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Prostatitis and ed answers (425)

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kidney stones and ed

A: Jerry: I suppose in medicine almost anything is possible, but there is no known connection between kidney stone disease and ed.  In addition, I would not expect any such connection except that both are treated by urologists. Damage to the prostate from stones would not cause ed....

Epididymitis and ed

A: The fact that the antibiotics seem to help suggests an infection, but unless the continuing source can be positively identified it may be hard to treat.  I am not going to speculate on possible causes for your symptoms beyond what I"ve previously mentioned.  The epididymitis is not necessarily a message; it"s just part of the ongoing process.  We don"t usually depend on specific cultures for prostate infections and antibiotics often work in prostatitis even when a specific bacterial prostate infection is not present.  Follow my advice and get another urology opinion....

ed and ed drugs

A: Mark: Use of ed drugs may help, but they generally don"t "cure" anything.  Still, it may be worth a try and there"s little downside.  The worst that happens is that your erections are a little better but only when you take the drugs.  Talk to your physician about this....


prostatitis and E.D.

A: Chris: prostatitis can certainly cause ed, but not when the prostatitis has been successfully treated; only when the prostatitis is active.  In these cases, use of Viagra is reasonable.  The testicles are not supposed to get firm or hard with an erection.  They don"t have any mechanism to do so....

Low Testosterone and ed Issues

A: Rich, testosterone levels are ideally drawn first thing in the morning and are difficult to compare unless the specimens are drawn at approximately the same time.  This is due to normal variations but they are relatively consistent with each patient.  The most important testosterone level is the free testosterone as this is the active portion form of testosterone.  Both of your free testosterone levels were normal.  Because of this, I do not believe you need supplements.  However, I am not an endocrinologist and because of the confusion over this issue, I suggest you see one just to be sure.   He/she could also address whether or not your loss of muscle mass

How much does enlarged prostate affect ed?

A: The diabetes alone, circulatory problems associated with diabetes alon, hypertension alone and certainly an enlarged prostate alone could each be the singular cause of ed.  Add any of these or all of them together and you''ve got significant explanations for ed.  I do applaud the fact that you exercise and I would assume you are on a healthy eating program and have checked your cholesterol.   I would find out what the doctor recommends for the enlarged prostate.  You may be a candidate...

Problems after prostate surgery, incontinence and ed after one year?

A: Hello Lotto,   Dr Justin Harmon wrote a journal post about prostate surgery and erectile dysfunction. You can read the entire posting here, but below is an excerpt:   ''Historically, it was believed that the full measure of a man''s erectile dysfunction should not be made until one year following prostate cancer surgery. However, new literature has shed light on the fact that it may take up to two years after radical prostatectomy to regain full function. The seeming uncertainty in this recovery stems from our inability to judge or measure how and if damage to nerves occurs during the surgery.''   He also goes on to say that there is hope for prostate...

Removing prostate

A: John: Removal of the prostate is not done lightly.  Radical prostatectomy (total removal of the prostate) is only justified for cancer treatment.  It would eliminate all prostatitis, but would also likely damage the erection functon.  Other methods of "removing the prostate" such as TURP, laser or greenlight treatment would not necessarily eliminate the prostatitis and might damage the erection process.  So the answer to your question is that removal of the prostate risks damage to the nerves you"re trying to protect and would therefore not be justified.  In other words, removal of the prostate is not generally a...

Prostatitis and ED related drugs: abarelix  · chlorotrianisene  · Degarelix  ·

Inflammed prostate

A: Tony: Flomax will relax the prostate and might help the erections just a very little.  But Flomax alone is not sufficient treatment for prostatitis and will probably not restore the erections by itself. Also, Flomax can interfere with ejaculation. Consult a urologist for a definitive diagnosis and further treatment....

ed, libido decrease, blood in semen

A: Blood in the ejaculate is called hematospermia. While disturbing to the patients, it is considered a benign condition and is virtually never associated with cancer or medications.  Enlarged prostate and prostatitis can both increase PSA levels.   Inability to ejaculate is more problematic.  THis could be psychological, a side effect of some medications or related to a nerve problem.  Talk to your urologist about this.  Be aware that we have no specific treatment for ejaculation problems that cannot be link
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