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What is the best at home treatment for hemorrhoid and a good diet to help them?

A: Hemorrhoid remedies Hemorrhoids or piles are the outcome of a bad lifestyle. If your diet consists of processed, oily food, an excessive consumption of tea, coffee or alcohol then you are likely to develop piles. piles begin with constipation and therefore it is absolutely essential that you eat food that has high fiber content. Eat plenty of vegetables – either raw and in salads or cooked. If you eat salads, stay off rich dressings. Fruits should form an integral part of your daily intake. Our busy schedules mean that most of us end up eating quickly and usually forget to include water in our day. Avoid eating hurriedly — take time to chew your food since this helps in better digestion. Drink as many...

piles/Hemorrhoids treatment?

A: My father has recently had good luck with a regimen that he bought online that seems to be helping him. I don`t know exactly what it is, but it is diet and home remedies combined. I emailed him and asked him and he sent me back this link: http://hemorrhoids48hourcure.com/. I know that he tried a lot of things over the years, but he seems to be pleased with what he is doing, and not so crabby, so it must be working. Wish I could offer more suggestions but give it a try. It certainly can`t hurt, and according to him, it is relatively easy and works. ...


Recently diagnosed with 2nd Stage internal piles. Please advise how to treat it, although I only feel itchy sometimes and while passing stools.

A: piles home treatment  piles is caused by a variety of reasons. A diet rich in carbohydrates and lacking in fiber can cause piles. Stress, a sedentary lifestyle are other reasons for the occurrence of piles. piles is caused when pressure is applied while passing stools. This causes a vein in your anus to swell. The makes the passing of stools a painful process. The easiest way to tackle piles is to concentrate on strategies that will help you pass softer stools. This will reduce the need for any pressure and allow the swollen vein to heal. In order to have softer stools, you should eat...

For piles treatment I saw below suggestion in your site.''To get fast relief, sit in warm salt water for at least 5 minutes. Repeat as frequently as possible'' But if we sit in hot water then will it not produce more heat?

A: The effects of exposure to heat and cold on the human body are not what we would normally expect. For example when the weather is hot, having a cold bath does not really help you cool down although it produces immediate relief. This is because your body then works to regulate and maintain the normal temperature raising body heat, while having a warm bath would have the opposite effect. In the context of piles the purpose of heat is not connected with body temperature at all, as piles has nothing to do with internal or body heat. The treatment that you’ve mentioned is a valid one as the effect of the warmth here would be to stimulate and improve circulation. This will help facilitate healing.

Sir, my one of family member having piles. Doctor suggested for operation and cost arround Rs.11000/-. Please advise operation is necessary or curable by harbal remedies. Awaiting your reply. Thanksshraddha

A: piles or hemorrhoids refer to an enlargement and inflammation of the blood vessels in the rectum. They may appear as bluish purple discolored swollen masses and may cause symptoms such as itching, pain and bleeding. Hemorrhoids actually develop inside the anal canal, but in some cases they may protrude outside the rectum. piles can be classified into different types depending on the condition. First degree piles are swollen blood vessels inside the anal canal. Bleeding may occur, but the veins are not visible from the anus. Second degree piles swell more and push through the anus when the bowels are opened and retreat back inside after that. Third degree piles also...


im having piles problem but no more bleeding ..ive taken radish juice but its still not cured fully ...im facing a lot of trouble to relative area like..irritation,pain in abdomen .../& uneasiness,,,can u tell me any way of curing it...

A: You really must visit a doctor who can look over your physical and family history in addition to examining you. It is unclear whether you have internal or external hemorrhoids (that is, piles) or possibly both. piles may cause bleeding but this is not a necessary condition. On the other hand, bleeding in that area could be caused due to other conditions like anal fissures. Then there are your other symptoms of irritation and pain in the abdomen along with uneasiness.  These symptoms can be caused by many different complications. Thus, you have to go in for a thorough check up as soon as possible. See that you have your weight under control and that you are not inactive. Since straining is the primary problem try to make going to the...


treatment for external piles of hemorrhoid external

A: One of the home remedies for piles is to try and avoid worsening the external hemorrhoids by not using soaps that contain any dyes or perfumes. Another one of the natural external piles treatment especially to gain relief from the itching and the pain is to apply ice regularly during the day for at least 10 minutes at a stretch and this should be followed by placing a warm compress for another 10 minutes on the anal area. External hemorrhoid treatment also includes taking sitz baths. For this purpose one should fill their tub with just around four inches of lukewarm water and then sit in this water for around 15 minutes. This is effective in providing relief to sore...


How to cure piles?

A: chris is right but use the dry figs to soak in the water and have them emptied stomach in the morning and drink the water ...... along with it use black seeds just take three to five seed and chew it you will feel bitter so drink the water of the figs and do drink coconut water its goood for you as well .....neither eat fried food like samosas , chips etc nor use red chilles a they will inrease the effect of ur disease ........use black pepper in less quantity for ur chillis urge...... eat grilled or boiled food with les spices ............ Consult an ayurveda doctor or start drinking Indian Mulberry fruit juice. Rue Care Oil - it shrinks the veins, stops bleeding and strengthens the veins. Also, figure out what is the cause of your piles (constipation, overweight,...


immediate remedy for painful piles?

A: piles is an extremely painful physical condition in which the veins around the anal area or lower rectum get inflamed and swollen. The condition is called hemorrhoids, but is commonly referred to as piles. Because of this inflammation, passage of stools may be very difficult because of the intense pain. If neglected it would only spawn a vicious cycle as piles itself is caused due to constipation, and is worsened with it. You could suffer from either dry or bleeding piles but both can result in bleeding if prolonged. piles may be of two types; internal or external.   Internal piles would not be visible but can be felt while the...

I have piles which is very painful with bleeding; I have this from last 3years. Please advise some home remedy for immediate effect.

A: piles home Cure Painful piles paired with bleeding for duration as long as three years certainly requires immediate attention from a specialist. There are methods that can help assuage the discomfort of passing motions and control the bleeding. But that can only prove effective if it is in conjunction with the medication you will be taking from a certified medical practitioner. Although natural remedies are known to have arrested the discomfort of piles in its early stages, it is imperative that you check with a doctor if you are also experiencing other symptoms. Keep physical stress to a minimal low. Pressure built up over a period of time and strain over physical issues can greatly hamper...
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