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lupron post hysterectomy

A: Dear Brenda, Sorry to learn of what you"ve been going through. Use of GnRH analogs (specifically Lupron) in post-menopausal/post-oophorectomy patients is considered "off label" usage.  This means - it has neither been FDA approved for, nor tested in, such usage (much like the use of Lupron in IVF - for which it has also never been FDA approved).  Any positive effects such a method may confer on the patient are largely empiric and not backed by clinical data. However, the side effects of Lupron *are* widely known, and may in fact be worsened by the consideration that you are already - or will be soon - experiencing post-hysterectomy/BSO effects.  Side effects of Lupron...

post-hysterectomy problems

A: One complication that may occur after a hysterectomy as well as other abdominal surgeries is intestinal adhesions. These are small scars that occur in the abdomen. They may cause the intestines to become fixed as opposed to being loose in the abdomen. When this occurs, the intestines can become partially or totally obstructed and fecal material and gas can no longer pass normally. If someone has a partial obstruction, she may develop pain in the abdomen as well as bloating, nausea and vomiting. She may be unable to pass gas or stools normally. Once the obstruction is relieved, the symptoms resolve. Most adhesions occur in the small intestine, but with pelvic surgery such as a hysterectomy, they may occur in the sigmoid colon and cause...

sexual problems post hysterectomy

A: you might want to post your question on the ourgyn bulletin board also. i had my hysterctomy at 40.even before that me and my husband didnt have sex regulary...cause he was away for work and used to come home for vaccations only.even then he wsnt interseted... he has an atheletic body and i am little bulky.he always wanted me to slim down and i just couldnt... i once overheard him saying he gets pissed off seeing me and that made me more sad.. now the urge has come down to almost nil... i am upset he will go away from me... help me out of my depression... please ANAMIKA Mercedes, I had an abdominal supr-cervical hyst. 14 months ago. There is a great deal of debate on taking/leaving the cervix. To me it seems crazy to remove something that isn''t a problem...


Could post hysterectomy sex pain be cancer?

A: From reading your letter, I can tell that you are worried. You do not mention in your letter why you had a hysterectomy at 24 years of age. You also do not say if they took your ovaries as well (which would mean that you need to be on hormone replacement therapy). To be honest, pain during sex after a hysterectomy is most commonly caused by vaginal dryness. Painful sex can also be caused by very tense muscles in the pelvic area. Since you had a hysterectomy so young, I would recommend that you schedule an appointment with your Gynecologist to get checked out, to be on the safe side. I do not think it is cancer from reading your letter, but sex should not be painful, so you do need a thorough examination and...


Endo post-hysterectomy

A: Hi Beth, Thanks fot writing. A common myth and thought is that a hysterectomy cures all aspects of Endo and that is widely known that it does not now. Years ago it was thought to be true until Endo started "popping up" in places other than the reproductive area. For instance, I have Endo growing in my right leg. If I had a hysterectomy it would not help the Endo in my leg. The pain may subside some from the lack of Estrogen, but it is still there. Many women have hysts and two or three years later are in great pain again. Now, onto the Lupron part of your question. Lupron is a hormone that puts you into a "fake menopause". It is given in the form of an injection. When I first took Lupron it was 1 shot a month for six months and was...

  post hysterectomy with complications + second surgery + still having a lot of pain in lower right side of my abdomen

A: Hello and sorry for the late reply. Hope your symptoms are better now. The pain could be due to post-operativeadhesions or infections. The pain in appendicitis generally starts around the umbilicus and moves to the lowerright quadrant of the abdomen. The other symptoms for Appendicitis are fever, nausea, vomiting and malaise.The other causes for pain could be urinary tract infection, pelvic infections, renal colic and sometimes bowelinfections. Discuss these options with your doctor. Regards....


Surgical Clips Left in post-hysterectomy

A: Glen, I cannot tell you if it was malpractice since I am not an OB/GYN, however, it sounds suspicious that the clips were left without anyone discovering them.   There may be a problem as far as the statute of limitations running.  The statute of limitations is the time period to file a lawsuit.  It depends where the surgery occurred. Very truly yours, Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D....

What can I do to get rid of post-hysterectomy joint pain?

A: While common, a hysterectomy is still a major surgery and requires major recuperation time. Depending on the type of hysterectomy, the ovaries and fallopian tubes may have been removed as well as the uterus, which can cause even more pain and extend the healing time. The surgery can create not only physical pain throughout the body but also emotional turbulence, especially in premenopausal women. Typical recovery times can last eight weeks or longer before most symptoms disappear.Basic Safety PrecautionsAlways be careful when recovering from your surgery. Follow hospital instructions exactly and do not be afraid to mimic the hospital bed setup for the first week or so at home. Avoid lifting any heavy objects or experiencing stress, but do...


Pregnancy symptoms post-hysterectomy

A: I''m sorry, I forgot to mention above that with my hysterectomy my uterus and cervix were removed but my ovaries and fallopian tubes were left and are in good shape. Thanks again for any information you can give me....


18 months post hysterectomy still bleeding

A: Quote: Yes, I would agree that you need a second opinion. There is no question about it. If you had your uterus removed, there should be no bleeding as menses are the shedding of the uterine tissue. Please get a second opinion....
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