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i have all the symptoms of a peptic ulcer but i am pregnant iam going to abored it should i still go

A: Hello, I think before taking any decision you must let your physician examine you. During pregnancy body?sphysiology changes hence women experience non classic symptoms. The pain could be due to pregnancy like due tostretching of uterus etc. Consult your physician. Take care....

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Correlation between peptic ulcer disease and gastritis AND GI cancers?

A: CD my dear..have you any thoughts on this? Shine still waitin on how you are doin........... Hi sweeheart: Ok, there is no coorelation between peptic ulcer disease and gastritis and GI Cancers, UNLESS accompanied by other symptoms... bleeding, increased frequency, change in bowel qualities (flattened stools, etc.). There has to be something else going on to indicate abnormality. Hope this helps. Fondly, CancerDad Thanks for the answer, CD. Pop round to Pain Man. and see what I have been giggling about the past 10 minutes or so. It is so nice to laugh for a change. Just so you know. I try and try to remain UNhumiliated but it''s a tough one. I know this is where self-talk comes in...I know it. I guess it is just...


Can a peptic ulcer be seen on CT scan?

A: The answer is ''sometimes''. The gold standard for diagnosis of peptic ulcers is endoscopy, specifically esophagogastroduodenoscopy (which views the esophagus, stomach, and duodenal portion of the small intestine)....


What is the PRIMARY cause of peptic ulcers?

A: Stress, worry and alcohol are the main causes of peptic ulcers....


peptic ulcer ? What are the symptoms?

A: I have peptic ulcer disease and havent had surgery yet. Sometimes it is severe pain in my upper part of mystomach like under my diaphragm. Sometimes it is an ache. I am on aciphex20mg 3 times a day and carafate. Don''t mess around with them. If you thinkthis is what you have see your doctor and get a scope done. Are you on anymeds for Gerd or gi problems? My pain is in the right upper quadrant and shoots through to the back; verysimilar to GB pain, but mine''s been gone for 25 years! I also getnauseous....


What is scientific name for peptic ulcers?

A: peptic ulcer is itself scientific name .. ...


Stomach/duodenal peptic ulcer?

A: According to the symptoms (dull pain below the ribcage in the middle that lasts for more than 6 months), you could be experiencing a peptic ulcer. The medical examinations you''ve performed (X-ray image, CT-scan and ultrasound-scan) canít reveal a stomach or duodenal peptic ulcer... if there is any. peptic ulcers can be confirmed or excluded only via a gastroscopy. Other diseases of the stomach or duodenum such as tumors, inflammations, hiatus hernia, diverticulum etc. can also be revealed with a gastroscopy. Blood analyses for Helicobacter pillory can be also done. You can consult an internist about the condition immediately to seek...


whats the difference between peptic ulcer and acid reflux

A: If you have an ulcer, then you need to see a doctor, regardless of your lack of insurance. If an ulcer eats all of the way through your stomach, causing a perforation, you will die. If you have an ulcer from H. Pylori, it is cured by a simple and inexpensive antibiotic. If you have hyperacidity, then an antacid like omeprazole (the cheap generic over the counter version of Prilosec), which is a time released version helps a lot. Acid refulx, or GERD, is something that needs to be addressed if you get no relief from antacids. If the acid continues to reflux into your esophagus without intervention, you can develop esophageal cancer. Sometimes surgical intervention is necessary for untreated reflux. I understand not...


How might peptic ulcers be similar to other stress-related diseases? How might they be different?

A: they might be different because ulcers are now believed to be caused by a bacterial infection.....they might be similar in that anything that causes stress weakens the immune system. well people have weak points... some get an ulcer under stress some get palpitations of the heart some get kidney stones some have headaches their similarity is: stress outlet on the body...


Have you ever had a peptic ulcer?

A: No but I had a Dyno peptic Germ once...

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