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What Are the Best Tips for Fighting obesity?

A: There is a great deal of disagreement about the best methods for fighting obesity, but there are a few general guidelines that may be helpful. The first step for most people is to find a diet they can tolerate. Most experts believe a variety of diets can potentially work, but different people have more tolerance for different kinds of restrictions. The second step is usually to take on an exercise regimen, which might vary in intensity from one person to the next. For some people, these techniques may not work for fighting obesity, and they might have to contact a doctor for additional aid. The kind of diet a person uses when fighting obesity can vary based on that individual''s...


How Lack of Sleep Can Contribute to Weight Gain and obesity in Adults!

A: Lack of Sleep can Contribute to Weight Gain & obesity! You Can`t Be Serious? When I first heard the statement: "Lack of sleep is one of the ingredients contributing to weight gain and obesity in adults!" I was pretty skeptical and really had to think about it for awhile. But then, after Googling `lack of sleep + weight gain + obesity`, I found all the evidence was there. So yes, lack of sleep can contribute to weight gain and obesity in adults.. Starbucks & Dunkin` Donuts.. Before I go into details, there`s one thing I`d like to point out about sleep deprivation that I doubt you`ve ever considered, so take a few seconds and picture this scenario: You`re at work, it`s moving towards the...


What home remedy will be useful for obesity?

A: obesity is becoming a very serious problem today and has reached epidemic proportions. The number of obesity cases has been rapidly increasing within the last few decades. This is generally thought to be due to an increase in junk food consumption as well as poor dietary habits. Life itself seems to be very fast paced with almost no time for relaxation. The number of sedentary jobs has also increased tremendously which means that more people now spend a huge part of their day seated in front of a computer. Cooking healthy food is regarded as a waste of time since one can just pick up the phone and have food delivered to their doorstep! A healthy diet and a good exercise plan are essential for healthy weight loss. A very stringent and...

Do obese people need more health care?

A: Yes, being obese (heavily overweight) carries a number of health risks. These include physical risks (increased risk of injury or strain, from the carrying of extra weight and the decreased mobility) and system-level risks (increased risk of heart disease, Type II diabetes, etc.). This can greatly decrease quality of life, shorten your lifespan, and increase your healthcare costs. However, being slightly above average weight (which is not the same as being overweight) is actually quite healthy, especially as you get older. So yes, you want to lose weight, but you also don''t need to be skinny or even average...you probably want to aim for slightly chubby as a happe medium. Why? Having a little extra body fat helps you if you get a serious illness, as your body has...


How does someone severly obese start to lose weight?

A: well first if u have enough money try a lipo suction or if u cant , run down the block or try to not eat 4 a while , but if ur that desprate stick 2 fingers down ur throat and c if u lose weight and cotinue it As a mother I understand exactly what you mean. I was terrified I would not see my kids grow up. I got some professional help and got started losing weight and improving my health all round. A friend told me about a nutritional guy who put together a meal plan, some diet products and even exercise plan if you want it. the products where great and I started losing weight straight away. The support I got was also excellent. try www.myhealthabc.com, I have lost nearly seventy pounds in the last nine months. My health is in really good shape and my cholesterol...


What would you do to stop obesity?

A: Close down McDonalds and Burger King I don''t think that they need to close down the fast food places but there should be some sort of government mandated regulations on fat content and other things that they use to make the food so that it can still be made but they are using the healthiest ingredients as possible. I also believe that much of the problem is that the healthy food costs a lot. Just look at the organic aisles in the grocery store...those items cost at least 2 times the amount of something that is in the regular part of the store. Fast food places would be making a lot of money if they switched to healthy menus. And I''m not talking about salads because yeah many places have them but I don''t want to just eat a salad for the rest of my life. I like meat too. I guess I''m...


What can be done about national obesity in US?

A: Bring back recess and phys ed in schools. Also, the liberals have to stop denying that obesity today is a bigger problem than "poverty." "Fancy that" Are you sure you aren''t UK? Who says "fancy" in the US? obesity in the US is a complicated mess of lifestyle, lack of exercise, stress. It is up to the individual, their significant others, and their doctor to work out a plan. we need to walk more-exercise in general everybody has a car and nobody walks when i started walking with my kid to school, he asked if the car was broken. portion size-they are huge other countries could have a meal for 2-3 people with what we eat here it''s cheaper to eat bad food-that fake stuff is also addictive-you retrain your taste...


What are some additional health problems related to obesity?

A: High blood pressure. As you put on weight, you gain mostly fatty tissue. Just like other parts of the body, this tissue relies on oxygen and nutrients in your blood to survive. As demand for oxygen and nutrients increases, the amount of blood circulating through your body also increases. More blood traveling through your arteries means added pressure on your artery walls. Weight gain also typically increases the level of insulin, a blood-sugar-controlling hormone, in your blood. The increase in insulin is associated with retention of sodium and water, which increases blood volume. In addition, excess weight often is associated with an increase in your heart rate and a reduction in the capacity of your blood vessels to transport blood. All of these factors can increase blood pressure....


I have an obese child who needs help- insurance will not cover lap band-?

A: First for us to be any help we need the age of your child.. And as one person wrote do you feed to the problem what kind of things do you leave in your house to snack on and what kind of roll do you give?? I can say the Lap band is great I have it myself but anyone out there that thinks that its the easy way out they have a lot to learn!!! it''s work and a great learning experience not a road I would take a young child down. This is the time to teach the right way to eat it is your job take that job serious your child''s life depends on it. Good luck!!! My heart goes out to all those obese kids out there. Especially the very young ones who are obese through no fault of their own, but whose parents hate themselves so much they try to kill their kid. The clown is...


Size 0, Healthy? Like obesity should the associated health problems be treated on the NHS?

A: I am naturally a size 0, im not anorexic. I happily eat pizza, ice cream and i live on Dr.Pepper. But i do not understand people who deliberately loose weight in order to be a size 0. It doesn''t look that great, ive just learnt to live with it (Its a pain buying jeans and tops aswel!) People who are forcing their bodies to be around a size 0 should be treated if it is damaging their bodies to an extent that it could kill them. So yes, people who are strving themselves, through vain of wanting a smaller body should be treated as anorexix is a mental disease..... Yes they should. I am normally a hard liner but on this one, I think it is a dangerous thing to stop treating certain people on the NHS - where do you draw the line? The perception is that an obese person has brought their...

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