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I think i need professional help for depression, but im to scared to tell anyone?

A: There is no stigma to getting help for depression. Please call your doctor right away and make an appointment. If this were a physical problem you would not hesitate to seek treatment and really depression is a physical problem; it is just a problem in the brain not the body. I have been on anti-depressants for several years and my life is so much better now. IF YOU FEEL THAT YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM DEPRESSION IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP AND DISCUSS YOUR FEELINGS WITH YOUR PARENTS THEY ARE THEIR TO help AND SUPPORT YOUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL WELL BEING...ONCE YOU DO THIS EVERYTHING WILL GET BETTER... I am just giving you an answer from personal experience, so I don''t have any sources. I have had problems with depression...


Am I fat?? professional help would be great, but other help works too!?

A: Moo. professionally speaking that is. . . Oh sheet!! You''re thin!!! Are you trying to make us jealous or something? is there a profession where you judge if people are fat or not? you are on you way to a way of very unhealthy thinking. the professional you should seek would not be one that would tell you if you are thin or fat. i hope you work on this. no is not look in the mirrow to see I would say that by today''s standards of what is considered fat and thin, you are on the thin side. You still have quite a lot of growing to do and right now your body is busy getting into the adolescent hormonal mombo so don''t sweat it. If another girl is calling you fat she is jealous and if a boy is calling you fat he is just being mean... You need to...


Medical professionals..help me understand the difference in diagnosis?

A: get a 2nd opinion from a specialist -not Yahoo. Different medical opinions, maybe both are right is just that one wants to be more invasive, which is not bad either. If you have 2 opinions, maybe a third opinion will be good, but I recommend you go to a cardiologist. If they don''t think that is a necessary procedure they will tell you but always the decision will be yours. Reading the diagnostics for this type of heart problem are like interpreting a blurry picture. So, one doc sees something that the other doc doesn''t. From what you have described it appears that if the excessive flow occurs only when exercising, an angiogram is needed, and the angiogram is not needed if the excessive flow occurs both when resting and exercising. Unfortunately, we must seek a third opinion at times...


How to Deal with Addiction with No professional help

A: When you rely on a substance or activity to function, you are likely dealing with an addiction. Addiction can take over your life and ruin relationships. professional help is the best way to deal with addiction, but if that is not an option for you, there are alternatives to help you overcome an addiction for good....


I'm just going to come right out with it. should i seek professional help?

A: Family is one of the only things that keep people alive, everyone goes threw deep depression and if it wasnt for family they would all prob be dead... most suicides have families torn apart so thats when they have no faith and attempted it, i know family kepted me alive there''s medication. Most of the time this works. See depression treatments, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris in section 2, and consult a doctor, to eliminate thyroid problems, etc. as possible contributing factors. It is your decision, and yours alone, as to whether to take any antidepressants offered, but, before you do, read section 1, and check medications out at www.drugs.com so you will be on the lookout for side effects, like sexual dysfunction. My strong recommendation, however, is to follow the advice of my...


Coping emotionally until I get professional help

A: I don''t have a clue as to help your mental state, but you might consider hiring a bookkeeper to collect your receivables and pay your bills. It will take a lot of pressure off. I would also break tasks up into smaller tasks and make short lists that you can check off thus boosting your confidence. You will see the bigger tasks get done that way. Good luck....


Do I need professional help before starting a fitness program?

A: Before you start a fitness program, you may want to consult your doctor. This will give you a chance to get a physical if needed. Your doctor also may help you craft an exercise routine that is least likely to aggravate any medical conditions or physical limitations you might have. Getting support and guidance a qualified healthcare or fitness professional is a sound way to prepare for starting a fitness program. These professionals can not only help you address any health conditions you may be worried about, but they can also help you create a fitness program that will fit your needs. Tony Ambler-Wright - Nike SPARQ Elite Coach John Bauer - HFPN...


Is professional help available to help people deal with stress? How do I know when to seek professional help?

A: Causes of Fatigue Slideshow Pictures Take the Happiness Quiz! How Pets Improve Your Health Slideshow Pictures professional help is indeed available to help individuals deal with stress. Trained counselors and health professionals offer both individual and group counseling that can help you develop and strengthen your stress management skills. Social networks can also help control stress, and many people find relief in the form of a formal or informal peer support...


How to Tell If You Need professional help

A: A trained professional, such as a social worker, counselor or therapist, can help individuals overcome feelings of grief, anger and confusion. These overwhelming feelings are often caused by a number of things, including family disintegration, injury, loss, addiction and abuse. Individuals who question whether or not they need help may benefit from talking to a professional. A professional can help you recognize and overcome the symptoms and causes of repressed emotions and thoughts....


I need professional help

A: Your local community health center likely has an integrated behavioral health professional that will work on a sliding schedule....

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