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Hi, I am six days late and just got off the pill 2 months ago, theirs been arecent death in the fa

A: Hi, How are you? the chance of getting pregnant increases when sexual contact occurs during your ovulation period. Aside from pregnancy, delay in menstruation may be due to stress, weight changes and hormonal irregularities.Check with a pregnancy test 7 days after your missed period. Earlier testing may yield unreliable results.Take care and regards....


off the pill 2 months ago, now missed period

A: Hi Simone, Thanks for your question. I"m not a medical professional but in my opinion, it could take a few months to get back on normal cycle. Please refer to your OB/GYN about your health questions. It"s also possible you are pregnant. You can always get a 2nd opinion but having a free pregnancy test done at a center if there is one near you. Check out http://www.optionline.org I would like to hear from you about what happens. Please email me at DCHERYL51@yahoo.com Hope this helps. Diane Cheryl P.s. Are you going to stay off the pill and if so, why? Thanks....

I went off the pill 7 months ago and had 5 menstrual cycles and now have not had one for 9 weeks. I have done 2 pregnancy tests that were negative.?

A: Mabye you were stressed out or something, there are various reasons why you could of missed your period. I wouldn''t worry about it too much, but if you don''t get it in the near future contact your doctor....


Did getting off the pill just mess up my cycles or could I be pregnant?

A: I too was in this situation, same deal, where I got my period every time is missed a few pills, then went off the pills and nothing. But it was indeed my body regulating, I actually didn''t have a period for two months, then I had two regular periods now it''s been two months without one, and many negitive pregnancy tests. I think our bodies just like to torture us. Like we aren''t on edge enough. Good luck, I hope it happens faster for you than it is for us. Hi Mrs. Chevy - was wondering if you had anything new to report on your situation? I am in a similar situation as


I am 28 and have been on the pill since I was about 15 for heavy periods. I came off the pill over 4 months ago and myperiods still havent come back. Is this normal or should I go get checked out?

A: Hi, the most common side effects after quitting the pill are: your first ovulation may be slightly painful oryou may feel cramps, bodyache & experience episodes of unusual bleeding. However, most of the timessickness may occur without any obvious reason just after 2-3 days of pill discontinuation because it may takethree to six months to return to regular menstrual cycling and ovulation. Don''t worry as these symptomswill go away with the time. If these pains persist, please consult a gynecologist for your internalexamination and...

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Not having a period after being off the pill for 3 1/2 months and not pregnant don''t know what the problem is?

A: Hi,Thanks for writing in.Birth control pills or oral contraceptives can cause amenorrhea for a while after they are stopped. I wouldsuggest her to wait and watch for some more time and make sure that she eats healthy and balanced diet. If theperiods still do not return it is important to get a clinical evaluation done.Hope this helps!...


hello i came off the pill about 2 months ago, i have not had a pediod since so decided to do a test

A: Hello, As soon as you stop taking birth control pills, you can conceive, if you don?t use othercontraceptives. This could happen very next day after leaving pills. You can confirm pregnancy by repeatingurine pregnancy test or blood HCG test. Take care....


what could it mean if i just went off the pill agian well like 2 moths ago and for the past two mont

A: there are two possibilities in your case, they are you could be pregnant again or it could be due to hormonalimbalance, which is a common side effect of birth control pills. For confirmation I would suggest that you geta pregnancy test done and if positive a visit to OB/GYN specialist would help.Bleeding during pregnancy could be due to implantation bleeding, placenta previa etc. Take care....


What to expect when you come off the pill?

A: It takes up to 4 months they say for your body to get back to normal. I was on the pill for 7 yrs and just got off last October. the PMS is more and the cramps hurts and the monthly gift is longer at first. Now I feel great. It will be a year in October. Why are you off the pill? Glad you are protecting yourself!...


Could I be pregnant or am I having symptoms of going off the pill?

A: Have you found out if you''re pregnant or not yet? I''ve never had any side effects coming off the pill, but I just quit yaz 2 weeks ago after taking them for just 2 months and I''ve had very tender breasts ever since I came off the pill. I''m assuming it''s from the pill, but like I said, it''s never happened to me in the past and I have just a tad bit of doubt in the back of my mind it could be pregnancy. I just went

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