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I have peptic ulcer. Lost a lot of weight. Want to put the weight back on. What is the best way to do this without causing more stomach problems and weight loss?

A: An ulcer that is present in the gastrointestinal tract is called a peptic ulcer. A peptic ulcer is very painful as it is usually acidic in nature. These ulcers are generally linked with bacteria that are found in the acids in the stomach and are most commonly seen in the initial part of the small intestine, just following the stomach. Abdominal pain, loss of appetite, bloating, weakness, nausea, vomiting and loss of weight are typical symptoms of peptic ulcers. Many people do not take the pain and discomfort resulting from these ulcers seriously and resort to over the...


What is the peptic ulcer Diet?

A: The peptic ulcer diet may help reduce some symptoms of indigestion, but it cannot cure peptic ulcers or prevent them from forming. While in the past it was thought that peptic ulcers were mainly the result of diet or stress, medical professionals today point to an entirely different cause, the presence of the h. pylori bacteria. Sometimes this bacterium will inflame the stomach or duodenum lining and result in an ulcer. Though diet is not a primary cause of ulcers, and most peptic ulcers are now treated with antibiotics, observing the


What are peptic ulcers?

A: peptic ulcers are small sores which develop in the acidic regions of the digestive tract. While you most often hear the term “stomach ulcers” in reference to peptic ulcers, ulcers can also develop in the esophagus, duodenum, and the Meckel''s Diverticulum. These open sores can be extremely painful, leading to intense discomfort and sometimes medical complications for the people who suffer from them. This medical condition is also extremely common worldwide, with people in a wide range of environments, cultures, and societies suffering from peptic ulcers. Historically, people believed that

What Are the Different peptic ulcer Symptoms?

A: peptic ulcer symptoms are often very noticeable and quite painful. Symptoms may come on suddenly, increase over a period of days or weeks, or come and go unexpectedly. Some of the most common symptoms of a peptic ulcer include stomach pain, fatigue, and changes in stool appearance or consistency. peptic ulcer symptoms are often similar to those of other digestive illnesses and disorders, and should be assessed by a gastroenterologist for diagnosis.. Stomach pain is the most common of all peptic ulcer symptoms, but it may manifest in many different ways. Some people feel a burning, acidic pain...


is peptic ulcer remedy same as digestive enzyme supplement?

A: Natural Cure for peptic ulcer peptic ulcer is a sore on the stomach lining that occurs when the acids and digestive enzymes attack the wall or the protective lining of the stomach. Digestive enzymes are the major cause of peptic ulcer and hence, digestive enzyme supplements or remedies should help in curing peptic ulcer but that's not the case. peptic ulcers induced by the autoluytic action of gastric juices are worsened by the action of digestive enzymes such as protease. People suffering from peptic

What Are the Different Types of peptic ulcer Treatment?

A: A peptic ulcer is a painful condition that occurs on the stomach or small intestine lining. This causes pain in the region as well as a burning sensation that often requires treatment to solve. peptic ulcer treatment depends on the exact condition, although potential methods include the use of either antibiotics or proton pump inhibitors. Eradication therapy — a treatment involving the use of several different types of antibiotics — is sometimes used in order to provide the best chance of success. peptic ulcer treatment is usually decided by the original cause of the ulcer. The two main causes are through...


What should I avoid if I think I am in the early stages of a peptic ulcer?

A: Natural Cure for peptic ulcer There are many ways to treat peptic ulcers naturally. Here are some of the best natural home cures for peptic ulcers: Fenugreek leaves are the best cure for peptic ulcers. Boil these leaves in water and add salt to it. Drink the mixture at least twice a day.Banana is a time tested remedy or cure for ulcers. It helps in neutralizing the harmful effects of gastric juices. Eat two to three bananas every day with milk.A glass of lime juice consumed daily can also help in curing peptic ulcers....

Healthy diet for patient after peptic ulcer burst?

A: The breaking down of skin or membrane to form an open sore which may aggravate by becoming inflamed or infected is known as an ulcer. peptic ulcers, also known as gastric ulcers, are ulcers occurring in the stomach or digestive system. They expose the sensitive under-layers of protective membranes, which are later eroded and inflamed by the imbalance in digestive juices. Smoking is the single biggest cause for peptic ulcers. Irregular and infrequent meals are also major causes of peptic ulcers. Rarely, stress may also be one of the factors responsible. A typical...

I have peptic ulcer.

A: Home Cure for peptic ulcers The best cure for peptic ulcer is change in dietary habits. A good and nutritious diet is essential for maintaining the continuous metabolization of vital body organs that eventually helps in neutralizing the gastric acid. The bets food products that help in deactivating gastric juices and treating ulcers are milk, butter, cream, boiled vegetables and fruits. Banana, dates and mango are the best food for curing ulcer. These food products will gradually reduce the stomach acid and treat peptic ulcers. Plantain is another beneficial cure for treating

I suffer from gastritis if I eat spicy or too much salt; I get horrendous nausea which lasts for about three weeks and then clears until I forget and eat something salty or spicy! Does this sound like it could be a peptic ulcer?

A: peptic ulcer treatment  The symptoms of a peptic ulcer are a burning pain or dull ache in the abdominal region that starts 2-3 hours after you have eaten. It may happen in the middle of the night when your stomach is empty and may be relieved by eating something. In addition to these symptoms if you are losing weight, losing your appetite or feel nauseated often, you may need to get yourself checked up for a peptic ulcer. All of the following may cause or aggravate ulcers: alcohol and cigarettes aspirin spicy, fatty, and/or acidic foods tea and coffeeThere are ways to ease the symptoms of
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