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Would a saline solution be any good to treat an outer ear infection?

A: OMG you need to see youre Doc before you fly. I have had a burst eardrum before and the pain is worse than childbirth! You definitely should go see a doctor. It''s not good to fly with an ear infection because of the pressure change. That would really hurt. Your doctor will give you an antibiotic and that will usually ease the pain up the first day, at least it always did when I had them a lot when I was younger. If not, it should be eased up before your flight. If you can''t get to a doctor before your flight, then trying a saline solution won''t hurt anything and might ease some of the pain, but also, I''ve found that regular inflammatory pain medicine like ibuprofin or advil helps to ease the pain too. Hope this...


can you apply a warm compress to the outer part of your ear with an outer ear infection. and will that relieve the pain?

A: Health advice for ear pain You can apply a warm compress to your ears to get relief from ear pain but use the following home remedies for effectively curing ear pain. Fry a lot of sliced onions in oil and till they turn brown. Strain this through a thin fabric and put 1 drop of it in each ear to decrease pain. You can do this twice a day to effectively diminish ear pain. Olive oil is another home remedy for ear pain. Soak a cotton ball in it and put it in bath the ears 2 times a day. Heat some grated onion in olive oil and strain it. Now, drip 2 drops in each ear 2...

I had an ear infection about 2 weeks ago, went away, now it's back and my jaw really hurts too?

A: wisdom teeth babe. It sounds like you need an antibiotic to clear up the infection, but something stronger than regular Amoxicillian, etc. Also, my older sister used to get ear infections constantly when we were growing up and she would put a little bit of peroxide in her ear and then put a cotton ball in her ear to block it up and she would feel better the next day. Since you are a minor I would talk to a doctor or your parents about doing this first, but I know that she was instructed to do this by someone (although I''m not sure who now because she was much older than me) and it would help clear up the


my baby (5 months old)has an ear infection and now his body cold and clammy

A: Baby ear infections are quite common among children below two years of age. The types of infections that can affect them are outer and middle ear infections. The medical term for an ear infection is otitis media, which, in Latin, literally means inflammation of the middle ear. It is imperative to look for symptoms of ear infection in infants as they are not able to express pain verbally. Treatment is necessary to prevent further complications. What causes ear


Is it ok to put diluted hydrogen peroxide down your ear to ease/clear an ear infection?

A: NO! Don''t do it again you moron! Yes but use a qtip. many times in an ear infection, the eustacian tubes are inflammed as well, which prevents drainage to the throat. a warm compress on the area over the tube (right under the ear on your neck) and decongestants like Sudafed can help clear the tube, relieving the pressure and allowing it to drain. also, alcohol is more effective at drying out ears (use a qtip, dont go in very far) a little dab will do ya...thats usually used by swimmers, not peroxide. for irrigating an ear we would usually use a warm saline flush. Hydrogen peroxide is safe to use in the ear. It...


Does getting bath water in child's ear cause ear infections?

A: YES, if there are ear infectious bacteria in the water. not just the water itself. but they say this sometimes cuz when the skin is wet the pores are generally more open, and if its a bath probably the warm water opens them larger and bacteria can get in easier. so to really answer your question, no the water doesn''t cause ear infections. the bacteria however it gets in there does. if the water didn''t leak out, or go down in drainage, and it retained and gre wbackteria, yes, and if it''s really bad like a swimmer''s ear, then yes. Just like once in a while, nope. i''m not an expert, but i think it could be possible my doctor told me yes it can cause a ear


Do ear infections in an adult require a trip to a doctor?

A: I don''t go, but I''m a very, very bad person. Actually what I usually do for an outer ear infection is put some rubbing alcohol and/or witch hazel and/or hydrogen peroxide on a q-tip and swish it around in my ear gently--this has potential to hurt like hell so be careful. And then avoid water for a few days, including blow drying my ear on the barely warm setting after a shower. But go to the doctor. Do as I say, not as I do....


ear infection?

A: 24 Jul 2011 Hey Kaz, Sorry to hear of the new problem. The antibiotic should help the problem within a few days. As far as over the counter remedies for ear infections, that is a difficult one. It depends on the source of the problem really. As far as preventing ear infections, if an outer ear infection, say from water collecting in the ear, then drops of half rubbing alcohol and half white vinegar may help. If this is an infection that comes from ongoing allergies, then an over the counter medicine for allergies such as Claritin (loratadine)...


What is a good way to heal an ear infection?

A: How do you know you have an ear infection if you haven;t seen the doc? Without looking inside your ear you can''t be sure you have an ear infection. Use Tea Tree Oil on a cotton ball to help with the ear for now and stay out of the docs office if you can until you are over the flu as you don''t want to spread that to everyone else in the docs office. First, you need to be taking some pain medication on a regular basis for the discomfort. Antibiotics will help. Most people with just a simple ear infection do not start vomiting - maybe you have picked up another bug along with your


What Are the Different Types of Natural Remedies for ear infection?

A: Of the different types of ear infection, otitis media, or middle ear infection, is the most common. In the past, the first line of treatment for middle ear infection was antibiotics. Antibiotics remain a standard treatment for acute middle ear infection. For mild to moderate otitis media, medical professionals have come to rely more heavily on natural remedies for ear infection, such as time, rest, heat, warm oil drops and fluids. Causes of ear infection include congestion associated with the...

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