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Parkinson's disease answers (2009)

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I had submitted my question on parkinson''s disease and yet to receive your advise. Kindly answer me.

A: Parkinson's disease can be defined as a progressive and chronic neurodegenerative movement disorder. Difficulty in walking, poor balance, slow movement and tremors are all characteristic symptoms of this particular condition. The exact cause of this disease still remains to be a mystery. The basal ganglia is that portion of the brain, which is responsible for all our bodily movements. The brain cells that are present in the basal ganglia require, that a proper balance is maintained between two substances known as acetylcholine and dopamine; both of which are involved in the process of transmitting nerve impulses. Now, when a person suffers from Parkinson’s disease, the cells responsible for producing...


What is Parkinson''s disease and how does it affect someone''s brain?

A: Hi ksm3327 - Parkinson''s disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system characterized by tremor and impaired muscular coordination. To put it simply, Parkinson?s disease (or PD) is progressive. It will eventually get worse with time. It can and commonly does affect the central nervous system - the whole body. It can be identified by several factors, one being tremors, another being the patients lack of coordination in moving, due to their muscles being affected. Basically, a healthy brain will produce the correct amount of dopamine needed for the brain to function properly. A person who has Parkinson?s doesn?t produce enough dopamine, having a lack of control over their movements. Dopamine is the brain?s oil,...

Smoking cuts risk of Parkinson's disease?!!?

A: Not a chance that smoking helps with anything! Bad news!! It will kill you, Causes cancer, strokes, heart disease, hardens your arteries, etc etc etc! The article states "While there have been a number of previous studies, most were too small to be conclusive, the report said. So the UCLA researchers looked at 11 studies done between 1960 and 2004 covering more than 11,800 people, of whom 2,816 had Parkinson''s disease." This is not a very big study so I would not be convinced that the evidence is conclusive or that there is even a high probability of a correlation. Very interesting. I''m glad I''m an ex-smoker though As much bad publicity as smoking has gotten lately, I''m surprised to see anything positive about it. But then...


Is Parkinson''s disease curable

A: There is currently medicine that slows Parkinson''s disease, but it does not cure it. Science is getting closer to a cure, though....

For Parkinson''s disease, what are the effective acupuncture points to increase dopamine secretion in the body?

A: It is common to use scalp acupuncture to treat Parkinson''s disease. There are no specific points for dopamine secretion. It would be better to use the points based on Traditional Chinese medicine theory....


Children''s journal of Parkinsons''s disease?

A: Hi i did some research about it, and i find some similar condition condition reasembling Parkinson''s disease here''s the list of them and their definition: Postencephalitic parkinsonism. Just after the first World War, a viral disease, encephalitis lethargica, attacked almost 5 million people throughout the world, and later suddenly disappeared in the 1920s. Known as sleeping sickness surrounded by the United States , this disease killed one third of its victims and lead to post-encephalitic parkinsonism in copious others. This resulted in a outstandingly severe form of movement disorder that appeared sometimes years after the initial illness. (In 1973, neurologist Oliver Sacks published Awakenings, an side of his...


Is it common for patients with Parkinson`s disease to develop psychological problems?

A: In my experience, it is often common for people with Parkinson`s disease to develop psychiatric symptoms, especially as the disease progresses. The most common problem tends to be depression, as both the disease itself and the loss of function can lead to this. Fortunately, antidepressants often help with this and are easily tolerated. Many times, people present as having some Parkinson`s disease symptoms, but they can have other symptoms as well. This can include visual hallucinations (especially children) that accompany a dementia. This is called Lewy Body Dementia, and it is very common for these patients to develop psychiatric symptoms. Fortunately, medications can help this as well,...


Is Parkinson`s disease more often a genetic thing or is it environmentally triggered?

A: Anecdotally, the onset of my relative`s Parkinson`s seemed to be accelerated by prescription drugs, esp anti-inflammatories. Interesting about the basal ganglia. I don`t have Parkinson`s but have other neurological problems that I think are linked to the basal ganglia. I was so relieved to have the diagnosis in itself, that I never wrote it down, and keep meaning to ask for my doctor`s notes. This relative and I seem to have a cross-over in some of our more quirky symptoms.. Well, definitely a mystery, but I have heard and read recently that there are some studies where they are finding that the mineral Manganese and it`s lack of it could be related as it is involved in many metabolic processes in the body, but mainly on the brain and bones (reason why it could be linked to Osteoporosis.....


Do you know when a patch drug is coming out for Parkinson''s disease?

A: According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Exelon patches are currently approved for use in patients with mild to moderate dementia associated with Parkinson''s disease. Unfortunately, to treat the signs and symptoms of Parkinson''s disease, as your doctor currently is with Requip (ropinirole), no patch formulation exists. For more information regarding Parkinson''s disease: http://www.everydayhealth.com/parkinsons-disease/parkinsons-disease-basics.aspx...


Do people with parkinson's disease make good lovers?

A: Now that''s what I call a rubbish question! Shows your mental age. Your not nice karmas gonna get you This so called question is so wrong, you should be ashamed of yourself. What a unnecessary and pointless question. thats so wrong.. ask m.j. fox Despite the obvious distasteful question but still needs answering, Most Parkinson''s patient are old barring few, and sex is last thing on your mind when you eve struggle to feed yourself, not to mention other features including slowed responses and rigidity. Most medication for Parkinson ruin your libido and erection anyway, so sadly Parkinsonian patient may not make an ideal lover for you. But why not try snake if wriggling is what you are after How very sad that you felt the need to ask such a question ! I hope for your sake God doesn''t...

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