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What Is the post exposure prophylaxis For HIV?

A: post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), also called HIV-PEP, is a treatment provided to people who are exposed or possibly exposed to HIV with the goal of preventing infection. It involves prescription medications, usually taken on a four-week regimen, and the patient needs to be supervised during treatment and subjected to testing to check for signs of HIV antibodies both after the treatment and after a set interval. People who need post exposure prophylaxis for HIV include individuals exposed to infected blood through needle sticks, bite injuries, and certain kinds of sexual activity. A common situation...


What Is post-exposure prophylaxis?

A: Conventional wisdom suggests that the best way to prevent illness is by minimizing exposure or immunizing prior to a potential exposure. Not all illnesses have vaccines that prevent them, and sometimes exposure canít be minimized. For some conditions there is a second front of treatment called post-exposure prophylaxis or PEP. Treatments falling into this category may be given after exposure has occurred but before illness has resulted. The hope is to prevent the illness, post-exposure, with treatment. There are different types of post-


  I work in a prison I was exposed to a tattoo needle which punctured my finger Iwas then seen at the emergency room I amhaving second thoughts on refusing totake the post exposure prophylaxis. I just want to know should I return to takeit.

A: Hello edanahotrod, in US, apart from the routine causes of HIV and STD?s transmission, exposure to tattooneedle is also gaining much importance. And that too in an atmosphere of prison will further increase thechances of acquiring such diseases. Thus post exposure prophylaxis is a must. Though you have completed 1month post exposure, it?s still advisable to return for prophylaxis after consulting the STD specialist. Maybe you may require to undergo a STD profile test along with HIV. Hope this helps you. All the best...


post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) - Help

A: Response from Dr. Young Hello and thanks for your post. Your PEP regimen is a standard treatment for high-risk exposures. Overall, given that you started treatment very soon after exposure, your benefit from PEP should be at their maximum. However, other that what I''ve stated, there''s still need for regular follow up testing (we usually do 1, 3 and 6 months), to be certain. I hope this helps and wish you well,BY...


post-exposure prophylaxis side effects minimization

A: Response from Dr. Young Thank you for your question. Sounds like some of your side effects are due to zidovudine (part of Combivir; the fatigue, achiness, nausea)-- these often improve with time, however, in the short-term, taking the medication with some food often helps; if this doesn''t then, medications for nausea (like Compazine) helps. The concentration symptoms are likely related to efavirenz (Sustiva)- these symtpoms also improve with time, but can be alleviated by taking the medication earlier in the evening (say about 1 hour before bed), so that the effects don''t extend quite as far into the morning. As for over-the-counters, we find that plain old PeptoBismol often helps with the nausea; sleep aids like benadryl can often help with sleep quality (something that is frequently...


Continue after post exposure prophylaxis?

A: Response from Dr. Young Thanks for your question, Optimiststl, This is an area of considerable controversy, particularly since recent data from Dr. Bruce Walker''s lab in Boston showed that there does not appear to be a significant change in viral load set point among persons who start therapy very early. This is a very different situation, than in post-exposure prophylaxis, where the person is probably not (yet) truly HIV infected. Nevertheless, I''m waiting for additional data before drawing the very strong conclusion that treatment during acute seroconversion has no benefit. Until that time, for persons like you who are tolerating medications very well, one reasonable approach is to continue medications, with a...


magnetic couple, post exposure prophylaxis

A: Response from Dr. Pierone Hello, and thanks for posting and your English is excellent. Although Combivir and Viracept would not be my first choice for PEP, there is nothing wrong with it. I take that back - there is something wrong with it AZT causes nausea more commonly than Viread and is less than ideal as a preventive medication. Viracept is ok and a good argument can be made that a boosted protease inhibitor like Kaletra would have more potential drug-drug interactions, especially the case of diabetes. This potential problem probably outweighs its potency advantage. Any protease inhibitor may tend to elevate blood glucose levels, so this will need to be monitored. The expectation (hope actually) is that PEP will lower the risk of transmission by about 80%. Good...


post-exposure prophylaxis

A: Response from Dr. McGowan Thanks for your follow-up. No the medications you took would not have affected the PCR tests. Don''t worry. Joe...


  I am going through post exposure vaccination for rabies currently. I have taken the first three doses (last being threedays ago). If a dog bites me during this period, what shall I do? Shall I take the vaccines again?

A: HI, post- exposure prophylaxis for rabies is only for one instance of dog bite, depending on its severity. Itwill not cover repeated dog bites. As they say prevention is better than cure, you should take care to preventfurther bites. Consult your Doctor. Take care and good luck....


Indinavir - Can it be used as post sexual exposure prophylaxis?

A: No. Indinavir does not prevent the spread of HIV to others through sexual contact. It is used in combination to help treat HIV infection. It also lowers the risk of getting HIV complications (such as new infections, cancer). Indinavir belongs to a class of drugs known as protease inhibitors. See: http://www.drugs.com/cdi/indinavir.html...
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