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How Do I Choose the Best post-nasal drip Medicine?

A: post-nasal drip is a condition that impacts millions of people, particularly those who suffer from allergies. A common symptom of chronic rhinitis, post-nasal drip is the accumulation of mucus in the back of the nose and throat and can cause chronic sore throat, coughing, and nasal congestion. The most effective way to treat post-nasal drip depends on the cause and choosing the right post-nasal drip medicine can be accomplished by trying different solutions and talking...


What Are the Most Effective Cures for post-nasal drip?

A: Some of the most effective cures for post-nasal drip are antihistamines and allergy medications. Antibiotics can also be useful when symptoms are related to bacterial infections. Typically, post-nasal drip causes mucus to run down the throat, and produces constant throat clearing, coughing, sore throat, and sometimes upset stomach. In addition to infection, post-nasal drip can be caused by allergies, hay fever, and eating spicy foods. Before a successful treatment plan can be put into place, the exact cause needs to be determined. Doctors will sometimes refer the...


What is post-nasal drip?

A: Everyone knows how miserable it is to be sick or to suffer through an intense allergy season: your eyes may water and feel itchy or puffy, areas of your face may feel puffy or sore from pressurized sinusesÖ and then there is that constant drip in the back of your throat, or the sensation that there is a fluid accumulating back there, triggering you to try repeatedly to swallow and get rid of it. That feeling in the back of your throat, whether a drip or an accumulation, is called post-nasal drip. Sinus sufferers may know from experience that it doesnít always take allergies or a cold to bring about a post-nasal

What Is the Best Remedy for post-nasal drip?

A: There are numerous remedies for post-nasal drip. While some people prefer prescription medications to combat post-nasal drip symptoms, other people prefer home remedy solutions. While one method has not been proven more effective over another, many sufferers find comfort in combining both prescription medications and homeopathic solutions. Medications that have been specifically developed for post-nasal drip sufferers include nasal moisturizing sprays, decongestants, cough syrup, and some non-drying antihistamines. Home remedies for


What Measures Can Stop post-nasal drip?

A: post-nasal drip is associated with a scratchy throat, high amounts of mucus production, congested sinuses, and other similar symptoms. While this condition will resolve on its own after a period of time, there are a number of measures that can be used to stop post-nasal drip more quickly. Some of these treatments include an increased amount of fluid intake, over-the-counter medications, and even surgery. Typically, surgery is only used as a last resort for patients whose physical limitations prevent them from achieving success with more moderate forms of treatment to stop post-nasal


How Do I Choose the Best Natural Remedy for post-nasal drip?

A: post-nasal drip refers to a condition in which mucus drains down the back of the throat, often causing other symptoms such as a sore throat or episodes of coughing. Fortunately, there are several ways this can be treated at home. Many patients prefer to use a natural remedy for post-nasal drip instead of relying on more traditional medications or taking time from work to visit a doctor for a condition that is not usually damaging to overall health. Some natural remedies may include lifestyle changes, the use of humidifiers or nasal irrigation, or the use of herbal supplements. A simple lifestyle change such as...


What Are the Best Ways to Get Rid of Persistent post-nasal drip?

A: According to experts, post nasal-drip is a relatively common problem, but it usually goes away pretty quickly. If a person has persistent post-nasal drip, it could suggest that something more serious is going on. Usually it is a sign of an infection, so doctors may give the patient antibiotics or antifungal medications, depending on exactly what is wrong with him. In other cases, persistent post-nasal drip may be caused by something in the patientís environment, or it may be a side effect of a physical problem. If itís environmental, the patient will have to remove...


How Do I Choose the Best post-nasal drip Treatments?

A: If you suffer from post-nasal drip, rest assured that there are various ways to treat it, either from home or after visiting a doctor. If you typically like home remedies, note that you can use different combinations of water, baking soda, and spices that you likely already have, allowing you to treat this issue for little or no cost. You can also make a few changes to your diet, such as avoiding foods that cause the issue, and sticking to beverages that help clear out the mucus. You can also seek post-nasal drip treatments from medication given by your doctor, or medicine that can be purchased over the counter. Choose based on your budget...


How Can I Relieve post-nasal drip?

A: post-nasal drip can be one of the most unpleasant symptoms of a cold or allergy. It occurs when excess mucus gathers at the back of the nose and throat, and it can contribute to sore throat, cough, and halitosis. There are many home remedies that can relieve post-nasal drip, but if it persists, a visit to the doctor may be in order. post-nasal drip can be a symptom of a variety of conditions, so diagnosing the root cause is often essential to determining the proper treatment. Most home remedies for post-nasal


What's best for severe post-nasal drip?

A: Depends on if it''s allergies or sinus. Since pollen is so bad this time of year I would try Claritin. Hot drinks...especially tea. Steam from a hot bath or shower. And if you do not feel better soon see a dr. you need a good fast.... stop eating anything. dont take medicine. drink lemon water till you feel better (you will) The best bet is to go see your doctor. When post nasal drip leads to laryngitis (an inflammation/infection of the larynx) your doctor should be monitoring your care. nasalcrom while a good medication for seasonal allergies is not always the best bet. I would personally recommend Atrovent nasal spray. This dries up the

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