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What prevention methods are there to avoid vulvar cancer?

A: ... to reduce the risk of vulvar cancer, women should not smoke and should refrain from engaging in unsafe sexual behavior. Good hygiene of the genital area to prevent infection and inflammation may also reduce the risk of vulvar cancer....


What prevention methods are there to avoid pheochromocytoma?

A: Unfortunately, little is known about environmental and other causes of pheochromocytoma. Some of the tumors are due to inherited predisposition. Because of these factors, pheochromocytoma cannot be prevented....


What types of preventative methods do you employ to handle stress ?

A: Exercise really, really helps. I practice Krav Maga regularly. Since I started doing this, my overall perception of stress went down and I get much better rest at night. There is nothing like spending an hour or three hitting people and/or pads to blow of steam. The exercise is great, and the friendly competition of sparring lets you get all of your tension out of your system and release pent up frustration. I also found that going to the shooting range and doing some target practice can relieve stress. Shooting firearms (or even a bow) accurately forces you to concentrate on your target and technique to the point of pushing other concerns to the back of your mind. Pulling the trigger or releasing the arrow, and then being rewarded with hitting the target gives you a bit of satisfaction....


Your best sickness prevention methods:

A: Regular exercise, lots of vitamin C. Also, I remember reading somewhere that washing hands on an overly regular basis can actually lead to colds......


Can One Follow Any Preventive method So That Acne Doesn''t Occur?

A: There is no as such hard-core rule that one can adopt to prevent acne completely, but well there are few methodologies that if one adopts may help in minimizing the problem. Here we go: • Gently wash the affected area with cold water and soap compounded with sulphur or Calendula officinalis at least twice per day. • Avoid any artificial / synthetic chemical to cleanse the face. • Limit your makeup and moisturizer. Do not use any oil-based product. • Clean your hair with branded shampoo at least twice a week. Do not allow your hair to come over your face. • Always take a healthy and well-balanced diet. Avoid oily and junk food as much as possible. Make fresh fruits and vegetable juice the essential part of your diet. • Do not put your finger over the affected area...


I have recently been exploring preventative methods regarding BC. My mother had a mastectomy one year ago, her sister 7 years and also their two aunts (one of which did not survive). All of the females in our family have Fibrocystic Breast Disease which makes exams quite grueling. I am 36 years and a single mom to my three year old son. My OB noticed a lump last year which lead to my first mammogram/sonogram. Both tests were inconclusive. I followed this with a needle biopsy and then a core biopsy. These tested negative. I recently went for my annual and another mammogram and found the same issues. I have an extremely dense ''ridge'' of tissue in my right breast. This concerns me as this is the same breast/area that the BC in my family originated. I am extremely concerned about the future. I was not aware until tonight that there was a Skin Sparing Mactectomy and feel somewhat relieved knowing that that is a possibility. I did come across one website that stated that there are certain cases where the nipple can also be saved. Do you know if this is true? Also, I am very small... 5 ft, 100 lbs (on a heavy day)and a 34C. I am concerned that I do not have anough tummy for this surgery. Is it possible to have a SMS with implants? Also, I live in upstate NY. Any recommendations?

A: consider coming to us. we do this a lot... and yes, skin sparing mastectomy with implants is very doable... along with consideration for nipple and areola sparing too. call 443-287-2778 and have chanel schedule you with breast surgical oncologist and a breast plastic surgeon....

As a follow up on my question regarding my wife who has a badly sprained knee ... she does have a problem with bleeding from an AVM and a bleeding ulcer. Is there any danger of blood clots, are any prevention methods prudent under these circumstances? Thank you.

A: Your wife will probably need to be seen and evaluated by the anesthesiology team who will be involved in her anesthetic care. She has what are called ''comorbid'' conditions that warrant further discussion with them as to how she will need to be medically managed....


hat should be the preventive method for this cancer?

A: > The chewing of tobacco and smoking is known to cause the mouth cancer in most of the cases around the world. It is possible to avoid the cancer still now. If your friend could avoid the chewing and smoking habits and turning towards the healthy life style....


What preventive methods can I take to stop cold sores developing from the herpes virus?

A: here`s what ive got from Karyn Siegel-Maier. Other herbs to consider, according to the book, Managing Herpes, published by the American Social Health Association (ASHA), are goldenseal, taken in capsules or teas, which has antiviral properties, and garlic, an ancient folk remedy for colds that has been shown to inhibit a number of viruses, including herpes, and bacteria in vitro. In addition, the book states, "practitioners of homeopathic medicine, naturopathic medicine, and Chinese herbal medicine also have treatments for people with herpes." The book also notes that a healthy lifestyle is important in the management of herpes. They remind us to: eat a balanced diet, get the proper amount of sleep and exercise, avoid excesses of caffeine and alcohol, stay away from tobacco, and be careful...


Cancer prevention methods

A: It seems as though the number of cases of cancer, in many forms, is increasing, so too are the medical advances in the areas of prevention. As medical science learns more about the causes of various cancers, we are no longer relegated to mere “hoping” that we are never cancer victims. We now have proven methods including lifestyle changes and nutritional regimens that are extremely effective in prevention of cancer....

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