possibility I didn''t have to consider. It is clear that there are many major cultural ideas about obesity… Having these risk factors should only...


Please read all before you start calling names. obesity is it really a disease? Whatever!!?

A: I whole heartily agree - You do need to realize that of the people who are obese, a small percentage (like 2%) actually have metabolic disorders. But, that is a small percentage! The other 98% are just lazy over eaters. I agree with you. There are some factors that contribute to increase in weight, but can still be taken care of. You don''t have to be fat if you don''t want to be! The "disease" is not stopping putting food in your mouth. Hello? umm noo its not a disease. yeahh like umm some people they cant exercise bc they have physical or mental problems and thats ok... but other people just go around stuffing food in their faces and sitting on the couch, then they complain to people how fat they are and they fish for compliments on looking skinny this way they can stuff more...


Treatment of obesity.

A: obesity is one of the most common conditions around today. While eating healthy in order to provide our bodies with the required amounts of calorie content and fat to burn during periods of physical activity is of prime importance, overdoing the quantity of food that you consume will add to obesity. Moreover, the fact that today’s world is so high – paced, it is highly likely that an individual would rather get a fast food meal to save on time, rather than wait half an hour or so to have a nutritious meal prepared or served. Any food consumed will be turned into energy; as a result, any excess amounts of food will be converted and stored in the body as fat. If the fat layers continue to build up – chances are that you are...


What Are the Best Exercises for Obese People?

A: It is important for obese or overweight people to exercise in order to lose weight and get healthy, but it can be difficult for a number of reasons. The best exercises for obese people are exercises that do not place a lot of extra stress on the joints and bones, as well as aerobic exercise that gets the heart rate up in order to burn calories. Walking and swimming are two of the most often recommended exercises for obese people because they accomplish both of these goals. Before beginning any exercises for obese people, it is important to visit a doctor in order to receive clearance to exercise. A doctor will be able to determine whether or not it is physically safe to begin exercising, and may be able to offer specific advice regarding types of exercise or target heart rates. It is...


What Are the Pros and Cons of Bariatric Surgery for obesity?

A: While weight-loss surgery can help those who are unable to lose weight through traditional diets, complications and side effects can be serious and sometimes life-threatening. The benefits of bariatric surgery include its documented effectiveness in helping people to lose significant amounts of weight relatively quickly. The dangers of bariatric surgery for obesity are also well documented and can include surgical complications, nutritional deficiencies, and in some cases the regaining of lost weight. Due to the seriousness of the procedure, many medical professionals regard bariatric surgery for obesity as a last resort treatment for those whose weight poses a threat to their health and...


What Are the Best Childhood obesity Treatments?

A: Childhood obesity treatments are primarily twofold: being active and eating healthy meals and snacks. Sedentary activities, such as playing console games or surfing the Internet, are often replaced with equally fun but more active leisure activities to help the child reach a normal weight and maintain it. For example, engaging a child in a new sport that he or she likes, such as swimming, geo-caching, or soccer, is generally a good start. It may also be necessary to ensure his or her school breakfasts and lunches are nutritious and, if not, pack the child a healthier meal at home. There are usually no legal diet drugs to give children under 16, so childhood obesity treatments tend to rely on hard work and dedication...

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