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post-polio Syndrome

A: Your father may well have what is called the post-polio syndrome. After years of struggling along, the diminished number of nerves that remained after his original polio attack have simply worn out. There are probably between 250,000 and 1 million victims of the post-polio syndrome in the USA, and many more worldwide. The link given below provides more detailed information on this. Your father should try to attend a post polio Clinic. There are approximately 70 of these in the United States. They have comprehensive programs providing patients with one-stop access to medical care, physical therapy, and orthotics.


What is the icd9 code for post polio syndrome?

A: post-polio syndrome ICD9-138 Dr. Richard L. Bruno Chairperson International post-polio Task Force and Director The post-polio Institute and International Centre for post-polio Education and Research and Fatigue Management Programs Englewood Hospital and Medical Center Englewood, New Jersey U.S.A. 07631 Phone: (201) 894-3724 Toll Free: 1-877-post-polio Fax: (201) 541-6491 postpolioINFO@AOL.COM Click on ''post-polio Letter''...


Is there a link between ms and post-polio-syndrome?

A: I have MS too. As far as I know, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is not the same as Muscular dystrophy. There is no link between MS and post-polio-Syndrome, and to my knowledge there is no link between muscular dystrophy and post-polio-Syndrome either. I''m wondering myself. I know of another person who has both and I am in the middle of diagnosis. Had severe case of polio and am now showing symptoms of what appears to be MS. Good luck to your dad! I have ms but my walking reminds me of someone with polio. I suspect a link because ms for me has flu like symptoms, as though I have a viral infection. The inflamation is the damageing part of ms, and...


post-polio syndrome

A: I needed to look this up and found a useful article in theJournal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). It seems that there is evidence of a post-polio syndrome (PPS)that can affect polio survivors anywhere from 10 to 40 years after an initialattack by the poliomyelitis virus. It is characterised by further weakening of muscles previouslyaffected by polio infection. Fatigue, slowly progressive muscle weakness and,on occasions, muscle atrophy, skeletal deformity and joint pain, can occur. It has a slow and unpredictable course that is only very rarelylife-threatening. At the moment it seems to be a poorly understood condition withsome variety in the views...


What about taking Savella to help with post polio Syndrome?

A: Unfortunately, I could not find an answer to your question after some considerable research. Hopefully other members may be able to help. Please be patient. See http://www.drugs.com/savella.html http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/post_polio/detail_post_polio.htm Thank you for trying. Hopefully, someone else will be able to find more information....

I have post-polio and would like to have some idea on how to manage the pain

A: Without benefit of knowing your complete medical history and the dynamics of the polio you suffer from, I can only advise you to discuss this with your physician...He or she knows much more about your illness than we do..I would however suggest that you request a referral to a Rheumotologist...You may have already seen this type of specialist in the past..They are very well trained in the secondary problems caused by polio...They also have the expertise to perform rather sophisticated testing to determine if there are any other problems that have developed...I hope this has helped a little . Please, keep us posted..Good Luck to you and God Bless....

What could be the cause for the post polio syndrome?

A: The polio virus may remain inactive once the vaccine was administered as the drops. But once the active status of the vaccine is gone it leads to the post polio syndrome....


Is there a post Guillain Barre syndrome like post-polio syndrome?

A: Not all GBS people will have post GBS, It was a 3% rate at one for the older GBS''ers when there was NO treatment,Now that there is some sort of treatment I believe the rate is much, much less. I was told when I was Diagnosed with post GBS is because I had the Axon Type GBS that was very severe and I made a good recovery at a young age and went on to over work my muscles as the years went on,if I had a more easy working life I may never be where I am today. Doctors are finding more and more types of GBS and I''m sure someday most understanding of renewed weakness will be discovered, If you think you are experianceing renewed weakness make sure you have ALL other types of conditions ruled out ,then you should go to a


Is anyone else suffering from post-polio syndrome? I have a ton of questions and can''t find specific answers anywhere

A: post-polio syndrome is an illness in the nervous system. There are some testimonials out there. Shasha said: 1 I know a person who said acupunture really helped and perhaps also the hyperbaric chamber would help since it releases stem cells in the body. Sign in to report abuse or send a compliment 23 months ago...


Has anyone with post polio had a RNY and what rate did you progess?

A: I am not sure I can adequately answer your question but I do have someexperience. I am post polio in that I, at a young age, had polio not oncebut twice. I am fully ambulatory but I am not able (or maybe willing) toexercise. I had an RNY two years ago and lost 60lbs of the 100 lbs I wasoverweight. I lead a very sedentary lifestyle. I think it is possible tolose some of your weight but probably not as much as another person wouldwho was able to do some type of physical activity. I would not let itdiscourage me but I would be realistic as to the outcome. Please email meat marygeller48875@yahoo.com if you would like to discuss the post poliolifestyle further. I also...

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