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I have 3 ovarian cysts and i cant loose weight....

A: My best friend just had two ovarian cysts removed. She had one three inch long scar. And they said that her chances of conceiving were not affected. You really should have them removed. And I would NEVER go back to the doctor that told you missing your period for 5 months was just an irregular period and must have just forgotten to let you know about the cysts. THat''s messed up. Anyways, my best friend went to Thailand to have her surgery, it was so much cheaper there and she stayed in the hospital for three days to heal, where here in America that probably would have kicked her out the next morning. Best of luck to you hun. Quote: sounds like pcos polycystic

  hi, i had an ovarian cyst which was removed and then grew back a few months ago, i am due to have it removed again, buthave missed a period i know im not pregnant, could the cyst be causing this and could it be dangorous?

A: Hi there. Irregular periods are associated with ovarian cyst. if there is any doubt about the missed period,do a urine pregnancy test and a pelvic scan and serum beta hcg test to rule out pregnancy prior to reexploration and removal. Sharp pains are related to the ovarian cyst. Take care....


can one with ovarian cysts ovulate?

A: Hi, ovarian cysts are of different types like polycystic ovaries, dermoid cyst, corpus leuteum cyst,folliculatr cyst or hemorrhagic cyst. Depending upon the cyst symptoms vary. In general cysts might causeirregular periods, lower abdominal pain or cramps, pressure in the lower abdomen, irregular bleeding,infertility etc.Infertility could be due to absence of ovulation or due to hormonal imbalances or due to enlarged cystinterfering with pregnancy. Best....


Is it normal for all women to ovarian cyst?

A: Well, the normal ovarian follicle in different stages is often referred to as an ovarian cyst. It isdefinitely physiological. But there may other pathological causes of ovarian cyst like PCOD, Endometrioma andcystadenoma that are not normal. This can be diagnosed by an ultrasound. Consult a gynaec for further opinion....

ovarian cancer - ovarian cyst on right ovary

A: Hi, ovarian cysts are pretty common, since you had it during a child-bearing age, then the odds of cancer would besmall. What is unclear would be the symptoms you mentioned that are still present. If this is regarding pain(especially if your doctor sees no clear reason for this), then this may be enough reason to performdiagnostic testing. The simplest testing may be a repeat sonogram. From what you''ve posted - there are noalarming features that should make the testing focused primarily on investigating the possibility of cancer. You may want to find out your baseline risk for ovarian cancer per se. You could check out this link to helpyou estimate the risk....

Is it ok to go tanning when you have an ovarian cyst or cervical cancer?

A: What do you want skin cancer too? Be happy with the color skin that you have-it is part of being you! I know you have heard it before, but I''m gonna say it again. You should never, ever, ever, ever, go tanning. nothing is more harmful to your skin that exposing it to those artificial UV lights. Tanning itself, is a surge of melanin that comes to surface of your skin while you are, for lack of a better term, cooking yourself. Tanning is the bodys response to the damage that you are causing. Please, for your own sake, stay out of those beds, they really are no good for you. If you are in poor health especially. If you have ovarian cyst or cervical cancer do you still have the mood to go tanning? Get yourself treated first, that is top...


  ruptured ovarian cyst, vaginal bleeding

A: Hi, ovarian cysts are usually painless and sited during routine ultrasounds but ruptured cyst may cause severepain during periods, particularly before or at the time of end of the cycle, pain during sexual intercourse,and pain in the abdomen. In addition, one may experience irregular menstrual cycle, which might be shorter orlonger than the normal cycle, if it was a ruptured cyst. These cysts may also cause excessive bleeding and/ortiny bleeding that can occur throughout the cycle similar to the bleeding you are experiencing after yourperiods. If untreated, ruptured cyst in few cases may cause infection and hemorrhage which can lead...


ovarian cyst causing discharge and odor ?

A: Hi, Welcome to ehealthforum. A lot of discharge or increase in discharge along with bad odor is a sign of infection. Follow the advice given at ER and visit a gynecologist at the earliest to go ahead with further examination and investigations to confirm and identify the infection and get started on treatment. The ovarian cysts will need an ultrasound scan to confirm the number and size. If they are more in number and big in size, the abdominal swelling or distension can be attributed to the presence of ovarian cysts. Take care....


Dark brown spotting consistently , ovarian cyst

A: Hi, Welcome to ehealthforum. The dark brown spotting that is increased over time, does indicate some ongoing pathology. You should consider getting a repeat check-up done for the ovarian cyst. Try taking help from the ‘free clinics’ that take care of medical needs of people without insurance. They will be able to make you have a consultation with a gynecologist and go ahead with the tests needed. Visit this link to locate a free clinic in United States: http://www.freeclinics.us/freeclinic.php Take care....


ovarian cyst

A: Dear Devkumar ovarian cyst has become a common problem in ladies now a day. What I believe is that  60 ? 70% of the cases are curable with homoeopathy, another 10 to 15% cases can be halted and some cases are not curable and may need a surgical removal. The treatment consist of a proper case taking and proper care which may range from 2 to 3 months to 1 or 2 years depending on patient. As the remedy is purely depend on patient and not the disease in homoeopathy I am not in a position to tell you remedy with the information you had given. You can see similar cases in my web www.bhadrahomeo.com for more information. Please meet a good homoeopath in your town without wasting time in search of remedy by net as this case needs an expert...

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