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Stuck By Hypodermic Needle At Work On 7/3 Employer Has Not Filed Accident Report And Not Seen Doctor Yet 7/10

A: This is extremely sad, been there. There is an injection according to the CDC that can be given that prevents conversion in 97% of all cases but must be given within 8 hours. You are too late for this. Go to your local employment office and file a compliant against your employer. This is something that should have been taken care promptly. if you have health insurance, i would just go and get tested myself at my doctors office. then i would try and get any payments you made for the testing out of your own pocket reimbursed by your job. is is very important to get tested sooner rather than later, especially since if you contracted something, you may need to start on medications soon. I am assuming that you work in the health care field. You should have been told to go to your ER department...


What are my chances?

A: I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you. The assault is bad enough without having to worry about your health. I"m afraid that I cannot give you much more information than your doctors have. They would know more than I would since I am not a doctor. I can tell you that since he did not ejaculate that is a good sign. Pre-seminal fluid can transmit HIV too though which is a concern-but the likelihood with that is smaller than had he ejaculated. Taking the HIV prophylaxis is a good sign since it may work to keep you from contracting it if in fact you were exposed. I know the wait is extremely hard-I have been there as well. The window period for HIV is 1-6 months but only a small percentage of the population take as long as 6 months to seroconvert. You can...

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