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My semen is thinner than it used to be

A: Forgive my mentioning it at the start, but the one thing thatstands out from the details you''ve given me is that you are about five stoneoverweight! This is probably not doing your health – including your sexualhealth – any good. Look: not much research has been done on male ejaculate and itsappearance and consistency. Men tend to worry about whether it is ''thick'' or ''thin'' – butthere''s no evidence that thickness or thinness means anything. What about volume? It''s important to realise that the amount which the average guyproduces is only 5ml – or about a teaspoonful. If you''re producing that much,then you''re doing ok. Prostate problems are unlikely at your age of 36 – unless you''veever had an actual prostate infection. However, you have two


Help my dad

A: I"m sorry to read about his & your problems. It is most probably his bone cancer that has spread to his bones. That is rather common with prostate cancer. Since it has spread like this it is unfortunately incurable. The hormonal (his injections etc.) treatment you describe can slow the growth of his tumor down but not completely stop it. Local radiation therapy can do the same with individual local tumor sites and relieve pain as seems to have happened here but nothing more. Radiation may have given him a (temporary) inflammation of his rectum - like an internal sun burn - (lowest part of his large bowel) and therefore force him to the bathroom as can urination problems after prostate surgery. Depression is common in Alzheimer patients, but that is outside my area of expertise. Yes his...


Fathers Health

A: Dear Raj,         First of all, there are many factors that could have contributed to your father"s ill health. His hemoglobin is on the lower side. An elevated ESR is usually indicative of some infective or inflammatory process going on in the body, which in his case may be depleting his energy levels. His increased levels of PSA should not be taken lightly, because as you know, this is a biochemic marker that rises in many of the patients suffering from cancer of the prostate, although the test is not a confirmatory one. His kidney function has definitely got affected as is evident by his serum creatinine and uric acid levels. In fact, this by itself could be responsible for his loss of appetite. Also, there is every possibility that the...


CONSTANT Irritation

A: Hi James, If multiple physicians have indicated that you have not been exposed to an STI, the likelihood of a false-negative is low. As far as your current irritation of the glans (head) and meatus of the penis (the urethral opening for urine and ejaculatory semen to exit), it is called urethritis. It could be a fungal to bacterial infections. Your symptoms of irritation during urination, a feeling of urinating and burning, and discharge clearly defines the criteria of urethritis. The most common cause is Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Since you"ve had a complete STI screening, I am assuming that your doctor has tested for these two and have ruled them out. On the other hand, other organisms may cause this, which are classified under sexually...


Incurable NGU?

A: Hi Joe, Thanks for your complements. Hopefully, my suggestions may be as useful for you!! First, you were diagnosed with NGU with a swab. You  mentioned it was negative for gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes and syphilis. You can"t diagnose herpes or syphilis from a traditional swab. A urine test is better for gonorrhea and chlamydia; a blood test is required for syphilis; a separate viral swab for herpes is required. You were treated with azithromycin for the chlaymdia, and doxycycline probably for gonorrhea, ureaplasma and mycoplasma (although these latter two are not generally tested for in any standard tests). The wrinkling and splotchy look on your glans was probably because of all of the antibiotics you had and that you are uncircumcised.  The skin gets really dried out...


Erectile Dysfunction

A: Dear Ella - Thank you for consulting me; I am always honored when other practitioners inquire.  I, also, am sometimes stumped by a case and need another set of thoughts.   In any prostate surgery with associated E/D, the question is whether the problem is neurological, circulatory, or hormonal. In this situation, let me review what I know about the possible etiology of the problem.  First, even without a history of prostate cancer and surgery, a significant percentage of men in their late 50"s have erectile dysfunction from a variety of causes.  Add to this the surgical "insult" it is not surprising to learn that (depending upon the study) up to 40% have erectile dysfunction within the first two years post surgery.  I assume he tried Viagra without result,...


IBS-spasms etc

A: Peppermint oil capsule Hi Joe - I would make sure you mention this to your doctor, especially since this may have more to do with your prostate than with IBS. Also, make sure they"ve ruled out other GI problems that can mimic IBS. You might want to try a soluble fiber instead of the Metamucil - that has insoluble fiber in it and can actually cause spasms and cramping in some people. There"s a whole page about soluble fiber supplements and comparisons of different types here http://www.helpforibs.com/supplements/sol_fiber1.asp You"re on the right track with diet but check here http://www.helpforibs.com/diet/ and follow the links through for more comprehensive info. You may be eating other triggers without realizing it, or not getting enough soluble fiber from foods. I"d give...

Hernia Repair Effect?

A: Dave, I have no great expertise regarding your hernia repair per se.  These are usually performed by general surgeons.  Any questions pertaining to the repair, therefore, should be referred to this speciality group.  However, your symptoms are common and most likely related to scar tissue that gets "tugged on" by the surrounding muscles with activity and exercise.  With time, this generally loosens up an the symptom abates.  Your concerns about prostate or other urologic problems from hernia repair are unfounded and you need not be concerned about this.  Good luck and have a happy new year!...

Burning and Pain

A: Well, I doubt you"re going to die and it"s possible that the hernia may be contributing.  prostatitis can cause most of the symptoms you mentioned.  If so, avoiding caffeine, hot spicy foods and sitting in a hot tub several times a day may help.  Meanwhile, consult a urologist to have the prostate checked out before your surgery if possible....

only drips and drops

A: Martin: It"s hard to say what it could be.  Intrinsic sphincter deficiency, overactive bladder, overflow, prostatic hypertrophy and several other disorders are all possible. Your two symptoms of slow stream and continuous leakage are not usually found together.  You really need to see a urologist to get this sorted out....
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